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Non Governmental Organizations or (NGO) s carry out different kind of constructive jobs for the progress of society and people at large. In India they can be found both at the local and national level. These organizations offer different kinds of non profit (NGO)  jobs. When you are employed with these organizations you have to either campaign for sensitive issues, take complete charge of capacity building programmes, focus on social research, or and work hard to help building networking opportunities.

As these jobs involve bringing up issues and concerns of the people to the government and policy makers, you need to work very hard and be in touch with the ground realities. Bringing about a change in whatever small manner can be highly fulfilling.

Types of Non Profit (NGO) Jobs
Non profit (NGO) jobs can be obtained in different types of NGO’s performing a particular job or jobs. Most of the jobs will require you to work in the rural and far-off regions. The types of nonprofit NGO’s in India include

  • Civic Society
  • Volunteer Sector
  • Grassroots Organizations
  • Private Voluntary Organizations
  • Self-help groups
  • Consultancy Firm

Areas covered by non profit NGO’s include benefits of destitute, women and aged, those living in slums, youth, child workers, sex workers, and landless workers.

Education Needed for NGO Jobs
To get into a nonprofit organization you must have the zeal and fire to work for the betterment of the society. NGO’s look for candidates with graduate or post graduate degree in social sciences. An MSW degree will always find the most preference. However those having the aptitude for the job are also offered scope. If your plan is to take up NGO jobs in India you need to pursue programs to the related field. These programs are offered by various colleges and universities around the country,

Employment Opportunities in the Top Organizations in India
Some top organizations in India where you can find great employment opportunities are

  • CRY
  • HelpAge India
  • CINI
  • Department of Rural Development.

If you surf through the internet you can come across many similar organizations.

Scope of Non Profit Jobs in India
There are about 2 million NGO’s in India at present. More Nonprofit NGO’s are coming up across the country. So the scope of getting jobs in these places is very high.

6 thoughts on “Non Profit Jobs

  1. Scott Wilson Reply

    Of course Nikki,
    There are jobs for advocates. And you can see, many NGOs working on very big scale EX. Mukti foundation, BUDHELYA foundation, BEING HUMAN foundation. They all need people who are very well versed with law and other jurisdiction affairs. So there are so many opportunities.

  2. Lakshminarayana udupa Reply

    I am a graduate mechanical engineer. But i am not interested to take up career in mech engineering.
    My interest has always been in environment and its conservation and ngo’s and npo’s.
    I am planning to pursue PGD studies in rural management or ngo management at ICMS in Bopal,Ahmedabad,Gujarat.
    please guide me in this regard.
    I want to work not only in India but also in abroad and after acquiring enough experience I want to set up my own npo.
    please guide me about my further education and the steps i am required to take to realise my dreams without giving chance to my parents to prove that my decision was wrong.(because they are discouraging me)


    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Lakshminarayana,
      That’s an obvious situation when someone wants to start NPO, family will refuse. I would suggest you to start your business first and then start an NPO along with your business. Because from the income of your business, you will be able to bare the initial expenses of your NPO.
      For the studies I would advise you to peruse “Rural &Co-operative Management Course from Pune”.
      There is the best university of India for co-operatives management. I am not declaring the name but you can search it.
      Thank you.

      • Lakshminarayana Reply

        Thanks a lot, Sir.
        Yes i will surely search for it. But my main area of interest is Environmental conservation works.
        Is there any other suggestion that you could give me for this specific field?
        I thank you again for your valuable advice, Sir.

  3. joel p. diloy Reply

    Hello, I am very much interested in an NGO work. I had the opportunity of working at one of the projects of Christian Children’s Fund Philippines in Laguna for straight four (4) years. I also had the chance of working in a microfinance NGO for almost three and a half (3 1/2) years. I should say that my heart is for the poor, the children, the environment. hope you can help me find a job in an NGO.


    Joel P. Diloy
    Cavite, Philippines

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