How to Start a Small Business

A small business can bring you lot of success. However, starting a small business can be quite challenging. Unless you know the tricks to subsist, you may find yourself in rough seas. All you need to start a small business is correct business ideas, patience and determination. Once you make a beginning with all these qualities, your small business is bound to succeed.

How to Start a Small Scale Business
The three most important steps to start a small business are listed below:

What’s the Big Idea?
To be successful it is important to have an idea with a very good market potential. Search the web for the same business idea.  Identify your would-be customers and competition you are to face. Both of these must be found out thoroughly.

Write a Business Plan
A business plan is your road map to success. With its help you find out initial and running costs. It also enables you meet financial and business goals.

Find out Your Financing Options
Various programs to finance your small business is available nowadays.

Find each one thoroughly. Choose the one best suited for your type of business.

How to Start Small Business Without Expending Much?
Do you think you can afford to spend at will when you start your business? The answer is a resounding no. You need to find ways to cut on expenditure. Unwarranted expenditure may lead to wastage. So, you have to be very careful. You can start your savings right from the location of your business. If you plan to run out of your home, you are a step ahead in the game. You save hugely on rent or lease agreement.

Go slow on advertising. At the beginning you need spend fortune advertising on newspapers. The easiest way out is to distribute leaflets to potential customers. Once you have more clients you can go for advertising on a large scale.

Essential Tips to Start Small Business
Some essential tips which can help your business surge ahead fast are

  • Have an online presence. Will you ever trust a company without an online presence? Likewise no one will trust your enterprise if you do not have one
  • Have a blog that covers your business. It sends the right signals.
  • Send out a newsletter for new and existing customers.
  • Always have a polling option on your websites. This helps to gauge moods.
  • It is very important to advertise in the signature line of your email. This is a indirect but very effective mode of marketing
  • Advertise on well-known websites.

No matter what type of small business you start, always stick to the basic rule that the customer is always right. Your business must be based out and out on the customer and his needs. Return phone calls and emails promptly. Accept complaints with sincerity and follow it up with quick redresses. A few satisfied customers is an indication of a great beginning.

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  1. Satyan

    Hi there, nice I must say you have given nice ideas for any one like me who wants to start a business in India, I am actually looking to start my own online real estate consultancy business, and I hope these small scale business ideas in india will work well, as there is lots of we can do in online market.


    • Balaji PS

      Hi Scott,

      Trust you are in the best of health and cheers. Have just discovered this website now.

      Can you kindly forward the information that you had shared with Padmesh? My first question is exactly what Padmesh is looking for.

      Second Question – I understand that my colleague has a fairly big Tea Estate in Nilgris and is contemplating of starting a tea production unit(primary focus is Green Tea) and subsequently for export as well. Do you think it is a good idea that I invest some in it and also help in the MKTG logiscits? How will be the export and the domestic market?


  2. Scott Wilson

    Hello people,
    It is pleasant to see that all of you are very much interested to do something new. I must say, “All those who has asked questions, are enthusiastic and able to do something new.”
    You all are now well informed with the new idea and businesses. SO keep asking questions. And be comfortable to ask questions. Because it is your right to have information.
    We consider it as our duty to guide you.
    So thank you. And we are always here to guide you. Greetings.
    Mr. Scott Thadeshwar

    • Scott Wilson

      See as the time is changing, stupendous demand is arising. This demand will subsequently lead to increase in demand of energy. To think of something new and interesting, it will be advisable to think of solar power. This business is still uncovered in India ans have a huge potential for future emerging market. So think about that and if you need any further help, ask questions.
      We would like to guide you because we are for guidance only.
      Thank you and all the best.

      • S M

        Hi. Wilson great idea.

        Myself and my wife is starting a new company, actually I am NRI (Non residence Indian) , currently my wife is in India where she will lead the company. Basically our company will be “Design, build and Maintain” concept. Which is of homes (home improvement business), Our potential customers are NRIs communities.

        Main object is to build trust with client and be fair in dealing. Cause many of NRI gets fooled numerous times when they build their home in India. Because lack of coordination and people around will try to quote higher thinking NRI’s will have more money. Please reply me

  3. Sachin Gupta

    I am from Kolkata. i am having 7 years of experience in education sector as a admisnistrative head. I want to start a new business of mine in Kolkata. i have under 10-12 lakhs rupees. Please provide some ideas to start a new business,which will help me in current and also in future market.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Scott Wilson

      I think you should stick with your same profession because people will never stop their children to go to school. You can form your own school starting from small scale. Still, if you want to do something extra, it can be done simultaneously.

  4. Ashish Kumar

    Respected sir

    I am from Himachal Pradesh at Hamirpur Distt. and i have under 4-5 laks rupess now, i want to start Gift Items Shop at Hamirpur.i have my own showroom. Can u give me some ideas about the advantage & Disadvantage of this business. Also, what is the future/business expansion in this buiness . Kindly suggest me with the details.

    Thanking u

    • Scott Wilson

      I would suggest you that you should start import export business. There are lots of goods in India, which has potential outside the India, and there are goods which have demand in India. There is good opportunity in export import business in India.

  5. Samir Malik

    i am sameer from delhi. i am planning to start a business. i am intrested in garment fabrication, but i am reciving very negative comments about this industry. I want to know that how to search and approach clients..

    thanks and regards

    • Scott Wilson

      Any fabrication or manufacturing industries depends upon the demand and supply of the market .
      So please study the market as like a trader. If you are getting the orders from one place, so try to minimize your profit margin and try to supply to other places as well. then u can get idea about the market also. Then take your decision on your own.

  6. Dhanabal

    I am Dhanabal I want some idea to start some small business in India, and looking for some new small scale business ideas in India. I am having 20to30 lakh to Invest, but I need solid business plan and it has to show solid growth, then only I’ll invest. Please give me nice small scale business ideas.


    resp. sir

    i am from Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad). and i have under 10 laks rupess now, i want to start small Manufacturing industry near my city, can u give me some ieads about which industrie is running in current and future market right now i am a b-tech final year student my college life is going to end by march and i want your valuable suggestions so that i can succeed in my life .

    thanking u

    Jitta Bharath Reddy

    • Scott Wilson

      You are about to finish your graduation so 1st try to finish that one and after that, get some experience in that field rapidly. Then try to think about which is best. So u can get proper idea about market.

  8. Teena

    I am from kerala working in a software company in bangalore having 4.5 plus yrs of experience in this field.I like to start some business of my own.Could any one pls shower some ideas on this.

    Thanks in Advance,

  9. sampson kwasi hateka

    i want to go into ngo in ghana, i like community works alot and will like to focus my attention helping rural communities in revgetating the degraded land in my country. any help, i will be very grateful

    • Scott Wilson

      Sampson kwasi hateka u had good commitments ,but it depends upon the quality of soil and i think Ghana located in Africa.
      Many Indians are living in Ghana and entire the Africa since 100’s of years. So try to get the food habits about Indians and some other ethnics then try to get the seeds and form your land it will be definitely useful for you.

  10. Alan

    Hi all,

    I work in the mid east right now and planning to set up something on my own as I have decided to quit and settle down in India for good.

    I have a commercial property of my own and want to make use of it in starting some small but profitable business in Mumbai.

    Having an experience in the retail industry for almost 8 years, I would like to take this experience and do something on my own.

    Please guide.

  11. Vinoth

    Respected sir,

    I’m now working in a software company. I’ve 4+ yrs experiance in this field. I’m willing to do a small scale business. I’ve no ideas about this. I want to know the right steps to start a small scale business. Shall you please provide me the right steps to be taken to start a business?

  12. Dipankar

    Dear Sir, I am from West Bengal, India. I am an electrical engineer. I don’t want to work under anybody. I want to start my own business. Please guide me what type of small business I can start with less investment. Kindly Reply.

  13. Sukumar

    Respected sir,

    I’m now working in a software company. I’ve 4+ yrs experiance in this field. I’m willing to do a small scale business. I’ve no ideas about this. I have under 4-5 laks rupess now,I want to know the right steps to start a small scale business. Shall you please provide me the right steps to be taken to start a business?

    Reply This Comment

    • Guruprasad R

      Hi, I am working in TCS. I have many Ideas and tactics to do small scale business and my father is doing commission basis work on engineering side. The only thing is we don’t have enough capital to start up a own business. Can you please tell me how to start a small scale business without investment. Thanks

      • Scott Wilson

        Can you tell me little more detail? like what are the ideas related to? What is the expected growth? How much competition is there? I can surely help and guide you, if you can let me know as much details as possible.

      • Scott Wilson

        Mr. Guruprasad,
        you are working at very reputed place. and to start business one needs minimum amount of capital. You just tell me which are the areas you are interested in. Then i can provide you some ideas.

  14. vijayachandra H


    I’m mechanical engineer with 3 yrs experience in conctruction industry, I do have a well to do job but, want to start a small scale business in my native (Hubli, karnataka). I’ve a gang of friends who are all mechanical engineers.My investment would be around 10-12 lakhs. Show me some light..


  15. Viral

    Hi, My self Viral. I am Chemical Engineer. and doing job abroad with high scale. I want to start any small scale business in either Vadodara or Gujarat. I am also ready to invest. Please advise for the future growing business.

  16. Rajnish Vasdev

    Hello Sir, I am from Ludhiana (Punjab). I am working as a accounts officer. I am 31 yrs old and I feel that it is not possible live a quality life in a current job I am doing. So I am planning to do some small business. Kindly suggest me what type of business can be done.

