Product Design Jobs in India

Product design in India is a very important aspect of manufacturing. It helps to promote brand value by creating the required impact in the mind of consumers. In other sense product designing helps to enhance perceived value. Such value can make or break any brand or manufacturer. Product designing makes consumers shell out more money for something that is similar function wise to another not so well designed product.

Product design involves the use of modern and high end techniques to design new and technically superior products, to improve existing ones or for product diversification. It includes putting into use simulation technologies into the design process. This helps to drive design concepts and optimize product performances. It also involves planning and development of products and systems to serve and perform specific functions. As India is becoming a favored hub for MNCs, product designing jobs in India are opening up like never before.

Product Designer Job Profile

A product designer in india is responsible for designing products like industrial equipments, home appliances, automobiles, clothing and fashion, public utility equipment, visual communication, ceramic items, appliances and house wares, business equipments, residential furnishings, recreational and sports equipments, medical equipments, children’s products, designs for the physically challenged etc.

Skills Needed for Product Design Jobs

If you wish to become a good product designer you need to have certain important skills.  A modern product designer is expected to be familiar with skills like aesthetics, engineering, fabrication, ergonomics, materials and the market.

Career, Scopes in Entry Level Product Design Jobs
Every organization big or small is heavily dependent on product designers. Once you gain some experience in product designing you would find excellent openings ahead. Like most of the designers you can hone your skill by working for an organization. Product design companies that train in product design development have integrated engineering consultants and software. Once you have mastered the art of designing you can even work on freelance basis with different consulting firms or set up your own product designing office.

Salary in Product Design Jobs
Product designers command good salaries. The salary depends on the size of the firm, experience and individual skills. A beginner can earn anything between Rs 5000 – Rs 10000. Those who have the capability to come out with strikingly different ideas are sought most by companies and are offered handsome amount. As one gains considerable experience, one can earn as much as Rs.40000 p.m. Industrial design jobs and mechanical design jobs are most highly paid jobs in the country.

Product Design Courses in India
The best places to do product design courses in India are at National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, Industrial Design Center at IIT Kharagpur and at IIT Mumbai

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