Quality Assurance Jobs in India

Quality assurance jobs in India require a professional to take care of products or services an organization provides. Taking care means making them fit for purpose so that it meets both internal and external requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations. Companies want to ensure that qualities they offer to their customers are of top class.

So, quality control and quality assurance  jobs in India have become an integral part of a company’s functioning.  Today there is large number of openings in this field.

Duties Relating to Quality Assurance (QA) Job

The following duties have to be performed by a quality assurance personal:

  • Setting QA compliance objectives and helping achieve targets
  • Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement in the organization
  • Evaluate the product specifications of the company.  He also has to compare it with customer requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with national and international standards and legislation
  • Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures
  • Finding out relevant quality-related training needs and delivering training
  • To ensure procedures and tests are properly understood, carried out and evaluated
  • Supervising technical staff in carrying out tests and checks
  • To monitor performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports

Career / Skills Required for Quality Assurance Jobs in India

Experts feel that Quality Assurance  job in India will increase by leaps and bounds.  So a career in this field can be highly rewarding. A quality professional must be adept in process control techniques, planning quality standards, software engineering practices and methods, technology transition, analyzing process and documents, process modeling etc. Salary depends entirely on experience, skills and size of the enterprise. Those who have all these skills can climb the ladder pretty soon.

Types of Quality  Assuarance  Jobs (Sectors)

  • Software Quality Qssurance jobs for engineers, technicians in software industry
  • Food Quality Assurance jobs for food quality mangers, supervisors in food manufacturing industry
  • Game Tester Jobs for analyst, game developer in  gaming industry
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance jobs for doctors, pharmacist in pharmaceutical industry

Some of the well known quality standards are:

  • ISO 9000:2000
  • SO 9000 and 14000
  • CMM (Capability Maturity Model)
  • CMMI
  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • PCMM
  • Six Sigma
  • SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability determination)

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