    • Scott Wilson

      That’s the attitude man, great. You are aspiring and enthusiastic man. You can start your own business. If you don’t have enough capital, don’t worry. You can start job first and then business.
      • for you i would suggest :
      • Manufacturing of FMCG goods
      • Agency of some big companies
      • Rural warehousing.
      • Accounting firm is also possible.
      • Instead of doing other’s accounting job, start your own accounting firm office or at home.
      • And start searching for clients also online clients.
      • Or you can have loans from bank for small business. For that you have to prepare a perfect business plan. And projection of that plan and cost benefit analysis is the must. If you are ready with this, then you have to convince the bank manager. So with proper numerical data and future benefit plan should be prepared.

  17. srinivasa singh

    Hai, I am from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. I am impressed with the kind of information which is there on this website. I also want to start my own business. Please give me name of some small business in india with minimum investment which I can start easily. Thanks.

    • Scott Wilson

      In the year2009, the textile business was superb performer. And also real estate business worked nicely. Other professions like IT sector, FMCG business. Etc
      These businesses are doing very well. And especially for you, I would suggest to start a talent school of performing arts, classes and personality development consultancy. Because you are very much aware about the system over there. Even I have been there for specially for survey purpose. So you can implement such kind of business. One of our clients is running same thing in Gujarat.

  18. Kiran

    Dear Sir, I am Kiran from Hyderabad. I would like to start my own business with very less capital. Is it possible to start one’s own business with less investment. Can you please give me some nice ideas which I could easily implement..

  19. Shital Arora

    I want to start my own small scale idustry with an investement of 4-5 lacs in a small town called jorhat in assam.Plz guide me which are the industry where i can invest??what is the approx gross & net margin???shall i get any subsidy??Does Bank will help me???

    • Scott Wilson

      Bank will definitely help you provided that you are ready with your business plan.
      Bank will never provide you loan without scrutinising your business plan.
      So you need to have proper projected plan for your business.
      Then prepare the documents of your SWOT analysis.
      Prepare a report on your social, political, technical, economical aspects.
      Then you have to carry out a cost benefit analysis report.
      This report will be the most important document. Because banks believe in numerical data.
      And this is nice amount you have to start your business as well as to invest.
      So decision is up to you weather you want to start with boom or you want to invest.
      Select your option and replay. I will provide you guidelines and some samples of cost benefit analysis report.

  20. Rupesh

    I am rupesh from, as this is starting for year 2010, I would like to get upcoming business opportunities / ideas which can be started in india, I am right now in new york, and wanted to start my own business as I am returning to India, What you guys think, what kind of business ideas or opportunities will work in this year? Also can you summariese and tell me which ideas did work in Year 2009


    • Scott Wilson

      Very good and interesting question.
      In the year2009, the textile business was superb performer. And also real estate business worked nicely. Other professions like IT sector, FMCG business. Etc
      These businesses are doing very well. And especially for you, I would suggest to start a talent school of performing arts, classes and personality development consultancy. Because you are very much aware about the system over there. Even I have been there for specially for survey purpose. So you can implement such kind of business. One of our clients is running same thing in Gujarat successfully.

  21. Dillip

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Dillip. I belong to Bhubaneswar, Orissa. I have done MCA. I am not employed. But I am planning to start my own business. I am ready to invest some amount to start a business. Please help me to decide in which business I should invest. I am little bit confused. Please let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Scott Wilson

      Don’t worry Dillip, you have done your M.C.A and you can convert your knowledge in money. You can start computer hardware and software consultation. You can have contracting firm which does the servicing work of business firms. You have the knowledge man, you need not to wait. This also doesn’t require more capital. So you can hire some employees also. You also can prepare accounting and database software for local big firms.


    Respected Sir, I am a person in a rural belt from Orissa. I want to start a business with a minimum investment. Please suggest me the best possible project. Also let me know what type of business is profitable in a small village in Orissa. Kindly reply ASAP.

  23. Anu

    Dear Sir, We are almost 3 friends from Mumbai-Dahisar and all are about 28 yrs old, we want to start some business which will give us best output in future. But we have very less capital and we all are well educated want to start something best. Can you plz suggest some best business for us. We are planning for nursery and playgroup with different courses for kids. So can you plz guide me how to start this small business?

  24. SATYA

    Dear Sir, I am working in Union bank of India, at Belgaum dist. I want to start a small scale business in India. Please provide me some details regarding different types of small businesses which can be start with less investment and capital. I would be very thankful to you if you give me an innovative and profitable idea to start my own business. If I become successful in business, I will drop my job. Kindly reply.


    Dear Sir/ Madam, I am from Andhrapradesh. I am thinking of starting my own veterinary medical shop in A.P. Please provide me some guideline about starting this business, how much investment will be needed, what are the license requirement etc. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks and regards, R.SUBRAHMANYAM

    • Scott Wilson

      So, you are thinking something new, good.
      To start veterinary medical shop, it is easy to contact suppliers. and as far as budget is concerned, Do you want to start wholesale shop, or a retailer.
      If you want to start a retail shop, then don’t restrict your self to veterinary medicines.
      Because the major thing to think here is customer frequency.
      So think about that and then if you want any help further, ask.
      We are always here to guide you.

      • subrahmanyam




  26. Satish

    Hello, Nice topic, every one is looking for a business to grow up in life. This website is really good and helpful. Even I am looking for a business but I don’t get proper information in this threat. I request you to provide me proper guidelines about starting my own business in Bangalore.

    • Scott Wilson

      Thank you, Satish.
      you have that much potential of thinking to start your own business. I have couple of ideas for you. And to start with, What is your budget?
      What is your interest?
      what is your experience?
      What you think that is required in market?
      And what is demand potential?
      Mail me this information, i have some ideas and i will definitely help you.

    • Adnan


      I would like to know if you have got any idea on starting up small scale biz in Banglore.

      I am interseted in setting up something in small level and then improviing it to bigger extend.

      If you have any ideas lets share and together we can do somehting.

      Im a NRI currently working in Dubai for the last 7years.

      Look forward to your feedback.

      Take care, Bye

      • Scott Wilson

        Mr. Adnan,
        You can get enough ideas of new business from this page only. If you read all the comments and the answers, you will get basic information about the new ideas. And if you want to start it in Bangalore then you should visit it to get clearer idea. Thank you.

  27. rk

    Dear sir

    I am from Andhra Pradesh (Rajahmundry) and I am working in hyderabad as a software engineer having 6 years of exp ,want to start a small business with a capital of 5-10 lack rupees kindly revert me with the suitable business for the same.
    I have interest in film production, travels business, dairy forms and small manufacturing company.
    I am totally confused to select the right one; I don’t know the growth and future business opportunities on the above mentioned business.
    Based on the business I am ready to start in rural or town area.
    A part from above mentioned business please revert to me with a suitable business plans.

    Thanks in advance

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. rk you are very eager to start your own business. that is a good sprit.
      I think you should go with manufacturing plans.
      Possible and profitable plans are,
      1. Dairy products (milk production) the best, it is daily need of people.
      2. Small products: or that you can follow these steps.
      And if you start any other manufacturing plan, read following steps very care fully.

      A good product design must ensure the following
      Function or Performance
      Appearance or Aesthetics
      Reliability or Life
      Maintainability or Serviceability-
      Reducibility or ease of manufacturing
      3. Conception
      4. Acceptance
      5. Execution
      6. Evaluation & Review of Design
      7. Translation
      8. Pre-production
      9. Mass level business.
      For further guideline ask question. i like to answer you. Thank you.

  28. shyam

    I am from Andhra Pradesh -kakinada and retired post master, I want to start a small business with my son under 10-15 lack capital.can you please provide the details of suitable business which I can start immediately.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Scott Wilson

      Definitely Shyam, we are here to guide you. What is your interest area? First decide that, because you have good amount of capital. So before going on think about your interest and then you can go further. Or you can comment your interest areas, I will help. Thanks.

  29. Augustine

    Hi Sir
    Am a btech Computer final year student
    Am not interested to do a job so i would like to start a small online business with less money(am a student)so can you kindly tell a good way to start
    Also i have 5 frnd who are interested to start business so is there any small business for us

    • Scott Wilson

      So, Mr. Augustine, you have knowledge, you have friends to help, you have small amount of capital.
      Then what are you waiting for? You can start your own computer consultancy firm. You can also start web hosting. You can start Cyber cafe along with game zone.
      Dude, you have a lots of opportunity, you need not to worry at all.
      So go on and chose your field. Start your own business.

  30. Sagar

    I live in very small city of India but i want to start my on business with large amount of profit. I can’t decide which type of business to start in such a small city, which will help me i making profit.
    please help me by suggesting.

  31. Manish


    Thanks for posting such a nice article on this topic.
    I am a Software Consultant by profession, having an experience of 5 1/2yrs.
    I want to start a small business for which I can take loan from banks or put in some of my own money(not more than 2 lakhs).
    I am from Delhi, can you please provide some nice business idea’s which I can start with on a small scale.

    Awaiting your reply!


  32. Allahoudine

    Dear Sir,

    Currently I am in the U.A.E. I would like to resign my job and look for a better business opportunity in India. I have a very small capital of abt 3 lakhs. Kindly advise me a small scale business opportunity in Pondicherry, India. I am a Chemistry Graduate.


    • Scott Wilson

      your degree can give you bench job, which would allow you to run equipment and prepare chemicals. you can work for government also. and you can join any educational institution as a faculty, if you have experience in the same field. and are links which can help you to find jobs for your stream.

  33. gopalkrishnan


    I am(Gopalkrishnan) from Nagpur at present i am working a pvt. co. I am interested to setup a new business with low budjet, but i dont have a any idea of business. therefore i want ur advice.

    kindly give me a advice for a new business.

