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Writing jobs in India offer good career prospects. There are various fields which are open to writing, as a full time job. The opportunities in part time writing is also increasing considerably. If you are flair for writing, you can pick up a variety of writing jobs in India.

Skills needed for Writing Jobs:

The most important requirement for writing jobs is a flair for writing.

You need to present information in a new, informative and entertaining way. You should have good grammar and spelling skills. If have all this along with good typing skills you are eligible to get entry level writing jobs or creative writing jobs.

Writing Jobs in Journalism:

One such field where you can excel with your writing is print journalism. As India is a multilingual country you can get journalism jobs in your mother tongue. This apart, you can get writing jobs in Hindi, the national language of the country. As India is perhaps the only country which has a literate population in English, despite English not being one of its native languages, writing and editing jobs in English are also widely available.

Writing Jobs in IT

With the advent of computers the scope for getting writing jobs, particularly home based online writing jobs, has increased considerably. If you have good knowledge of English you can get a well paid writing job sitting at home. Many offshore companies outsourcing their work to India want plenty of writers to get their work done. They look for writers from India, who are grammatically sound and can present their writing skills in a very simple but eloquent manner. Many Indian companies which work for these offshore companies also sub outsource the work to home based writers. The payment is made per article wise. The money is usually transferred to the writer’s bank account through core banking system.

Content Writing Jobs:

This is very much in vogue nowadays. The scope of the job involves writing on various subjects for the web. You can find many content writing companies and agencies in India. They offer you very good growth prospects.

How to get into a Content Writing Company?

Content writing companies seek writers who have good command over the English language. They preferably recruit candidates who have a language degree. You need to appear for a written test and an interview. Once selected you are trained for the job.

What is The Scope of Writing Jobs in India?

Publishers in major cities also seek young writers to write short stories and novels or copy edit works of authors. Freelance writing jobs are also popular. Articles written by freelancers are published by journals and newspapers across the country. If you have any of these skills you can also bag a job in a publishing house.

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  1. S J Reply

    Hi there, I am looking for some legitimate freelance content writing jobs in new york, Can you tell me some good places where I can go and look for online content writing or proofreading kind of assignments.

  2. T P Reply

    I am a retired person. I did my post graduation in English and then was engaged in my own business. I had been running my own institute for Learning English for over 15 years. My special field of command is English Grammar. Since 2007, I am engaged writing children books on English Text and Grammar(up to Middle standard). I already have a numbers successful projects to my credit and now I shall be interested to have some openings in online writing.
    Thank you..

  3. Rory Reply

    I am from Ireland and I am moving to London for six months and I would like to do some freelance content writing to improve my skills. I have an MA in Journalism and I have one year experience writing for newspapers in Ireland and online. I will be living in Leicester, London. I will be available to write pieces in the evenings. Thanks.

  4. S M Reply


    I would like to introduce myself as a System Engineering working with an IT company. I am a science Graduate with an IT Diploma and put up in TX. I have a keen interest in writing articles related to Technology and other women stuff. I am looking for similar kind of work in writing.

  5. M D Reply

    Hello, I am interested in content writing as a freelancer. I am an SEO article writer. I have been working for an IT company for the past four years. I am well versed with technicality needed for an SEO article. I have been writing articles on mobile technology, iphone, ipad, blackberry, etc.
    My articles are listed on the first page of Google and also have published in Ezine! I keep writing web content, SEO articles, Technical and non technical articles, press releases, forums and blogs. Writing has been my passion led profession.
    I try to put my brain and comprehension to the fullest to convince the readers. Simplicity catches people. I love to write simple and straight forward carrying the message to the people. I am well versed with an American as well as British English. After entering IT field I have become more confident and write article.
    Apart from this I am interested in writing own blogs on different topics like fashion ,corporate, women in business, business schools, wineries of the world and anecdotes etc. This goes on creative writing. I can do technical as well as creative writing.
    SEO has been my area of interest off late! I fine this is the best way to market online. Nothing can be so interesting as an SEO. I take pride in getting associated with an SEO group with an IT company.
    Thank you.

  6. A B Reply

    Hello, I am a graduate working for a well known company. I have written many articles for college magazines. I am a blog editor with CRY and also have written a number of stories on online.I want to know how can I write fictions and get handsome salary maybe in dollars or pounds? Get back to me via mail..
    Thank you.

  7. W B Reply

    I am a “retired young” software engineer, staying in NJ. I am into full time writing. My writing skills are varied, from professional content to random blogging. Presently I am doing content writing for a website and looking around for more writing work.

  8. N H Reply

    I am an IT professional, working for a Telecommunication Service Provider Company. I work as a Senior manager and look after some applications serving the telecom operations.
    I have a good flair for reading and writing. I am a good creative writer as well as a technical writer.
    Your article is a very good one providing information on how to go for content writing as a freelancer.

    Thanks a lot in advance if you could kindly guide me through to get some online freelance jobs for either creative writing or technical writing.

  9. meena Reply

    Hi, I am a 34 year old housewife from Hyderabad.I have 2 children.The elder one is 6 yr old and the younger lone is 2 and 1/2 yr old.I have an experience of 3 yrs in graphic design n tally.Right now I am at home looking after my children.Kindly suggest an investment free data entry or writing job for moms… Thank you,….

  10. HH Reply

    Hllo, I am writing in response to your ad in the web site. The position requirements and my skills are a perfect match.

    As you’ll see on my enclosed resume, I have the educational background, other educational qualifications and good communication skills for which you are searching. In addition, I am motivated and enthusiastic, and would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your firm’s success.

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