Information Security Jobs

Information security is a job which involves safeguarding information of companies. The job primarily includes preventing unauthorized disclosure of information in any possible manner. With major companies having their very own formula and approach of processing a job Information security has become an indispensable requirement of the following.

Scope of the Job:
Previously the scope of the job included protecting computers in a system from being hacked or from being attacked by virus. Ever since internet came into being it has provided a pathway for computers to become soft targets for virus attack. The damaging potential of a virus on systems is feared all over the world.

Today the scope has moved from antivirus and spy ware to much more serious issues like data protection. Data protection whether inside or outside an enterprise must be protected from being lost or stolen. So information security jobs are of paramount importance.

Formal qualifications are very important for professionals who wish to become information security specialists and even for entry level information security jobs.

The most widely recognized are qualifications from ISACA or the Information Systems Audit and Controls Association, IISSCC or the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, and ISEB which stand for Information Systems Examinations Board. Examinations are held online in many languages and at many centers around the world.

Information Security Salary (Salary in Information Security Jobs):
The Indian corporate sector has time and again been afflicted with both virus and non-virus security breaches. Matters have reached such an alarming proportion that the urgent need to protect information from any such threat is of undue importance to companies of all sectors. In view of this threat information security jobs in India are high in demand in the country. With the rapid growth of the economy more and more companies are coming up because of which there is an urgent requirement of information security professionals.

Today jobs for information security have become an important aspect of

  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Computer and Network

So acute is the demand in India that there always is a glaring disparity in the demand and supply of qualified professionals. After pass out, professionals can expect jobs like Security architect, Security analyst, Information security manager, Security engineer and chief security officer. With experience one can rise up the ladder in a very short span.

As information technology has spread from every major metropolitan city to even second rung cities in the country the demand for information security jobs in India is growing by leaps and bounds. There are plenty of openings in every city of the country. However the most number of openings in information security jobs in India can be found in hi tech cyber cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and NCR.

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  1. Pravin Phate Reply

    Nice….. Even I am searching for IT security job,I am working in IT security department only but I want job with good salary package i done my BSc Computer Science in 07-08 with 73%. Any IT security Job for me then please mail me at . . . I’ll surely reply

  2. Pravin Phate Reply

    Hi there,
    I am info security professional with 2 years experience, I want to know if there are any freelance securitry jobs are available in India or not, I have heard many companies are now outsourcing this type of work to India, Please Let me know if any jobs are available ……..

  3. labhansh Reply

    i just want to knw 4m whr to get ths knowledge abt information security and ethical hacking. and 4m whr to search the jobs, by the way sridhar can u gave me ur email adrees..mine is

    • parakh Reply

      hi I have done my training from Appin bhopal.
      I found the atmosphere very good.and recently they placed me at appin security group delhi.getting trained from appin bhopal will be more beneficial for you then anu other place.

      • SN Reply

        I was also a student.I recommend you to do the front runner course.
        Of course u will get placed in security profession. it’s highly interested to work in this.
        I’m now working in a lab…

        All the best in advance dude… !!!

  4. Mirza Murtaza Jamal Reply

    After the completion of MBA from University of Lucknow, last year I obtained M.Sc degree in Informatin Security from Royal Holloway, University of London.

    Please let me know the scope of job in India?

    • Vivek Koslia Reply

      The market trends are changing, now the opportunities are open, you either can take the project as freelancer, or join a firm.

      As most of you guys wanna to go in this field, my personal suggestions are
      1) develop expertise skills in I.T.Security domain.
      2) make right contacts who can get u work.
      3) read case studies.
      4) join professionl groups who r working on security projects, as i started.

      *** Pavan***
      pavan before u go for CISA/CISSP, u should have 3 yrs security exp. as it is pre-req. to go for CISA/CISSP for guys and for othr grad. its 5 yrs.

      • Vivek Koslia Reply

        At the firt place-being a fresher, it is really dificult to work as an Auditor, as auditing requires a lot of skills set, and small firms doesn’t call the auditors. So u can urself think, an mnc/fortune company/govt. org. can really trust freshers?
        my friend i think u can understand, so do it in stages, fist get recognition as security expert then go for it.

  5. pavan Reply

    Hello friends… I am new to this site…. I am MBA graduate with B-Tech…i would like to pursue my career in information security.. I came to know that .. CISA is the right exam to land as information security auditor….can anyone help me …. what are the jobs available to me as a fresher… i also cleared certification in diploma in banking technology.. i would really be grateful.. if anyone can help me in this regard……

  6. sarthak Reply

    im going to complete my 12th this may from delhi… i want to go in to courses for information technology and ethical hacking…can anyone help me in this situation… from where i can do it …is appin good,how much is the fees for the same??? how much salaries are expected…?? plzzz help i dont have much time

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. sarthak,
      This is not the time to worry, but this it the time to search. The stage where you are right now, everyone breaks his/her head in deciding what to do?
      Where to do?
      What is the future option? etc. So stop thinking too much. You have decided your career then start searching.
      You are from Delhi, so you must be well versed with the technology, use your brain smartly.
      Search for the institutions, ask your teachers, relatives or any one near to you. Just ask and judge the institute from future prospective.
      Fees and all may be discussed later or simultaneously, but important is that you start searching. And there i a great opportunity in ethical hacking. And i don’t think that, fees will be too much, it will be equivalent to other degree course. But it is giving a future with bread-butter. So stop thinking and start working.

      • sarthak Reply

        thank you Mr. Scott for yor guidance .. … i have started working upon it ..some are saying tht it is good some saying bad.. they are saying tht there is very less scope in india for hacking… and the main problem is that my parents want me to do engineering … i am confused .. …. do u know abt appin institute????

