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Delhi is the capital of the India. There are plenty of companies in and around Delhi. All the companies offer a wide variety of jobs. Most IT companies set up in Delhi have foreign clients. They complete and submit tasks assigned to them by offshore companies through online method.

While some companies in Delhi are large enough to have their own building and maintain their own staff, other small companies have begun to delegate work to home based workers. The work required to be done is sent online and the finished work is accepted in a similar way. Nowadays it has become very easy to earn money online in Delhi.

OK Guys so you must be looking for online jobs in Delhi? Here you will get free information on variety of online jobs like content writing, teaching, data entry jobs etc you will also learn how you can start these jobs from home.

Some Part Time Online Jobs in Delhi You Can Easily Do and Are in Demand

Online Content Writing Jobs: As content writing has a huge scope on the web, you can start a content writing business with ease. To start the job you must hire a few content writers and pay, them on a monthly basis. People across the web buy content to use it on their sites or article banks. So you can look forward to have many clients who will turn up to you on a regular basis.

Online Teaching Jobs: If you are a good teacher you sit at home and teach overseas students. All you need to have is a computer, internet connection and a web camera. Various job sites post ads for private tutors. This can be a very good business from home.

Online Data Entry Jobs: This is the simplest online job available for job seekers. All you need to do is fill up forms accurately and submit it to the concerned authorities

Online SEO Jobs: Once you are familiar with the way the internet functions, you can become a Search Engine Optimizer. The kind of money a good optimizer charges is mind blowing. For this again you have to hire a few link builders. They can help promote a site by building good links. As all companies would like to see themselves in the top rankings, they will always be search of an effective optimizer.

Online Content Writing and Editing Jobs: Another good option before you is to start a proofreading and copy editing company. You can get clients who would want to get their writing error free. These clients include newspapers, journals and other publishing houses. If you have some experience in medical transcription you can approach sites to give you MT assignments in bulk and get the work done by employing a few English literate typists and guiding them for a few weeks.

Well I have seen many other people doing online jobs in Delhi like, online share and stock trading, Online consultancy etc.

How to get Online Businesses? To get online businesses you need to search for online jobs on the internet.  When you come across jobs of your liking you need to send mails and introduce yourself. A good profile in job bidding websites can be of immense help. Many companies in Delhi also provide home based online jobs.

Prospects of Online Business in India: The variety of business opportunity available on the net is limitless. The more you get familiar the more you can explore newer avenues, better opportunities, and earn money online. Online business in India offers a whole new world of opportunities.

If you have any doubt or any queries regarding online jobs in Old Delhi or new Delhi :), you can use the comment form below, I’ll be happy to answer it.

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  1. A M Reply

    Hello, I am a housewife and wish to do some home based jobs in computer typing and online data entry jobs and make an earning.So plz send some details about how to do the job and how to register for the job.

  2. M K Reply

    Hello sir, I am a mom staying in Delhi. I would like do typing data entry job during April and May in a company as my children will be having holidays, so in my free time i want to do any kind of work from home without any investment.

  3. a b Reply

    Hello, I am a housewife in gurgaon and wish to do some home based jobs in computer typing and online data entry jobs and make an earning.So plz send some details about how to start with or reliable person to whom i should contact.

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