Printing Technology Jobs in India

Printing technology in India has wide usage in different occupational fields in India. With the introduction of computers, lasers and microprocessors it has evolved to become a hi-tech process. Printing jobs in India is growing in leaps and bounds

Career Opportunities in Printing technology jobs

There is a huge opening for qualified printing professionals in India.

Jobs for printing technologist are available in advertising agencies, newspapers/magazines, government presses, machine manufacturers, packaging industries, book printers and even in private commercial press as technology consultant.

Other jobs  openings in print technology  are:

  • Printing Sales Jobs
  • Bindery Jobs
  • Publishing Jobs
  • Offset Printing Jobs
  • Flexo Printing Jobs
  • Print Finishing Jobs
  • Print Packaging Jobs
  • Screen Printing Jobs
  • Commercial Printing Jobs

Required Educational Qualifications for printing technology in India

There are several colleges, and private institutes which offer degree and diploma programs in printing technology. All these degree courses are of three years duration. For a regular diploma course one just needs to have a matriculation certificate. For the two-year diploma course, one should have a science background at the 10th standard.

Apart from these courses one can also do short-term certificate courses on the subject.

The courses offer a comprehensive study of all aspects of printing. The courses are tailored to enable students gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Short term courses  available for printing technology jobs are:

  • Plate Making
  • Flaxo Printing
  • Offset Machine
  • Printing Press
  • Mini Offset Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Camera Operation
  • Desk Top Publishing
  • Commercial Printing Courses are various short courses from which you can easily enter printing sector in india


To become a good print technologist you need to be familiar with pre-press techniques, like preparation of image carrier, letter press, gravure, flexography, lithography, screen or laser and inkjet. Other required skills expected from candidates are post press techniques or finishing operations like cutting, binding, folding, laminating, packaging technology and embossing.

21 thoughts on “Printing Technology Jobs in India

  1. B P SINHA Reply

    I want to learn the technique of making big poster, signboards for business purpose. How and where to learn it, can you suggest me institutes or classes where i can learn about this off line media industry

  2. H/michael Fanthaun Reply

    Hello sir I want to Short term courses In your Company so I want to Apologize To conform my application . . . I want to learn the technique of making big poster, signboards for business purpose. How and where to learn it, can you suggest me institutes or classes where i can learn about this off line media industry

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hey michel, don’t get stressed. you can learn easily. It is basically work done on coral draw, and photosoft. Or sometimes flash.
      These application you can learn from your home only. Otherewise you should do basic cource on this.
      I have never done such course, still i an make such sign board. It is just a matter of interest.

  3. R.Sundarajan Reply

    I am Printing PRE-PRESS Imposition CTP / Operator
    from madurai. 20 years experience Commercial Printing, and Newspaper.
    some printing jobs in Chennai,madurai and total tamilnadu
    in good want any further information, please ask question. Thank you.

    Applications Handled
    Imposition Software : Creo Preps 5.1
    Workflow Softwares : AGFA Apogee work flow
    Xcalibur45 thermal CTP system
    Imposition Software : Prinect Signa Station (Heidelberg)
    Enfocus PitStop (PDF Editing)
    Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe indesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Acrobat.

    Yours Sincerely

  4. Fahad Reply

    Hi I,ve finished my 10th standard and am interested in pursuing a course in printing technology. i have decided to take a diploma course in printing Technology. Will a diploma be eligible for engineering Degree lateral entry

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Fahad,
      I think the university authority will be a better option to ask this question. As this depends upon the university courses, they will be in better position to guide you on this.
      If you have any other question related to the post, you can definitely ask your questions here.
      Thank you.

  5. santosh Reply

    hello sir
    I am santosh i am working as an off set incharge i have 8 yrs experience and i am doing my mba 1st yr if they are any job as an off set incharge plz mail to my id

  6. J B Reply

    Hi, Please let me know best institutions for printing technology. I have been working in press and I want to study diploma or degree course of printing technology but nearby Madurai. After that I am looking to start doing printing jobs in Dubai, can you also send me information on jobs in printing industry in USA?

    • winston Reply

      Hi, Please let me know best institutions for printing technology. I have been working in press and I want to study short term course of printing technology but nearby Madurai.

  7. T S Reply

    I am TS a diploma holder in printing technology and having more than one year working experience on flexographic printing. Can anyone guide or help me to get a good job. Please reply me on here in comments.

  8. PT Reply

    Hey there, I am in San Diego, I am coming to India for certification and course in printing technology, can anyone here guide me where can I get good printing technology courses, and training in India?

    • N T Reply

      Hi, I have recently graduated diploma in Printing Technology and I will be getting my degree next month. But, I am in a serious problem. I have offered two subjects from my college, one is Printing Technology and the second is Mass Communication in Advertising. I am confused which to choose. I need your opinion and firm answer.

  9. N N Reply


    I have nearly 10 years experience in Prepress and handled different types of packaging and printing multicolor jobs for offset, flexo and Gravure printing process.

    Presently, I am working in Yemen and I am looking out for a change over in any country to have a better prospects.

    If, any opportunity is available for my re-location, please contact me in my email.

  10. R J Reply


    I have nearly 20 years of experience in Flexo and Offset production field. Presently I am working as production manager in Yemen and I have handled right from Prepress to Post-Press and have knowledge in narrow web, stack type and central impression type flexo printing machinery using uv, water base, solvent based inks.

    Have handled various multi color jobs in flexible packaging,self adhesive labels, wet glue labels, air line tags and mono carton package printing.

    If any opportunity arises as production Incharge/manager/plant manager I am willing to relocate any where in the world for a better prospects.

  11. S K Reply

    I have finished diploma in printing technology, I am working like flexography printing machines I have training and experience of one month in Flexo printing machines. I also know how to operate markandy2200 system and on nilpeter machines, can you let me know about any job vacancy available, I am ready to join now.

  12. R C Reply

    Hi, I am the student of (printing, graphics and packaging). Now I am in 3rd year. Please you suggest me what is better field for me printing or packaging? And for fresher’s where is the vacancy for good job?

  13. S U Reply

    Hello, I am a diploma Printing Technologist. Now I am working as a flexo graphic Printing machine operator in Avery Dennison Pvt Ltd.. I have 31/2 years experience in this field. If you know any job vacancy, mail me at the earliest..

    • B G Reply

      Hello, I am searching for a printing technology job. I want to know detailed information about quality control in offset printing? What quality control steps are necessary while printing books? I am a fresher, so want to collect some information about this field.
      Thank you.

  14. M G Reply

    Hello, I am seeking a challenging position in the company where I can utilize my concepts and theoretical knowledge to make and more growth of company career direction to work in a professional growth oriental organization with an emphasis on future promotion aspects…

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