Online Share Trading Jobs in India

Gone are the days when brokers run to the stock exchange floor and place orders for shares. Online Share Trading is in vogue today. Internet has made trading from distance very much easy and possible. This system is known as VSAT system. Brokers who avail this system also provide online connection to their clients for carrying out online share trading.

This has also spawned many online share and stock trading jobs in India. With the click of a mouse you can buy or sell shares at the most opportune moment.

If you understand the stock market and have a good awareness about economics, share trading jobs can be your calling. If you are not aware of matters related to the share market you can learn a lot about it from different sites.

Online Share and Stock Trading Sites in India

The following sites can help you with useful share market tutorials and stock market tips. You can learn a lot about stock market quotes and share trading particulars.


Banks Providing this Service

  • ICICI Online Share Trading
  • NSE Online Share Trading
  • HDFC Bank Online Trading

How to Become Qualified in Share Trading

It always stands good if you clear the NCFM exams for getting job in an online stock company.

NSE conducts these exams on various financial modules like Debt Market, Capital Market, and Mutual Funds (AMFI) Commodities Market etc. You can apply for the course online. Study material is provided at home. Even the exams are conducted online. Online stock broker jobs are field which you can also explore.

Nature of Online Share Trading Jobs

Many stock brokers and stock market agents have openings for young professionals in their offices. If you get into online share trading your job would be to collate, compile, and keep stock of the developments in the stock market. A part of the job also includes providing information to customers about the market trends. You can also find jobs with many small share trading companies which abound in major cities in India. The scope of your job includes chat online with experts from share market

Scope, Growth and Opportunities in Online Share Trading

Today stock and share jobs are completely done through online. Buying and selling has become so much easier that you can do trading whenever one feels like. By the click of a mouse you can get the latest information on graphs, charts, traded value, day’s highs and lows etc.

More and more people are now interested in making money from share trading. The scope of online share trading jobs and jobs in stock market has increased immensely. Major trading companies need more stock exchange literate professionals to handle their ever increasing business volumes.

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    I am 12th pass out only (could not complete my graduation due to unavoidable circumstances). But I have knack for share market and other financial services, can I start my own business of mutual funds, insurance, other financial services by opening an office, can you provide me steps to start my own financial assistance business?

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