    I am waiting ur replay. My Mobil No. 09850678167, 08087935730.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. gopalkrishan,
      If you don’t have much capital to invest, don’t worry. Because doing something is better than nothing.
      So first of all, you have to keep an eye on t6he market movements.
      • Currently announced budget has developed lots many opportunities for people like you.
      You just go through the part of budget “small scale business planning”.
      • Government has given so many subsidies to promote small scale business.
      And for you, I would suggest to start:
      • Fertilizer manufacturing,
      • Farming (there is huge scope in it according to budget 2010)
      • small and daily needed products,
      • Semi urban level education center,
      • Cattle food supplier,
      • Cattle medicines supplier,
      • seasonal goods, seasonal cloths.
      • Mandi level trading etc.











    • Scott Wilson

      Don’t worry Mr. Amit.
      That was not the end of life. Life is much more than that.
      Just come out of that indecent and start thinking about new opportunities.
      Take example of our he-man “Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani”.
      And what was that business? May it be any thing, but now you got an idea that you can run business very well.
      And in Gujarat, there are a lot of opportunities.
      So think about it and tell me that what are your interest ares?
      Which is your favorite field? What knowledge do you have on that field.
      I will definitely guide you. But never get upset. “Chinta chita saman”

  35. Siva

    Dear sir/madam!
    I am living in Andhra pradesh in a Village near Ananthpur(Distic). I want to start a small scale industry like Tiles Manufacturer or Tiles Designing company and i want to invest for this below 10 lakhs. Right now i don’t have any idea about this. can any one having any idea about this sector plz give me u r valuable ideas and suggestions to me.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Siva, first of all you don’t have knowledge about the tiles manufacturing. So if you want to start that business, you have to first observe the field. Visit towns. Visit such organizations. Ask questions indirectly. And who suggested you this idea?
      You should ask him/her some questions.
      But, because you don’t have knowledge about the field, you must do the field work.

  36. Dinesh

    Hi I am Dinesh from chennai.i am working for MNC but i want to leave this job and i want to start any small scale business along with my friend.we both can invest around 5 lakhs.i am having a agriculatural land of 5 acres with surplus water where peole are cultivating rice and sugar now which are not giving enough returns and i am not giving enough attention to that.Now i am in a confused state from where to start.Can i go to agricultural experts to start anything differnt from that land or start doing any small business in city only.Please help me out in this issue.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Dinesh,
      You have got both opportunities. And there no question of confusion because you can manage both.
      I am going to post new article UNION BUDGET 2010 AND NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Kindly read it out.
      This article will give you the guideline, how you should go with your land because, there is a lot in agricultural department.
      So you can start your different business in town along with the agriculture. And you can also start business related with the agriculture and deal with E-choupal.
      Thank you.

  37. Praseeth Nair


    I am from palakkad,kerala , I want to start a business with a capital of 5-10 lakhs.i prefer to have some franchisee types ,could you put some light on the same .Also i want to know about small business orgnisation which are doing marketing types of business as i am also interested in setting up of production line in small scale of any products which will be running in the market today and in future also .If you could put me a mail , i will be greatful ….


  38. Manjula


    iam frm cuddalore, Planing to start readymade showroom for ladies and gents…
    Want to buy selected metrial, from where i can get wholesale rate and good design
    How much invesment need to make showroom(interior design) like chennai, b’lore city

    • Scott Wilson

      you should have visit of town areas around your place. You need to search for the textile market of your area, take quotations of various merchants and decide which is the most beneficial? Besides, if you have any contact, then try to get secondary information about the same. And about your show room it requires around more than 5 lakhs.

  39. roopa


    i came across this article you are doing great job, and after reading this from first comment to till last, i am sure that here i too find answers for my questions, i born bought up in bangalore finished my and worked for an MNC for 4 years, now married and settled in madurai, i am very much eager to start my own business with very small investment as i am very craze and interested in jute products if possible please provide me details, i know that for this market is very good and even in future too it will go on as a ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT. please let me know the details if any, you have with you.

    roopa senthilkumar

    • Scott Wilson

      Thank you, Mrs. Roopa,
      You may not know that Indian jute product are in very mass demand. The nternational market also demants it very egarly, if you can provide good quality.
      So, my advise to you is to start with small capital, if possible. Otherwise partnership with relations is also very good option.
      And you need not to wait much, because from this union budget, i can predict that these kind of business are going to get many benefits. And anyway there are bigger opportunities to export side, because here you can get excise benefits and lot more.
      If you are interested in international markets, i will provide the details of procedure and documentation.

      • roopa

        hi mr. jay thanks very much for the information it was motivated, can you tell me how much capital is needed as beginner and where shall i get materials and machinery and other details for the jute product.

        roopa senthilkumar

        • roopa

          Hi, mr. Scott i am also interested to know how to export jute products and also other details of export i have time but dont have much money to invest so i think this idea would work out well, your reply helps me lot, thanks for helping.


          roopa senthilkumar


  40. Suresh

    Hello sir,

    I have my own shop of area 200 sq. ft, and have 4 computers, I am looking for some data entry genuine jobs, so that I can hire 4 employees and get the work done from them and
    get a REGULAR data job work. But most of the data entry jobs on the internet I found are fake and scam. Pls provide me the genuine way how do I get such data
    Entry jobs on regular basis and or possible online data entry also.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. sudhir,
      It is true that most of internet data entry job are fake and scrap. So don’t ever register in any such sites which offers you such jobs. The way you can get some data entry work is to search through employment consultancy and BPO consultancy.
      And in news paper classifieds also. Because this work is very sensitive and risky, so normally this work is done by some influence or contact. So try these options and reply the results soon.

      • Suresh

        Thank you for the guidance.

        Actually, I want to uitilze my 4 computers and my own small shop of area 200sq.ft in the best possible way. So thats why I’m looking for such a business which I can do there, I’m looking for a long time business, which will grow further. If you have any such idea or suggestion, guidance for starting any such relevant business, then pls let me know. You can also mail me on my email ID, if you have detail information.

        Please guide me further.

  41. Md Mohsin

    Respected sir/madem

    My name is Md Mohsin now I am living and working in (ksa) Saudi Arabia
    as a draughtsman for last 2 years. Now I want to come to India and start small business
    in low investment so please give me the good business ideas. Actually I belongs to Hyderabad
    India. i have one idea I am thinking to start a juice manufacturing business in Hyderabad but I don’t have
    Money to invest I have under 1 to 2 laks. So please help me and give me the good
    Idea to start a good business in low investment (in 1 to 2 laks only).

    Thank you

    • Scott Wilson

      Every thing does not start with boon friend. If you have only 1-2 lakh, it is not too small amount. Start with a small capital. Then you can expand your business. So first visit India and get idea of various business over here.

  42. Sushil

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I want to start a FMCG product Super Stockist company in Pune. I have already identified the product & also in regular touch with the manufacturer who is very supportive. I want to know how do I start now, I know I will have to register a company/Firm & after that

    What should be my next step? How should I identify dealers?

    Also I want to know more about the Octroi Duty, Sales Tax etc.

    In short I want to know the initial process/formalities when you become a Super Stockist for an FMCG product.

    Your early response will be highly appreciated.

    With Best Regards

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Sushil,
      You are going on right track. You have to register if you want to start as a company.
      And as far as suppliers are concerned, don’t be impatient. Because this is the area where you should take care of your purchasing policy and everything .
      First, you visit the suppliers and manufacturers you know. Then apply your business skills and you will get answer your self only. And never rely only on one supplier or dealer. You have to have a back up, because you never know situation can arise that your only supplier don’t have goods. Then the back up one will help you.
      You are going to start a big and new business, so these kind of balance must be maintained by you.
      Formality in this contract is the only MOU memorandum of understanding with the suppliers and dealers.
      This document will include every thing and policy which you decide. That’s all.
      If you have any more queries, ask question, i would like to help you.

  43. Deepti Deshmukh


    I have done 2 post graduations, MCOM & MPM (HR). I have about 2 years of HR experience & 1 year of teaching experience. However, I want to start my own business now, with or without my HR base/ knowledge. please suggest some ideas.
    The initial inevestment would be max 1 lakh.
    Your help will be a great support to me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Scott Wilson

      According to your profile, i would suggest you to start management consultancy and job consultancy.
      Because it is not tough for you to improve relation with the H.R departments of various organizations. And you have knowledge in bulk in this field. So according to me this option is the best for you within the budget limit you mentioned.
      You can also be a free lancer motivator and director. You must be aware about the special seminars organized by some organizations for motivation. So build your P.R skills as well and H.R you already have. So i hope your question is answered and you are satisfied with the answer. And still any queries, Ask me questions.

  44. ABHAY

    Your tips are really helpful! I want to start a Cement Products(Pavers,tiles,grills,pipes,sheets,pillars,etc)business in Maharashtra (Taluka area). I have an acre of land to start. what would be your suggestion and advice on the complete procedure about this business? rgrds…

  45. Mathew Sam


    Am an NRI and wish to start a small scale exporting firm. I have around 6 years experience in logistics and shipping and am still searching for a product which I could manufacture and export from india.

    could you please help


  46. Ankur Sharma

    I am into the creative field – computer Graphics & Animation, currently working for an events & promotions company. I want to start my own business and let me be very honest i am open to any kind of business which gives me good future prospects. I had gone to vapi yesterday to check. i have 8 lakhs.

    Kindly suggest me some option –
    What kind of business i can start?
    Any small scale industry in which my involvement is least or not much required?
    I am ready to do some research part too, kindly suggest me some websites if possible.
    If i want to start a Junior school, what is kind of work or procedure required to start?

