Legal Jobs in Delhi

Legal jobs are available in plenty and in different capacities in Delhi. To get into this field you need to be a law graduate from any of the recognized universities in Delhi. However, at the onset it needs to be made clear that the job is not entirely related to courts and court proceedings.

Law graduates also have scope of picking up jobs in other sectors.

Scope of Legal or Lawyer Jobs in Delhi

There are several sectors which require law graduates to work as legal clerks and experts. These people are required by companies to assist them in maintaining compliance with any legal provisions. With rise in competition more companies badly need the knowledge and skills of legal professionals.

Apart from large companies, legal experts are also needed by educational institutions and charitable organizations. As a legal expert you can get jobs in corporate entities, insurance companies, hospitals, and many other institutions. In fact, becoming family counselor is also considered as a legal job.  As a family counselor you will have tp facilitate the change in ownership of properties or save or even bring about a divorce.

Types of Legal Jobs NCR

Armed with a law degree you can specialize in different careers under the Delhi judicial system. This includes becoming a legal secretary, counsel, attorney, legal superintendent, lawyer, legal assistants/law officers, legal assistants in railway, assistant legal advisor, legal advisors in banding institutions, staff in the registrar of companies, etc.

Depending on your specific skills, and specialization you get different jobs as a lawyer. As a trial lawyer you have to specialize in court appearances. For this you must have the ability to think fast and speak easily and authoritatively. Apart from becoming a trial lawyer you can get environmental, international, probate, personal injury, bankruptcy, and patent lawyer jobs.

Intellectual property legal jobs are much in demand nowadays. As a IP lawyer your job will be to protect copyrights, artwork, product designs, computer programs, patents, and lots more. Insurance lawyers help companies frame policies that protect them from law. Part of their job is to review claims when they’re filed against companies.

As an environmental lawyer your job is to represent construction firms, factories, industries, waste disposal companies, and other organizations when dealing with the environment protection act as well as government agencies like the pollution board. Criminal law jobs involve representing individuals accused of crimes. Those into civil law assist clients with contracts, wills, leases, trusts, titles, mortgages, and litigation.

Every lawyer takes the help of assistants. Upcoming lawyers get a chance to work with senior lawyers as legal assistants. There are several assistants’ jobs available albeit on a private basis in Delhi.

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