  7. Scott Wilson Reply

    Dear Sarthak,
    People have mouths and they say anything. The important is that who is saying? Are they your teachers, parents? Take their advice as well. And if you do it from some good institute, it is not bad according to me.
    People say that is bad because the are not aware about it and this field is uncovered in India.
    Be patience and think what you exactly want to do, and convince your parents.

  8. manoj Reply

    hi i’m manoj i’m 28 and i’m in construction field but i wanna change my field i want to do information security and ethical hacking from appin how it will be for me if anyone wanna give me suggestion i’ll be thankful

    • R T Reply

      Dear all you can visit Appin Bhopal center once they have excellent mode of teaching and have good knowledge of industry demand the director use to deliver lectures to the student and motivate them to find out their area of interest in IT Security & Ethical hacking you must join them for better future we are satisfied student of appin bhopal center we got lots more than expected

  9. mujeeb Reply

    hello am mujeeb am doing mca in anna University. now am doing real time project in Sify technology in pune. ya i want to share my problem dat… am intersting Information Security and Ethical Hacking jobs. Even i am in search of job. not as gud in this type of jobs..can u please sugest me dat wht shuld i do or wht traing i shuld take for dis type of courses…. plz plz plz help me yaar

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Mujeeb,
      Practice and experience make a man perfect. So the problem you are facing is not new. In fact everyone suffers from this kind of problem. You should concentrate on your current work. And you should do SWOT (Strength, Weakness, opportunity, Threats) analysis if your self. Then you can get ideas that where are you lacking and where you should improve. All the best. Thank you.

  10. mukes Reply

    i am in he field of IT ( networking )…
    will it be good to do security course ….and will i get placed…from which institute in pune will it be possible to get trained.
    thanks and regards.

  11. Scott Wilson Reply

    Mr. Mukesh,
    There are so many institutes for the security course and Pune is like an Education Hub so better you go and visit there. Because you can get very furnished information. And also try to find out courses from authentic websites also. See, there are some criteria to judge the course and the institute. So concentrate on that. So do well and better to search more ok. I am sure you will do will. All the best and if you want any further guidance, ask questions.

  12. Scott Wilson Reply

    Mr. Mukesh,

    There are many institutes offering courses on Information Security(IS). However the awareness on the career opportunities by specializing on this domain is very limited. In India the most popular course being Ethical Hacking is just a small drop in the ocean of opportunities in the IS domain.

    Any student who want to pursue a career on IS need to be trained on
    Technology, Process and Management related subjects on IS, by undergoing the right training on IS the successful students are eligible for high paying careers like Ethical Hacker, Information Security Officer, Assurance Professional & Risk Manager, IS Auditor, Business Continuity Planing & Disaster Recovery Manager, CISO, CTO or Technical Specializations like Network Security Administrator, Application Security Specialist, Penetration Tester, Forensic Investigator.
    Thank you.

  13. Vivek Koslia Reply

    What is your expertise area?
    You need to put Your personal efforts to be contacted by recruiters, as compnies only considers exp. and certified consultants for all their security needs.
    Currently Aricent Technologies is hiring as trainee.
    Thank you.

  14. Vivek Koslia Reply

    Hi all,

    Everyone is talking about information security and ethical hacking, ignoring the required skills for it.
    As Mr. JAY is suggesting most of the queries and hats off to that man, i really appreciate his efforts and knowledge.

    DOING a course in ethical hacking CAN NOT make u a HACKER…
    This is a complete mechanism, and before going for C.E.H., one should study the mechanism behind this, do a search on it, u guys got internet, everything is available free, get it, use it, understand, and then decide- what exactly u want to do….
    this domain is so vast which can not be learned by courses, u need to manage the real time senarios.
    Networking technologies can’t be ignored while thinking abt hacking.

    any suggestions and comments are highly appriciated…
    I can be reached —

  15. Vivek Koslia Reply

    Hi all,
    I have some openings for my next project.

    Skills:- Linux, Exchange Server, IPS & IDS configuration, Network Auditing, Good Knowledge on EIGRP & OSPF troubleshooting, ASA & CCSA-ngx-I & II (Check Point).

    Application Security:- Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacking.

    Send ur profile at–

  16. AJS Reply

    Hi sir, I am a commerce graduate and doing a course from APPIN Delhi in information security and ethical hacking, I would like to know from you what kind of job prospects are there for me in the market, I want to explore all the options other than the institute placements. Thanks

  17. S C Reply

    Hi, I liked the view of Vivek but still wanted to know how one can develop the skill to become a good hacker, do we need to do CCNA or any networking course or need to learn any programming language? Please guide.

  18. S D Reply

    Hi, recently I completed CEH, and I have 3 years of experience in desktop support engineering worked with IBM Pune, still I am facing problem in getting a chance in it security field. How to enter as a fresher in this field?

  19. NB Reply

    We are a German company which is specialized in security management and we are looking for a reliable and competent partner for the sector conducting penetration testing / hacking. Our out most interest is to know the ability of your company how far you can go in the sector conducting penetration testing / hacking. Based on this knowledge we could figure out which customers might be interesting for us, because only success in this sector is economic.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      According to me, as of now, you should go with partnership firm. It would make the functioning easier in the initial stage so that you can focus on your service and business development. After serving a year, you can register your firm as a Pvt. Ltd. Currently, there is no formal procedure for the partnership firm.
      Thank you.

  20. subramanya varma Reply

    I am from Institute of Information Security. We are having a group of students who are having a great knowledge in information security related stuff like hacking,forensics,pen testing and we are looking for their placements.please provide us information regarding their placements

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