    I will be really thankful to you… please help & guide me for a better future.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Ankur,
      I would suggest you some manufacturing business. Because it does not require your involvement to high extend. Some ideas for you to start search upon are:
      • Manufacturing of dairy product and supplying it.
      • Manufacturing of imitation jewelries. (It needs research work)
      • Manufacturing plastic products, do field work, there is very good opportunity in it.
      • Jute products.
      And you can start business relating to services also.
      • You can enter in to education sector. It is one of the fastest growing sectors.
      • Annual computer maintenance contract services.
      • And many more. You tell me your interest area and I will definitely guide you.

      • Ankur Sharma

        Mr. Scott,
        Thank you so much for that information. also would really appreciate if you can guide me with some of the insights (good / bad) about the industry.

        Like i can do the dairy product manufacturing & supplying, but dont know the process… i mean where will i get milk from on a cheaper rate what is the kind off unit and amount required for the manufacturing of the product.. say example – paneer / cheeze etc.

        How is jute manufactured?

        Plastic product is something interesting tooo… what kind off products? what is the kind off setup / funds/ place required?

        Do these business require any kind off licence, registration or any fee to be given to the govt.?

        Kindly please let me know about these… i will be really thankful to you.

        if u dont mind can u mail me your email id so that i can take help & guidance from you.

        Thanks & Warm Regards

        • Ramesh


          Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions/guidence . I hope it really helps me . I have 10+ years of car automotive design/analysis in OEMs ( Ford, magna etc..)and would like to do some business in my hometown ( Ongole town , AndhraPradesh). Along with my relations I am ready to invest around 1 crore+ and have good contacts in my hometown . I have no idea of any business and getting confused to choose right one.

          I am interested in doing related to agricluture , dairy farming / dairy products manufacturing, or any profitable FMCG goods manufacturing .. Can you please get me soem good business ideas with pros and con’s of each of them.

          Thanks in advance . I appriciate your help.


          • Scott Wilson

            Mr. Ramesh,
            It is my duty to guide you. And it is pleasant to know that some one is gaining something from my advices. As you have capacity to invest more I would advise you to start business of rural warehousing. That’s very innovative and in demand concept. As you know, now a days the government distribution system is not that good. Even big companies having problems with this stuff. Because in rural areas the ware houses are only to the Mandi level or to the CWC or SWC level. These companies are ready to pay heavy amount for this service because it would have cost more for them. And you can also do business of imitation jeweleries. In this financial budget, government has declared Rs.300 crore package for textile industry.
            Thank you.

  47. Ani

    Hi Mr. Scott,
    I have worked with a software company for a long time and now wish to change tracks to have better work life balance. I want to have a small manufacturing machine at home, in India, in which I can ” make” something.My investment would be of around 1 lakh.One idea was paper bags/plates. Can you please give me some more ideas. Are there companies who supply raw materials and purchase finished goods?
    I have read all the posts. Keep up the good work.

  48. Arvind Arora

    Hi Scott,

    I am a software programmer but now want to start something on my own. Not interested in IT anymore. I am situated in Delhi right now but planning to involve in imported tire whole selling in south India region. Please suggest is it worth taking a risk? planning to invest around 10lks.

  49. p.newar


    I m truly impressed and would like to know a) products with good margins and low risk and initially less investment of abt. 2-3 lac. For export n import. and b) I want to manufacture products with buy back guarantee/sure sale.less risk with similar investment. And c)we have arrangement of a 100 sq.ft. On ground floor & 1000 sq.ft. Hall In 1st floor. With good FRONTAGE and location in calcutta itself.wat all best options can I have if I can arrange a finance partner to investment. Please reply. My mail id. –

  50. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Arvind,
    It is worth taking risk. Remember one thing “Don’t put your entire money in one go.” You first check out, is there demand of the tires you try to import? Do you have any link in the same?
    If you have already links, them it is great.
    And about import, if you want the procedure and finance, i will surely guide you.
    So good courage, and start proceeding.
    And if you want, i will mail you the guide lines for documentation, ECGC registration, Import Export No. (IE no.)
    And how to get finance from Ex-Im bank of india.
    Thank you. All the best.

    • Arvind Arora

      Thanks Scott,
      Initially I am going to involve someone who is already importing the product then I’ll move in importing if I get the +ve response. I’ll be very much intrested in knowing the procedure and finace of Import. Please mail the guidelines.
      Also, would be intrested in knowing the procedure for getting business loan from bank for the initial start. Do you have any effective business proposal format or tips?

  51. Scott Wilson

    Thanks, Ani,
    Your investment size is enough for the business you are looking for. Why do you want only home business? There are lots many opportunities, and you can something better. And for you, i would suggest to start cybercafe, manufacturing of imitation jeweleries, or any service like marketing, pr etc. are possible in Rs. 1 Lakh. So don’t worry. And about companies which supply raw materials and purchase finished goods, they normally work on local basis. In which region you want to start? Because these companies are not big and work at state base. All the best.

  52. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Ankur,
    I would suggest you some manufacturing business. Because it does not require your involvement to high extend. Some ideas for you to start search upon are:
    • Manufacturing of dairy product and supplying it.
    • Manufacturing of imitation jewelries. (It needs research work)
    • Manufacturing plastic products, do field work, there is very good opportunity in it.
    • Jute products.
    And you can start business relating to services also.
    • You can enter in to education sector. It is one of the fastest growing sectors.
    • Annual computer maintenance contract services.
    • And many more. You tell me your interest area and I will definitely guide you.

  53. Scott Wilson

    Hi ashwini,
    I would interpret your question as:
    You stay in Bangalore and want to organize a summer camp.
    See, you can start and no problem with that.
    But it is the work which needs so much responsibility.
    So if you think that you can take this responsibility, you can organize it. Chose some nice places and enjoy your camp. Thank you. All the best.

  54. Scott Wilson

    Sure Mr. Mathew,
    Your experience will help you to great extend.
    The products you can export from India are:
    • Electronic parts,
    • Polished diamonds,
    • Imitation jewelries,
    • spices,
    • sea foods,
    • plastic molds,
    • Chemicals (processed and not processed both)
    • Textiles field,
    • Embroidery worked dresses,
    • Agriculture products etc.

  55. Scott Wilson

    Great Abhay,
    You have enough resources to start.
    My advice for you is:
    • Be wise in taking decisions.
    • In initial stage be very furnished and keep your transactions regular to develop a favorable image.
    • Try to be friendly with your workers. It will really help you.
    • Don’t get over excited ever and think twice before taking decisions because you have to develop and stabilize your business.
    • Try to minimize your wastages.
    • Keep good relations with your stake holders (the people you have to deal with in day to day life).
    • And for future, ask questions.
    Thank you.

  56. raju


    This is raju from bangalore. I whant to start a small business. Which v called “appending services”. I have 5 years experence in that process. so i whant to start with my own. In this there is one problem that is i want get USA,UK client so how can i get it. or how can i reach them. if it is any idea from u r sied. I can get any help. and I will be really thankful to you please help & guide me for a better future..


  57. Ashish

    Dear Sir
    Native place- Lucknow,Working status (Logistics Executive). Salary :: less than 15K in hand. I want to start something that generates money with minimum investment, Not much money to invest.
    Interest is singing,dancing,
    Online jobs as per now is comparatibly better

    If there is any other scope pls inform , or any other information is needed pls inform because I have to do something that is for sure.

  58. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Guru prasad,
    I will be in better position if you will provide some detailed information. Will you please provide information about your interest, capacity, belonging, experience etc. I will surely provide guidance.

  59. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Ankur,
    I think that you have so any questions moving in your mind. Don’t worry we are here to solve these problems only.
    • In dairy products there are end no. of products those yuo can process and manufacure.
    • You can get benefits from government also for this business.
    • You can get milk at minimum price from the villages around your town.
    • Big companies do get milk at minimum price from these people only. You need to ave some kind of toe up or even recognition to get milk at cheaper price.
    • I can not describe entire process over here that you have to know from nearest resources to you.

    • You have asked question of very wide field and there are so many product lines in plastic industry.
    • From a small box to big water tanks come under plastic products. You should have a kind of thorough research on the same .
    • If you are interested in it , you can think of some big scale start up.
    Thank you.

  60. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Ashish,
    Good spirit that i could figure out from thr last line of your comment.
    If you are interested in singing and dancing then that is also very nice scope.
    See, these days singing and dancing are much more than just art. It is om commercial level now. If you have enough knowledge of singing and dancing, you can start coaching classes for that.
    Thank you.

  61. Scott Wilson

    For jute products you have to have some amount of money. Even if you get loan but still you need to invest 25% your money in your business. It is not impossible, but it will take some time for you to get in to this business. I have answered many of your questions and i can now make out that your nature is really ambitious. Keep patience.
    Thank you.

  62. Naresh

    Hi, I am NRI & working in Dubai, i want to start my own business in a small city Hisar (haryana). I am thinking to be work in solar power. Can u guide me what are the options availabe in this sector. I can invest upto 20 lacs. Also my cousin is in energy saving products sailing. please advised me some good ideas.


    • Scott Wilson

      Great, naresh,
      I would advice you to do thorough research of this products. Because as far as my experience says, you need to have a back up in this business before going in to furrther, so before coming to India, you start having back ground information.

  63. Vishwanath

    Dear Sir,

    I am Bcom & I have 16 Years Account & bank & Taxatation exp.of management i want to start my small business in low capaital i surching a Trading or Mfg.Business
    can i give details & types of business .

    tanks & waiting for relpy


  64. Pradeep

    Dear Sir,

    I have been running a self-operated unit, into manufacturing of tube light compact chokes in Gurgaon for the last one year and have been supplying the same to a Delhi-based company who had provided a buyback agreement for one year. But the returns are not very high.

