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If you wish to do business in India, you are in for some heartening moments.  The time for doing International Business in India has never been better. With more than 7% annual growth and record rise of stock indexes, India is one of the best places to invest your money. The huge work force and growing middle class offer excellent prospects for you to grow.

How to Do International Business in India?
As India is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-religion state, it is good if you do not devise a uniform business strategy. Depending on regional excellence you need to set up your business. The eastern part is well known for its intellectualism while the southern part is known for its technology acumen. The power of the country is located on the northern part while the western part is the commercial-capital of the country. If you plan to start marketing operations it is wise to set up base in western or northern part of the country. For technology you must opt for the excellent infrastructure provided in the south.

Various International Business Opportunity in India exist in fields like –

  • Information Technology and Electronics Hardware
  • Banking, Financial Institutions and Insurance & Pensions
  • Telecommunication
  • Capital Market
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • R&D
  • Agriculture and Food Processing
  • Logistics
  • Chemicals and Hydrocarbons
  • Infrastructure
  • Retailing
  • Power and Non-conventional Energy
  • Manufacturing

For ‘International Business in India’ confederations like FICCI, CII, and other institutions provide excellent business services by –

  • Working closely with business promotion organizations and Government of India and the respective partner countries
  • Host high-level Government dignitaries. Promote working relationships between business organizations and Governments
  • Assists in exchanging business delegations, joint task forces and find bilateral business co-operation potential
  • Provides suitable policy recommendations to Governments

Well known MNCs which have started operations in India include fast food companies such as McDonald’s and KFC, consumer electronics companies like LG, Samsung and Sony, vehicle manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Toyota, and large energy companies. All these companies have grown in strength in India.

International Business MBA
International business is taught as part of the MBA curriculum at B-Schools across the country. Students can also pursue the course Masters Degree in International Business (MIB). You can get an international business degree after completing after graduation. It is a 2 year course.

International Business Jobs and Career
MBA postgraduate in International Business can look for good jobs in public and private sector organizations. There are wide openings in financial institutions, banks, investment companies, securities firms, export/import companies and international business consultancy.

MBA (International Business) postgraduates are also inducted by marketing departments of international companies. They operate in exports like multinational manufacturers such as electronics, automobile companies, computer companies and consumer durables manufacturers. These professionals also work in cargo, airlines, and global shipping companies because bulk of the international trade is done through aviation and port. These professionals are also sought by foreign direct investment and economic development agencies.

With such good prospects in India, you can look forward to successful international business in India.

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    Currently, I’m working in a pharmaceutical company as an Executive (International business)( Exp. 1yr. Package: 2 Lacs). My qualification is BSC(Maths, Physics & Geology)+ MBA(IB). I want to change the industry. Please let me know in which industry under IB profile I can get better package and growth.



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