All you Need to Know about Starting Saree And Kurti Business

Question: I want to start a business of designers Sarees and kutis, I have following queries,

  • How should I go about starting this business from scratch?
  • What are the Government procedure and registration for a garment showroom?
  • Can you also suggest me some good names. My daughter’s name is Asmi, you can suggest me connecting to her name or something new also.

Answer: Well starting sarees and kurti business is a good idea as this is ever demanding market, at the same time always crowed and full of competition. ­čÖé

I’ll straight away go with your questions.

Answer 1. To start his business you will need to some priori experince in this field, I am assuming tthat you have background related to clothing and garment business.

The first step would be tie-up with suppliers or setting up your own manufacturing. I dont have much idea about your present location, but if you are looking for suppliers who can directly supply readymade Sarees and Ladies Kurits, you can always look for suppliers in Surat City, Gujrat or Ahmedabad City in Gujrat State.

Surat is preferable and dominating market for this line.

After you finalize your supply part, then second step is about buying or renting a shop for selling sareer and kurtis, depends on your target market (high class or middle class or lower class), you can finalize the location of your shop.

Answer 2. Regarding government and other legal formalities, I would say that they are pretty much similar for all business, if you are starting as sole-proprietor you need to contact nearest government office for registering your business, your C.A (Chartered Accountant) can also help you in this process.

Well if you are planning to do export to other countries, then you will require export license. I think first thing you should do is start local business, if things are working fine, you can go for exporting your products.

Answer 3. Few names I can quickly think of are

— Asmi ┬áSarees

— Asmi Garments

— Asmi’s Beautique / Asmi Beautique

You are always free to use your own.

Few tips to market your business

1. Start telling friends and relatives about new business.

2. Invite them for exclusive sale.

3. Take a help of SMS services, to send text messages to people near your business location.

4. Try putting banners and advertisements where women/ladies frequently visit like vegetable market, temples etc.

5 thoughts on “All you Need to Know about Starting Saree And Kurti Business

  1. JR Reply

    I have few more questions about exporting sarees and kurti to UK and US?

    I have manufacturing unit of Kurti and also have retail counter for selling these ladies garments, I know that we get 3 times higher price that whatever price we get in India.

    I wanted to get an idea on logistics like how much does it cost per kg, how to go about setting up website for selling this online.

  2. Raj Reply

    Very informative answer, I have few more questions in regards to this business.

    Can you tell me, If I am manufacturing ladies Kurtis and Sarees in India, what is the best way to market them internationally?

    I am sure everyone out here are looking for international buyers as that is where you get better price of these ladies garments.

    I understand that we can talk with friends and relatives, but that’s not feasible every time, there must be some way to market without friends/relative’s help.

  3. S V Reply

    Dear Sir, I am planning to start my own business. i.e Sarees and ladies Kurtis selling business in Coimbatore. Let me know some manufactures in Surat, Gujarat who can deal in Coimbatore.

  4. sahadev Reply

    I want to opan an sarre shop in rajasthan so how to start a normal saree shop nd Plzz suggest me some name for shop. tiraniya is my cast. plzz tell me name for shop

  5. ankita yadav Reply

    Hey I want to open a store for saree and kurtis, in Surat there is some relative by which I can manage some sources for that plz suggest me some ideas, so that I can startup something..

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