    I am keen on expanding my business in to production of electronic chokes and CFLs and also in getting production orders from electrical manufacturing companies and exporters.

    I would request you to kindly guide me towards knowing the suppliers of tube light choke and CFL components raw materials and towards selling/supplying of my products to electrical manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products, so that I can receive regular manufacturing orders from them and hence expand my small-scale electrical operations. I need help in getting manufacturing orders to promote my products.

    Also please guide me if it is possible to export my products. If you consider it to be feasible let me know what the prospects are and how I can set up my export unit and establish contacts overseas.

  65. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Pradeep,
    You are 100% able to start exporting your products. You have a sound experience in the same field. The kind of products which you are producing are really in demand at overseas countries. You can export it by two ways.
    1. secondary exporter
    2. Frontier Exporter
    You can supply your products to big exporter or you can start your own export house. Here are the some details.
    (a) The export firm may export its products by a domestic based export department or division, such as: The built-in export department. The separate export department. The export sales Subsidiary. The allied export selling company.
    (b) It may establish overseas sales branches or subsidiaries.
    (c) It may appoint a traveling salesman.
    (d) It may appoint distributors and agents in the foreign countries.
    Manufacturer Exporters: Manufacturer exporters are the manufacturers who export goods directly to foreign buyers without any intervention from intermediaries. The manufacturer may also appoint agents abroad for selling products. They enjoy several advantages: First hand information about foreign markets. Exercise a direct control over marketing activities. Enjoy full benefit of export incentives. Enjoy greater profits and goodwill in the market

    • Pradeep

      Dear Sir,

      My sincere thanks for guiding me towards setting up an export business in the field I am operating. I request you to help me reach a solution towards addressing the first part of my query which is my greatest concern presently. I am quoting it in this thread for your convenience:

      “I am keen on expanding my business in to production of electronic chokes and CFLs and also in getting production orders from electrical manufacturing companies and exporters.

      I would request you to kindly guide me towards knowing the suppliers of tube light choke and CFL components raw materials and towards selling/supplying of my products to electrical manufacturers and suppliers of lighting products, so that I can receive regular manufacturing orders from them and hence expand my small-scale electrical operations. I need help in getting manufacturing orders to promote my products.”

      Eagerly awaiting your kind response.

      Thanks and Regards,

  66. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Riyaz,
    You can start by taking franchisee business. You may not believe but i have seen examples that people standard from small franchisee and today they have a huge channel of outlets. So nothing bad in it, you can start your small outlet but it should not like typical mobile shop. It should be totally professional and decent.

  67. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Vishvanath
    Rather i say respected vishvanath you have a very good experience and now you are going to do some thing big that’s great. I would suggest you to start something like consultancy of taxation, management, accounting etc.
    The other idea is that you should start a coaching class of college students and 11th & 12th, because that will take your backup on your front side and you will do well.
    Thank you.

  68. roopa

    hi mr. jay

    thanks for your feedback, right now i can arrange 50k for my business as initial capital is it enough or i should invest more in the beginning, i want to start as a very small unit then after i found a good market for that then i want to increase my investment as well as my production, but, i dont have information about materials and machinery please guide me about these matters.

    roopa senthilkumar

  69. ranjit


    a very informative article .. can you pls tell me which is more productive in small towns .. service, manufacturing, or franchise business. . also please let guide me with some ideas to start a small scale business in small towns.. i’ve had an idea of starting an industrial gas plant which i couldn’t.

  70. Kuntal Roy

    Dear Sir,
    For the past 8 years I am working in various MNCs as Sales/Business Development Manager for selling Software Solutions in Eastern Part of India. My wife is working as a Dietitian and has done MSc(Nutrition & Dietetics). Both of us want to start our own business and would require your valuable suggestions & ideas.
    Presently we are based in Kolkata.

    Kuntal Roy
    +91 9836079000

  71. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Kuntal,
    Both of you are from different field and you want to start something together so that’s great.
    Can you tell me your and her interest area so i can suggest you some ideas. And please mention your budget and interest without fail. I will guide for sure.

    • Kuntal Roy

      Mr. Scott,
      Thanks for your reply!
      My strength is in concept selling & marketing and want to explore in Non-IT segment. My wife’s interest is in-&-around Nutrition & also Education. We would be able to invest 1Lac initially and may opt for loan depending on the requirement. I would like to use my skill set along with my wife’s domain knowledge. Kindly suggest!

  72. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Ranjeet,
    In small towns, manufacturing and service line will work.
    Specially in manufacturing, FMCG will do extremely well. And remember every thing starts with small version.
    For service area you need to have some experience or some kind of new ideas like car service combo enterprise which is totally innovative and uncovered. So ask question for further details.

  73. siddhartha

    Dear Scott,

    Going through the thread, it seems my question remains the same that what business can I start in an area(place) where there is chance of growth(i.e the place is developing) in coming 5 years.

    Can you please suggest some business ideas rather knowing my line of interest. This will help me to think about several pros and cons.

    Qualification – B-Tech
    Job – Working in MNC at Kolkata
    Investment amount – 5 lacs

    It will helpful for me if you send me your ideas in detail through an email.

    • Scott Wilson

      To find that where is the scope and all things, you should be with the world. You should be aware about what is condition of economy, which area government helping? What opportunities came out from budget?
      Which business line you think and realize is better?

      Did you ever compared any two business line?
      Comparative analysis is the basic spark for the person who wants to start something. Sitting ideally with T.V will not help yo. Watch Economic Times, Read news papers like Business Standards etc.

      These are some field works you have to do if you want to do something.

      Remember one thing only you can make your future bright so start working now only.

      Dear, you have to ask 100 questions to your self only that what am i? Where am i? What do i want to do?
      How much i expect? How much i deserve? Where do i want to be after some years etc.

      To gain overall position from both the sides, it takes entire cycle of money circulation.
      Here are some steps taken by the finance ministry to boost small scale industries and agriculture.
      Government is likely to divest some share of public sector performing very well to circulate money in the economy. This circulation will consequently lead to money in hands of common man and small-scale industries.
      This multiplying effect of money circulated will lead to bright economy. The money released by government will go to banks and through loans, it will go to small enterprises.
      Government has become more conscious about the excise duty, goods and service tax. This will help service sector and production sector as well to grow up. Here is the opportunity for developing organizations.
      This will lead to competition and more bright market. MNCs will get work done from small enterprise in India and that is positive sign for those, who seek for starting second tire supplier enterprise. For the first time in the Indian economy, the ownership and control will be given to MNCs.
      Government is going to give license to banks to open new branches. And government will also give funds to these branches to lend loans to small scale industries.
      In Indian exports, around 40% comes from hand looms sector. So government has taken steps to boost this sector. Government has declared loans to this sector to boost the export of handicrafts, handlooms, agro products and medium enterprises.
      Specially to improve Indian agricultural sector following pronged strategy is implemented.
      1) Agricultural production
      2) Reduction of wastage during production and transportation.
      3) Credit facility to farmers
      4) A trust to the food processing sector

  74. geetanjali

    Dear Mr.jay,
    thankyou for such a wonderful site, and for your valued guidance.I am from Pune, a housewife, i want to start a samll business from home, i tried to locate my interest, but it seems i am interested in everything, ( very confusing ?). kindly guide and help me explore the possibilities of samll business i can start from home and eventually take it to higher levels.
    i am eagerly waiting for your reply.
    with regards

  75. Jayanta


    I am a software professional having 15 years of exp. Worked with several MNCs and would like to do something of my own.Preferably some consulatancy jobs where not much investment is required.However I am not sure whom to approach for assignments?

    Please advise.


  76. Scott Wilson

    Mrs. Geetanjali,
    It seems that you are very eager t start our business with so much enthusiasm. Great, you can start as free lancer writer. You can start some imitation jeweleries, dresses, or some thing which is not available in your city.
    You can start your small scale business with your friend circle only. All the best.

  77. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Siddharth,
    To find that where is the scope and all things, you should be with the world. You should be aware about what is condition of economy, which area government helping? What opportunities came out from budget?
    Which business line you think and realize is better?

    Did you ever compared any two business line?
    Comparative analysis is the basic spark for the person who wants to start something. Sitting ideally with T.V will not help yo. Watch Economic Times, Read news papers like Business Standards etc.

    These are some field works you have to do if you want to do something.

    Remember one thing only you can make your future bright so start working now only.

    Dear, you have to ask 100 questions to your self only that what am i? Where am i? What do i want to do?
    How much i expect? How much i deserve? Where do i want to be after some years etc.

    To gain overall position from both the sides, it takes entire cycle of money circulation.
    Here are some steps taken by the finance ministry to boost small scale industries and agriculture.
    Government is likely to divest some share of public sector performing very well to circulate money in the economy. This circulation will consequently lead to money in hands of common man and small-scale industries.
    This multiplying effect of money circulated will lead to bright economy. The money released by government will go to banks and through loans, it will go to small enterprises.
    Government has become more conscious about the excise duty, goods and service tax. This will help service sector and production sector as well to grow up. Here is the opportunity for developing organizations.
    This will lead to competition and more bright market. MNCs will get work done from small enterprise in India and that is positive sign for those, who seek for starting second tire supplier enterprise. For the first time in the Indian economy, the ownership and control will be given to MNCs.
    Government is going to give license to banks to open new branches. And government will also give funds to these branches to lend loans to small scale industries.
    In Indian exports, around 40% comes from handlooms sector. So government has taken steps to boost this sector. Government has declared loans to this sector to boost the export of handicrafts, handlooms, agro products and medium enterprises.
    Specially to improve Indian agricultural sector following pronged strategy is implemented.
    1) Agricultural production
    2) Reduction of wastage during production and transportation.
    3) Credit facility to farmers
    4) A trust to the food processing sector

  78. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Naresh,
    No body has experience in advance so don’t worry about that.
    For food processing, you can start dairy products processing,
    If you are interested in metal, you can opt for imitation jewelries,
    Other stapled food processing.
    Ready made packets and also production of snacks.etc.
    All the best. Thank you.

