Writing Jobs

Writing jobs in India offer good career prospects. There are various fields which are open to writing, as a full time job. The opportunities in part time writing is also increasing considerably. If you are flair for writing, you can pick up a variety of writing jobs in India.

Skills needed for Writing Jobs:

The most important requirement for writing jobs is a flair for writing.

You need to present information in a new, informative and entertaining way. You should have good grammar and spelling skills. If have all this along with good typing skills you are eligible to get entry level writing jobs or creative writing jobs.

Writing Jobs in Journalism:

One such field where you can excel with your writing is print journalism. As India is a multilingual country you can get journalism jobs in your mother tongue. This apart, you can get writing jobs in Hindi, the national language of the country. As India is perhaps the only country which has a literate population in English, despite English not being one of its native languages, writing and editing jobs in English are also widely available.

Writing Jobs in IT

With the advent of computers the scope for getting writing jobs, particularly home based online writing jobs, has increased considerably. If you have good knowledge of English you can get a well paid writing job sitting at home. Many offshore companies outsourcing their work to India want plenty of writers to get their work done. They look for writers from India, who are grammatically sound and can present their writing skills in a very simple but eloquent manner. Many Indian companies which work for these offshore companies also sub outsource the work to home based writers. The payment is made per article wise. The money is usually transferred to the writer’s bank account through core banking system.

Content Writing Jobs:

This is very much in vogue nowadays. The scope of the job involves writing on various subjects for the web. You can find many content writing companies and agencies in India. They offer you very good growth prospects.

How to get into a Content Writing Company?

Content writing companies seek writers who have good command over the English language. They preferably recruit candidates who have a language degree. You need to appear for a written test and an interview. Once selected you are trained for the job.

What is The Scope of Writing Jobs in India?

Publishers in major cities also seek young writers to write short stories and novels or copy edit works of authors. Freelance writing jobs are also popular. Articles written by freelancers are published by journals and newspapers across the country. If you have any of these skills you can also bag a job in a publishing house.

Translation Jobs in India

Translators jobs in India offer huge scope to professionals. As multinational companies have started investing in the Indian market, translators are in great demand. Very often you will come across the advertisement ‘translators needed’ in newspapers. So, foreign language courses are gaining in popularity.

Where You can Find Translation Jobs

Translators can find job in sectors like:

  • Diplomatic Services
  • Translators in Government Sectors,  MNC’s and Research Organizations
  • Teaching in Schools and Colleges
  • Interpreters
  • As Tourist Guides
  • In hotels, in various levels of hotel management
  • As Air Hostesses and Flight Stewards
  • As Public Relation Officers
  • Medical translators jobs

How to Learn a Foreign Language to become a Translator?

Many institutes and universities in India offer courses on foreign languages. The major languages on which courses are offered are German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Persian, Arabic, and Chinese. There is an eligibility criterion for getting admission to these courses.

Foreign Language Degree Courses:

The courses usually offered are bachelor’s degree course of 3 years duration, integrated course in Foreign Languages of 5 years duration, diploma or certificate courses of 6 months duration, M.A, M.Phil, and even Ph.D.

Institutes Offering Language Courses in India:

  • Benaras Hindu University – Varanasi
  • University of Delhi – New Delhi
  • School of Languages – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Academy of Languages – New Delhi
  • Pune University, Ganeshkhind, Pune
  • Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Japanese Information and Cultural Center – New Delhi
  • Ram Krishna Mission – Kolkata

Scope of Translators jobs in India:

As India is a developing country, work force is available at cheap cost. So many countries are outsourcing their work to India. Non-English speaking countries are finding it beneficial to get their work translated to English, from India. They are outsourcing work to India.

English speaking youth in India are learning foreign languages so that they can translate the work of that country into English or vice versa. Prominent among the languages are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, German etc. So translator’s jobs in India have a bright future.

Freelance translator’s jobs are also offered to those proficient in a particular language. Online jobs translators are sought by various jobs providing websites.

Jobs for Moms and Housewives

Literate women in India who are socially expected to give importance to household work thereby relegating their academic achievements to something meaningless; have had a lot to cheer for with the advent of internet.

Online jobs offered by companies aim to empower these women with jobs from home. Thus women in India can easily work by sitting pretty at home and without shirking their household responsibility. You can choose your work time and if required swap your roles at will.

