Sociology Job Market (Rumor Mill) in Coming Years 2011, 2012 and 2013

Sociology is a social science that studies the changes in society. Sociology studies social structures such as societies, groups, social class and how these things affect human behavior. There are many different types of jobs within the sociology job market, such as human services, youth services, mental health, public relations, corrections officers, social workers, banking, and many more.

Some of these jobs require a college degree and some do not.

Sociology Job Market 2011 to 2013

The sociology job market in next 3 years i.e. 2011, 2012 and 2013 is starting to improve. According to the American Sociological Association (ASA), in 2010, jobs were up by 32 percent in the sociology job market. The most high demand jobs on the sociology job market 2011 are in education, the sociological practice, and in research, and these jobs require a college education, generally a bachelor’s degree to a doctoral degree. The sociological practice jobs are in counseling, mental health, or social work, which is dealing with people and society.

  • The most high demand job on the sociology job market in 2011 is as an Instructor. The next most high demand jobs are assistant and associate professors.
  • The next highest demand jobs in sociology is counseling, psychology, and social work. According to the ASA, jobs in these fields of $25, 580, and mental health counselors made a median of $34, 380. There are many different counseling fields, such as educational counselors, behavioral disorder counselors, substance abuse counselors, and many other specialty fields in counseling.
  • Research is the backbone of sociology. Research in sociology supplies the data for sociologists to study, which the sociologists then put the research into practice and test it even further. Without research, sociology would not be able to see how society changes and how those changes affect people. A sociologist makes an estimated $68,570 and a market research analyst makes an estimated $58,820.

Sociology Rumor Mill

The sociology rumor mill is job information that is passed around via the internet or other sources of supposed job openings in the sociology field; however, most information is reliable. People who are in the sociological field can use the sociology rumor mill to find work or to network.

  • Sociology rumor mills can be on job forums, blogs, or any other source found on the internet.
  • One such website is a job forum called Sociology Rumor Mill 2011, which lists different positions that are open in the field of sociology.
  • The sociology rumor mill is a good networking system for people who are looking to hire in the sociological field, people looking for a job, or even people looking to do an internship

The field of sociology had gone down in percentage, like most careers; however, it was up 32 percent in 2010. Additionally, the sociology job market of 2011 is supposed to even increase more. There are many different fields that a person can specialize in the field of sociology, such as teaching, counseling, or social work. Furthermore, sociologists even have their own networking system to help them find jobs, which is known as the sociology rumor mill.

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