  79. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Kuntal roy
    Thank you for telling me your interest an capacity.
    Here is the idea which i am also planing to do.
    So you must be knowing in India the school for Talent and Performaing art And Groming is not very famous and new concept as well. And for normal people it is to expensive to send their children to big acting and dancing school.
    SO why don’t you start that in your area with new concept and minimum investment.

    • Kuntal Roy

      The School for Talent and Performaing art And Grooming is a good option and would like to know more as you are also planning to go for it.
      And if I raise the investment amount from 1Lac to 5Lacs, what can be the other options.

  80. Prakash


    I am planning to open small scale industry in my home towm i,e Shivamogga in Karnataka.
    Request you to provide me the list of small scale industries list and help me out that what are all the exercise do i need to open the SSI. and also help me out wat are all the legal formalities do i need to do to open SSI.

    How much investment require to open the SSI and also help me out how to get loan from bank to start SSI business.

    Thanks for ypu assistance in this regard.


  81. Scott Wilson

    Dear, Kanchan,
    I can surely help you. For that i need to know about your capacity, your interest areas, your experience, your business links etc. Please be as descriptive as possible and i will give you guidance. So give me details and i will reply soon.
    Thank you.

  82. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Prakash,
    It is goof to know that you are very enthusiastic about your business. For investment, it depends on the industry. As far as the other information concerned, i can surely help you in this concern. Read the following details carefully.
    Vision :
    This is the image of the company in the mind of owner or the executives. It is the stage of business where the owner wants to see his business.
    It is like a dream for which company works. It is the bright future position of the company that owner wants.

    Company Goals
    These are the close ended plans for shortterm and for achiving the objectives of the company.
    It should be time bounded and fix-
    For example: – your company wants 20% increase in the second quarter of this year.
    Goals are very precise and accurate.

    Company objectives:
    These are the long term objectives which helps company to reach at it’s dream position.
    It may be open ended and not precise. It is advisable to be tome bounded while deciding the objectives.
    For example:- company wants maximum growth possible in next two year(depends upon the type of the company)
    According to objectives, goals are decided.

    Products and Services:-
    It is shortly covered in the definition but you should be very very clear about the products and services that you are going to produce.
    The foundation of company is established on the type of the product or services.
    Clear-cut idea of this stuff must be decided before going on.
    Internal environment consists of following factors:-
    1. Management
    2. Employees, human resources
    3. Functional areas and internal power relationships
    4. Customers
    5. Suppliers
    6. Factory layout
    7. Office layout
    8. Internal rules and regulation etc.

  83. Umesh

    Dear Mr. Scott,

    I am Umesh from Nagod, Dist. Satna, M. P. Currently i am working in a hotel in Nashik, my parents are in business, they have warehouse, running small oil mill, they also in traiding business. I am also thinking to settle myself in business in Nagod.

    I was just reading all the comments on this web page. I feal this is very good website. Now i am feeling most of the people are in the same plateform like me.

    I just noted some business ideas which can suit my town like Jute or Fertilizer Industry.

    Please help me how can i get a project report on that. I have budget approx 30 Lakhs, you can also mail me on

    Thanks & Regards

  84. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Scottanta,
    Any one who starts business or any service don’t get clients in one go. So you should have back information. You do one thing, first try to find clients for software consultancy not as a direct businessman but for normal information.
    You can approach to local info line or yellow page for sear of big firms which emand such services and assistance. You can also advertise in newspaper or any other conventional or non conventional media to attract clients.
    See without doing any thing, you will not get experience. So something is better than noting. After all, you have worked in MNCs so i don’t have to say much more. So all the best.

  85. Pradeep.G

    Dear Sir,

    I wan’t to start a small business in mumbai. I don’t have funds, but i can arrange 20 to 25 thousands of rupees for the business.
    I am working in a private firm timings is from 10 am to 6.30 pm.
    I was thinking to start some part time bussiness.

    please suggest

  86. Rajasekhar

    Dear Sir,

    First of all i will apprciate your efforts.Keep it up.

    I am living at Vizag,India.So many house wifes are wasting their time with gassips, even they are graduates.I have five closed families at my house surroundings.I want to sugish a beautiful Business for them. It will help to devolop them self and also our country.
    So please kindly sugish me of suitable reliable small scale house hold business for house wifes.
    I have some ideas like-Tution centers, Paper Bag Manufactring, Fasion Design Tailoring,Curry points,Pickel & Papads Manufacturing,Zim for ladies…Etc.
    So please kindly share your openions and your Ideas.Thanks a lot.

    Regards……..Rajasekhar, Visakhapatnam.

  87. chaitra

    My name is chaitra, i have a expereince as executive secretary. I want to start my own small scale Industry. I have interest in service Industry. what type of business will be good for me. Please suggest.

  88. SAHIL

    Dear Sir,


  89. Scott Wilson

    Dear Pradeep,
    Don’t worry, you have a will and you will get work. Here i can not post any contact details. So i will mail you some information on your personal E-mail address. So don’t worry and let us know whenever you get the mail.

  90. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Sahil,
    It is not always required to have heavy amount for investing. Every business starts with small base and that becomes the step stone. So how to start is not your exact question, when to start? should be the question.
    You have stupendous experience, and banks give loans on 25% margins also. That means you can get financial assistance from banks up to 75% of your required depending upon risk to return ration and profitability of your project. If you want help for bank loan assistance i can guide for the documentations.

  91. Scott Wilson

    Dear Chitra,
    You have experience and your interest is service industry. Service industry is too vast and there are thousand of services. So please be specific and tell me the segment which you are interested in

  92. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Rajasekhar,
    Thanks for appreciation. The ideas which you have placed are fantastic.First of all your idea to make your surroundings working and progressing is wonderful and fantastic. Every of above idea can be taken at a time. Even you can take more than one business process simultaneously. But make sure, every one will work with efficiency. All the best.

  93. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Pradeep,
    It is not necessary to have a huge amount of capital to start a business. And there is no rule that business has to be big. So you can start from small idea. May it be your stepic stone for your future. Still i would like to advise you to take a break and try to collect some money so you can be comfortable with your business. And best of luck, also BEST OF WORK because i believe that work comes first and then the luck. All the best.

  94. Kuntal Roy

    Dear Mr. Scott,
    Require some business ideas apart from School for Talent and Performaing art And Grooming where we can use our skill sets, Nutrition, Education, Sales & Marketing.
    Kindly suggest!

  95. Santosh kumar

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Santosh from Hyderabad. I just completed my MBA with HR as specialization. Actually i am planning to start a bottle manufacturing company in hyderabad. so to start up business i don’t have any experience. so i planned to work in any bottle manufacturing company even though it is less pay for almost 1-2 years.

    I would like to start this bottle manufacturing business after gaining almost 2 years experience. And that too i would start with 4-5 partners with approximately capital of 20 lakhs.

    So i want to know what are the government formalities to register my company . And also i want to know how to get contract from other companies who requires bottles like coco-cola,kinley,bisleri etc And is there any future problems in starting business with my partners.

    waiting for your suggestions, advice, comments, motivation , encouraging words etc.

    Thanking You,

    G. Santosh Kumar,

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Santosh,
      If you are starting it as a partnership firm, then you have to register it with registrar at your zonal jurisdictional office. And more detail about this, if you want I will mail you. As far as motivation is concerned, you are very planned person. And i think that if person decides to start something on his/her own, he is always self motivated. The self motivation is the best motivation amongst every source of motivation.

  96. Binay Gupta

    Hello sir,
    I am from Durgapur i want to start a new business but i don’t have any idea which want to start.Please suggest me any business from where i can earn atleast one lakh rupees per month, my mobile numer is 9433279540,do u have any offices in Kolkata where i can come and meet you all people.

    Wram Regards……………
    Binay gupta

  97. jeevan reddy

    hi i am from hyderabad i got 2 years of experience in rice industry,
    at present i am in united kingdom for my msc marketing i got many ideas from this website to start my own business ,
    first to start our own business it is not that easy as we talk because
    we should treat it as a family we should never get tired of it,
    we will face many up’s and down’s in the business we should cross every thing to say in easy words business is a cycle you cannot go out of it. So thank you Mr. Scott and team.

    2 – PLAN

  98. Chirag

    Respected Sir,

    My self Chirag, i am interested to do business, business type is to be that at where not require of huge amount investement? Preferable to do business in Urban Area. Kindly give me guide lines for the same. I am a commerce graduate and 38 years old. Please guide me trhough e-mail.



  99. laxman

    Sir,I did MBA i have own 5 acrs patta Adilabad AP.I would like to start small Agriculture based industry or food processing.what are the best marketing products How much investment to start business ? Can I get any loan ?

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Laxman,
      You should produce the fast liquidating crops. And for loan, go and visit any Co-operative bank there. They are for assisting agricultural related business. You can get loans easily from Regional Rural Bank, District Co-operative Bank.

  100. kajal

    I am a freelancer doing outshore projects,vry much interested to do projects for India rather than US n Australia, can you help? At the same time I am interested for outsourced works of banks,telecom companies in India,Pls help me use my experience for desi works

  101. Sunil

    Firstly let me congratulate & thank your team for creating such a innovative platform.

    Well, we have special interest to venture out a home based family business with little investment (upto 5 lakhs). My spouse is a karnataka government employee and I am an employee of central government organization based in Gujarat. I can leave my job and concetrate completely on the business & my spouse can support me partialy. Always, successful people like founders of Infosys, reliance etc, been inspiring me to venture out a business and put me in the list of richest ones. But family responsibilities & circumstances stopped me to step into that. Now I am ready & my spouse is also very supportive. So, please give us a golden idea to venture a business in a small scale initially, which will be excelled on the basis of experince later.

    Hoping to hear a favourable reply.

    Thanks & regards.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Sunil,
      Thanks for the appreciation. It is our duty to guide you. You have Experience + Money + Education + Most important a will to do something new. So better to think your self about your interest areas and your experience yourself. And you can get very nice ideas. Analyze every ideas from the view point of business man.
      Thank you.

      • Sunil

        Mr. Scott thanks for your valuable words. I am agriculture post graduate and have 8 years of experiance in dairy industry. Wife has done masters in home science (extension) & have 5 years of experiance in women & child development.

        Few ideas emerging in our mind are;

        1. Purchasing a JCB & renting it out. But have no idea about getting its hiring contract.

        2. Opening of a retail outlet of showcase jewellary (non-gold), key chains, bangles etc. Where to get these materials.

        3. Opening of a working womens hostel. What are the legal formalities to do?

        4. Opening of a ware house & storage godawn in rural area to store agriculture products. But what are the legal formalities needed to do this.

        5. Building a multi complex & renting out it for banks. How to get the contract of banks.

        6. Initiation of a NGO on rural upliftment. What are the formalities involved in it & how to manage the funds.

        I would realiy be grateful, if you could advise us on each of above idea, the merit & bottlenecks, investment details, step wise initiation, legal formalities, monitoring & marketing & making it more benefitial.

        I would request you to please send the advise to my e-mail viz.,

        Looking forward to hear from you.

        Thanks & regards,


  102. Ashish

    Hi Scott,

    I am doing productions of CFL bulbs,getting raw material from Delhi and here (New Sangvi,Pune) making it manually.

    Now I am looking for a person who could do it part time on my investment(it would better if he stays near by Sangvi) or who is interested to do a business in small investment(10k to 15 k and 10*10 place would be enough) will run my contract by investing his own.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Ashish,
      You can give advertisement in local news paper classifieds. There are so many people seeking for job will come and apply. And you are providing good package and good working conditions as well. So you can try this newspaper idea. Thank you.

  103. Rohit

    Hello sir
    I am Rohit from ludhina. I want to start Surf manufacturing business, but I don’t know where I can get information regarding this, so please guide me where I can gather information of surf and shop manufacturing.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Rohit,
      It is very easy to get information about the method for detergent powder. You buy a book of chemical technology of 11th std of the local state board. Or if you don’t get information, then tell me i will tell you the process.

  104. Mohammed Raees

    Dear Sir,

    I am Bcom graduate and working in a chemical company in Saudi Arabia, I want to start a small business in Bhiwandi-Thane with 3-4 lakh. Kindly suggest me any good business to start with.

    best regards,
    M Raees

  105. Somashekhar

    Hi Scott,

    I am currently working as software engineer in bangalore with 6 years of experience with education of BE.Thinking of leaving the job, go back to my home town(bijapur in north karnataka) and start a small industry.Did a research with 2-3 business ideas, found out that they are not suitable for me either because of huge investment,technical difficulties in implementation or market availability.
    As salaried man, well settled in life with family,sometimes i think whether it is worth decision to take risk of starting new business, but i am keen on two things:
    1) to work on my own,
    2)settle in my home town.
    Thus decided to start a business while working, and when initial setups are done( or some initial milestone of business are met), then leave the job. My wife is also interested with this and she is post graduate.
    Thus while searching through the net,came to know about this site. and i must appreciate your efforts to help others.
    Thus now asking you to give some ideas which should be implementable with initial investment as 10 lakhs. I am interested in socio-economical business, which can be setup in outskirts of city. Mainly interested in rural market either with FMCG or Renewable energy.

    Thanks and eagerly waiting for your response,

  106. Raghava

    Hi Sir,

    This is Raghava, from hyderabad, i have done MBA and was at home for long time without a job coz of the rescission. now working with BPO`s .fed-up of the night shifts and as there is very less growth.I want to start my own business with minimum capital. My moto is to start a business ( a manufacturing industry or any other business) and get settled, and at the same time i can also provide employement for few more as i know how it feels when you dont have a job in hand..SIR i am really worried about my career at this point in time. Request you to kindly help me with a suggestion to start a business with less capital and less risk. as there is no one in our family who is into business my parents are no really ok with it.. as i said my interests are in starting some business either a manufacturing industry with less capital or any other business (may be some dealership)and good market.. so that i can grow my business day by day.. Request you to kindly email me all the details and i have no knowledge into this…hope you can understand my situation..

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Raghava,
      I would suggest you to spare some time and read each and every comments posted above. That is more than enough. You will get so many ideas and you will understand that it is not only you who suffered from such crisis. So better to encourage your self and boost power of your spirit. Thank you.

  107. Rohit

    Hello Sir
    This is Rohit here. Today I was trying to find that book but bad luck, here in Ludhiana I have not found that…Please tell me the processor so that I will experiment that and try to start new small scale business.
    Thank you & Regards

  108. Parag

    Respected Sir,

    i want to start business of oil from fruit seeds process i want to know how is this business is any scope for this kind of product in any medicin company or any kind of other industry, is this profitable ? give me some ideas related to this business thank you

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Parag,
      The business you are talking about is very new and under cover. For that you need some contacts with medicines manufacturing companies or factories. If you don’t have contacts with them, you need to prepare a proposal ant then it will be tedious. So better to start with the field with which you are familiar. Thank you

  109. Jeric

    Dear Sir,

    I’m from Mumbai Suburban, working in telecom sector from 8 years , Edu: BE telecom, want to start some business having budget of 4-5lacks, pl suggest some good business idea .
    I had search in many sector as in telecom, handmade paper industries , franchises, dealership , fast food outlet, Renewable energy, but not able to decide which one is best and suitable for me. Also i want to start this business and after good settlement i want to leave my job.
    Pl suggest me the forward path

    also thanks for all your affort to helping people like me
    , waiting for your response,


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Jeric,
      You are well educated and experienced as well. So you think which option will give you maximum return. See, every thing does not start with boon. So start with small business which can give you maximum return to investment ratio. For the time, I think that dealership and franchisee will be good option for you.
      Thank you.

      • Jeric

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks for your suggestion, I’m ready with any type of small business which will give me good return. Also ready to study on the same befor starting the same.

        But Still not able to finalized which dealership or franchisee should i go ahead.

        Pl help me out for the same

        Thansk Once again

        • Scott Wilson

          Mr. Jerik,
          It is good to know that you are ready to study for the same. You should read books based on franchisee theory and some case studies. So you should read that and if you have more doubts, then ask questions.
          Thank you.

  110. Kapil

    Hello Sir,

    Great Web site with Lot of interesting stuff. I am from Maharastra and wanted to start a copper wire manufacturing unit.Can you guide Me with details, project report if possible.Please let ME know initial investment Requirements as well.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Kapil (

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Kapil,
      There is not lot of investment require for the plan you are talking about. My relatives are in same business. You need around Rs.1 lac and a roller machine for wires. And it is my duty to guide you. So if you have any further questions, ask me. We are here to guide you. Thank you.

      • Kapil

        Hey Scott,

        Thanks For Reply, it’s great your relatives are in same business, where are they located, can I have a visit at there place? if possible mail me their number so that I can talk to them.Also I don’t have idea about it’s marketing strategy and I have no knowlege about it’s maket requirements in India.It will be great if you can guide Me.
        I want to get into this business as soon as possible.


        • Scott Wilson

          Mr. Kapil,
          My relatives are in Mumbai and they are doing well with this field. For the marketing, there is a international imitation jewelers market. You just tell me that these wires you want to supply to which field? Because there are so many fields where these wires are used. So give that detail.
          Thank you.

  111. shahnawaj mizwani

    hi sir i m done BE computer and i m not intresttd software field i work in iti in town area to treaning the basic computer(ms office)last 3 month but sir i should start bijness to related computer field in over area.i invest 50000 .

  112. Gopal Krishnan

    Dear Sir

    My name is Gopal currently working in Tanzania. I have been working abroad for 15 years now. Due to my daughter’s education i thought of going back in the next two years time and start a small business in Kerala. Kerala is tough to do business due to various political and economic problems and especially attitude of the people! But being a native of Kerala would like to settle there.

    I am not an entreprenaur but working in a company in Supply chain head, I have hope to succeed. I planned to start a bakery business but using a modernised packaging machine in a professional manner. Pl can you guide me the way forward, in terms of getting finances from bank, any subsidy from Govt for the ladies if my wife wanted to start this business in her name etc…etc.. Especially the market report for bakery products in kerala. Your valuable advice would help to alive my vision and idea in the next two years.

    Kind regards and request if you could post your reply to my hotmail above.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Gopal,
      Your idea sounds good and it is possible to succeed with this paln. You should visit your place once and carry out a detailed analysis of the market, consumer behaviour, market forces, economic conditions etc. and you will get a better idea about going further.
      The very firs step should be this and then you need to think about the other aspects like finance and other factors.
      Thank you.

  113. Jayakanthan


    I always wanted to start business , which i dreamt from young age .though im working with an MNC I m not happy to a extent. I plan to start export business in spices segment ( Pepper , Cardomom & coffee) . Request one of you to help me in venturing the same ) .


  114. Om Prakash

    Dear sir,
    I’ve been working in pharmaceutical company as an M.R. since last 8 years. I live at Gaya in Bihar,now i want to start my own business.Please guide me what type of small business i can start with less investment.Please reply.
    Thanking you.

  115. sanjali

    Hi my name is Sanjali from Navsari, my father is having 40 Acers land and planning to do dairy business, can you please guide how much buffalo I can keep for 40 acres
    1) How much profit I can earn.
    2) I am planning for 100 buffalo, will 40 acres land be sufficient for their food.
    3) Is there any government license needed?
    4) What is the process for Biogas Plant?
    Please suggest me your valuable suggestion regarding the growth of this business.

    My second option for business is mushroom Farming,can u also please guide me about moshroom farming or any good farming business

  116. Lalit Chander

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your efforts to help people their own business and help them commercialize their ideas

    I am Elect Engineer working in Merchant Navy, I want to settle with some good business with minimum investment in my city covered with villages, Rewari is becoming Industrial in education hub in Southern Haryana

    Please advise, I m more inclined to education and Training Field
    Thanks and Regards

  117. Sabarinathan (Pondicherry,INDIA)

    Can you tell whether this paper cup, paper plate making,choke making etc. business is profitable really…? Is it not fake…? cheating!
    If not can you suggest a authorised person’s contact for that to contact in tamil nadu, karnataka..

  118. Archana

    I am a teacher in a private school and are running a small butique from my home. I want to expend the same.

    How I can expend this business. How can i have the customers from various places.Please advise.

  119. GCS Gupta

    Hi Sir,
    I have closely monitored the suggestions by you to many of the members and have noticed that they are of immaculate assistance and it is greatly appreciated. I would like you to suggest me some ideas on starting up a small business for my wife, she is highly educated with 3 post graduations under her name, I work for a BPO, my wife PGs are related to education. We have a new born baby, and hence she would not be able to work for a while now, also she does not have a work experience. So if you can throw some lights on the how to set up a small business that can keep her occupied, would be greatly apprciated.
    Gupta GCS

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Gupta,
      If she has experience in the BPO sector, that would be great option for her. There is a special post regarding the BPO business in the same website. So read it out and if you have any questions, you can ask.
      Thank you.

  120. Gani

    Hi Scott,

    I am working in Dubai and i want to start a business in India ,some thing going in my mind in Kiosk business.. planning to start with one shop and to make a retail kiosk shops and keep one central purchase to procure things in bulk and distribute to the dependent kiosks..

    Please advice whether this idea will work.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Gani,
      It is very innovative and new business idea. It will work if started with proper planning and project report. Your research should be perfect before starting this business and it will work.
      Thank you.

  121. Ujjawal

    Dear Sir,

    I am currently working as Application Engineer. I am into Tools marketing, responsible for trading sales of Sumitomo tools. Supporting to entire sales teams in India.
    Now i want to start a business. So I requested you to please confirm which kind of business I can start for and how much initial amount is required to start the same.
    I am technicaly good in Tools selection but commercially not so. So please confirm. What will be the next step to start the same.


  122. Yaju

    i am Mechancial engineer having 6-7 years of industrial experience,but my interest is towords the business ,so i inclided towords the dairy kindly guide me ,what efforts to made to succeed the same .kindly mail the consultancies that consult the dairy firms

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Yaju,
      The idea of starting dairy would be great. That is the thing which every one needs and it can not be stopped. To make it a successful effort, you should follow the particular set of procedure.
      You can purchase the cattle and rent out a place, you can keep people to work for it and you can sell your produce to big dairy or start a new brand. You can start trading as well if you don’t want to keep cattle.
      Thank you.

  123. Raman Singh Khurana

    hi My nname is raman i’m planning to start a cyber cafe business in mirzapur uttar pradesh as we live near railway station i think its gonna be a boom for me but certainly looking for some valuable advise from you scott…

  124. mayuran

    just found out the website wat a great help u r being to us is unexplainable.
    i am 22 years old and really want to start my own business.i am ready to invest 15-25lacs.please suggest me with some ideas
    in manufacturing FMCG goods,wat kind of things will be a good option.
    i also have a farm.I read in one of your replies that you
    have readymade projects for rural and urban side businesses.I am pretty
    much intrested in my farm based business please help me with your valuable ideas .

  125. kathirvel

    hi sir,

    i have 6 years exp. in cnc and autombile spare parts compay.
    no i have 10 laks ,i am planning to go start a small scall industry ,
    plz for that
    1.what are the leegal procedure(like govt. registration..)i need to file?
    actually i have only technical idea only
    can you give some good advice for me about finace control and mangement control?
    this my mobile:9843640737

    thanks for advace

  126. gopal

    dear sir

    i have 2 to 3 lakhs indina ruppes with me now and 900 sft house and i would like to do some small scale industry business within my house area ( either marketing or manufacturer business ) so please guide suitable good business offers.

    i am styaing Hyderabad ( corporation city ) andhra pradesh, india

    thanks and regards


  127. Varun R

    Am currently located in Coimbatore, having experience in textiles/advertising and chemicals. I would be interested in setting up my own plant with regards to textiles or energy sector. I dont have a constraint on the capital but i would certainly be interested in biomass production or solar… similarly, shrimp farms

    Please do email me where i can provide you the specifics since this is an open forum..

    Many thanks

  128. mudassir

    Hi Mr. Scott,

    I have zeroed in on Candle making work (Scented With Designs) for a part time. Kindly advice the requirements for this and the feasibility of this business Idea.


  129. Nirmal Bothra

    Dear Hiren,

    I myself Nirmal from Assam, Guwahati, Actually I have wholesale trding of stationery & Paper and dealsership of RICOH India LTD. business here in ghy, Now from the last 3 – 4 months i m planning to enter in the manufactuering line, i have talked with some peoples they have suggested me to set up a wire nail industry here in assam, but as i have NIL knowledge in this sector i am scared,

    Please assist me about each and every deatail.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nirmal Bothra

  130. mathews

    Hi my name is mathew and currently in uk. I am from kerala and would like to settle there. so i would like to start a small scale business in kerala. could you please give some business ideas that I can start in kerala on small scale.

    waiting for ur valuable advice

    thank u


  131. asha

    dear sir
    i am a home maker with a PG degree. but i am not in a state to go for a job b’cos of personal reasons. i am very much interested to start a home based business, but dont have any ideas that can be successful .can you suggest some home based business ideas? i have already tried online business and ebay but was unsuccessful.

  132. monika

    Hi, I am monika sharma from Chandigarh and I am looking for some business. I am planning for binding boxes business I mean boxes that is used in tv, refrigerator covering and everywhere in everyday life how can I want to start that production business and how much capital I needed please help me i can invest upto 5 lakhs.. Hope u understand

  133. binoy sam john

    my name is binoy. i am now staying in trivandrum, i am basically from ranny. i would like to start some small scale industry, please can you guide me regarding this matter.
    your guideline would be highly appreciated.

  134. r.kannan

    i am an Electrical Engineer , and a Govt servant i wish to start a small business with the capital of 2 lakhs. i request u please sent ur valuable ideas to start my business carrier

    Thank you

    yours truly


  135. venkatesan


    I am 45 during the recession in India i lost my job finding difficult to get another job, kindly guide me to start very small investment business provided hard working support which can fetch good result business in south of India.


  136. ahmed

    Dear Scott Wilson,
    sir i am from HUBLI (KARNATAKA).I am diploma in tele-communication(Electronics).I am running my own shop of electronic home appliances(Consumer electronic product)repairing & servicing in HUBLI.
    I have lot of experiencein above said field.(in detail..COLOUR TV.COMPUTER MONITORS,AUDIO/VIDEO PRODUCTS,MOBILE PHONES ……ect.
    AND ELECTRICAL appliances.servicing.
    I have 7 to 8 years saudi arabian work experience.
    But still I am not satisfied with my income.
    Please give me an idea to earn more with investing less(in between 2 to 3 lakhs capital).According to my work expirience .
    I am very greatfull to you sir ,Kindly give me small scale bussines
    which can improve my income.
    If it from home based ,it is very best for me.

  137. Sanchita Singh acharya

    I am staying in Kolkata & I would like to start a colour Xerox centre along with STD/ISD, Fax,Computer print option. Do you think it will work & what will be the apprx. cost & from where I can get the loan.

    Thanks & regards

  138. Ratnakar Dandia

    I am planning to start a retail small Garment Shop in Goa .Products are ladies readymade suits & artificial jewelry with other items. I want to invest 5 Lac for starting new business. Is it possible in low investment? I have no ideas for opening a business. Please help me what should I do. Step by Step

  139. rao

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start sanitaryware retail shop in our place at Andhra pradesh Chirala town.I want to how much investment needed and what is the profit in that.Any risks involved.I am a civil engineer.So I know this field very well.

  140. Anand kumar


    I am Anand and working as system administrator for MNC and I am planning to setup my own business, I need your help in starting an Export business based on small scale, I have a 6acre land (present we are cultivating the land) in Mysore Karnataka. Could you please help me out with the below questions I will be very kind full to for ever.
    1) How to get an order from another country?
    2) Which is the best one to start with and right now I can invest 2 to 3 lakhs?
    3) What are the items which I can export from India?
    4) How would I do sourcing?
    5) Can I expect loan from government?

    Thanks & regards,
    Anand kumar.M

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Anand Kumar,
      Your question has already been answered on the page named export ideas and the opportunities. Just visit that article on the same website and you will get the answer and many more information.
      Thank you.

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