Types of Jobs for Housewives and Moms

  • Data Entry
  • Online Ad Placing Jobs – You can try to contact Online Media Companies, normally they outsource work to save on costs.
  • Medical Transcription – You can contact any of your known doctor, if he can get you medical transcription jobs
  • Editing and Proofreading Jobs – You can find these jobs on sites like eLance, GetAFreeancer
  • Content writing and Copywriting Jobs – You can easily get content writing assignments on freelancing websites
  • You can also consider making achar, papad and sweets at home and selling it to nearest shops. Its my opinion that any business related to Food works great, in India 🙂
  • If you know Cooking, you can also start cooking classes.
  • Legal transcription, changing from HTML to XML is other kinds of jobs available to women.
  • Skilled housewives can also do jobs of search engine optimization and online marketing service at par with the industry standards.
  • From home you can even avail a lot more options in the online advertising industry.
  • Sub outsourcing of BPO projects to individuals and bulk customers are also a good way of getting jobs for house wifes.

Qualifications you required to start Home Jobs
All home based jobs just require efficiency. If you are skilled in a particular field or are well versed with English and are familiar with the internet you an easily get jobs. However you need to prove your worth. Samples are often sought to prove that you are capable. Academic achievements for housewives or moms really hold no value whatsoever. Once you prove yourself you can expect a lot of work

How to find Work from Home Jobs?
There are many companies which advertise their jobs directly to housewives. There are intermediaries in this field as well. Some intermediaries are known for their effective customer care and competency in the home business field.

To get home based works moms and housewives can register with home based jobs providing websites. These websites have plenty work from home job listings.

House wives can search for online companies which provide work to home based workers. They can come across many such sites which wish to cater them work.

How to Avoid Scams Before you Accept a Job?
You should be very careful about claims made by an online company. The internet is replete with work from home scams. Many online companies promise you the moon. Such companies are frauds. A company which asks money from you in advance is an out and out fraud company. Before you accept a job try to know more about the company by doing some research. This is the only way by which you can become sure about the credentials of a company. Online legitimate work from home jobs can bring you money.

As work from home employees provides high quality services for corporate and firms in the ITES business so housewives can look forward to lots more work from home opportunities.

Online Share Trading Jobs in India

Gone are the days when brokers run to the stock exchange floor and place orders for shares. Online Share Trading is in vogue today. Internet has made trading from distance very much easy and possible. This system is known as VSAT system. Brokers who avail this system also provide online connection to their clients for carrying out online share trading. This has also spawned many online share and stock trading jobs in India. With the click of a mouse you can buy or sell shares at the most opportune moment.

If you understand the stock market and have a good awareness about economics, share trading jobs can be your calling. If you are not aware of matters related to the share market you can learn a lot about it from different sites.

Online Share and Stock Trading Sites in India

The following sites can help you with useful share market tutorials and stock market tips. You can learn a lot about stock market quotes and share trading particulars.

  • bseindia.com
  • Nse-india.com
  • moneycontrol.com
  • capitalmarket.com
  • stratstar.com
  • indiainfoline.com

Banks Providing this Service

  • ICICI Online Share Trading
  • NSE Online Share Trading
  • HDFC Bank Online Trading
  • ShareKhan.com

How to Become Qualified in Share Trading

It always stands good if you clear the NCFM exams for getting job in an online stock company. NSE conducts these exams on various financial modules like Debt Market, Capital Market, and Mutual Funds (AMFI) Commodities Market etc. You can apply for the course online. Study material is provided at home. Even the exams are conducted online. Online stock broker jobs are field which you can also explore.

Nature of Online Share Trading Jobs

Many stock brokers and stock market agents have openings for young professionals in their offices. If you get into online share trading your job would be to collate, compile, and keep stock of the developments in the stock market. A part of the job also includes providing information to customers about the market trends. You can also find jobs with many small share trading companies which abound in major cities in India. The scope of your job includes chat online with experts from share market

Scope, Growth and Opportunities in Online Share Trading

Today stock and share jobs are completely done through online. Buying and selling has become so much easier that you can do trading whenever one feels like. By the click of a mouse you can get the latest information on graphs, charts, traded value, day’s highs and lows etc.

More and more people are now interested in making money from share trading. The scope of online share trading jobs and jobs in stock market has increased immensely. Major trading companies need more stock exchange literate professionals to handle their ever increasing business volumes.

Part Time Jobs

Technology has advanced far enough to bring great advantages to the mankind. As internet, has entered our life in all spheres in India, a person can easily work for companies in a distant continent at time of his choice. This has made it possible to outsource many jobs to India. An eligible person can do jobs from his own home according to his convenience.

Part Time Jobs in India:

Part time work has revolutionized the concept of jobs in India. As this type of jobs does not require any fixed working hours they can be done by even students, retired persons and house wives. This is primarily because they come as flexible hourly jobs, project basis jobs, consultant jobs and weekend jobs.

Types of Part Time Jobs:

Part time jobs in India are mostly online jobs. Different types of part time jobs are

  • Internet Marketing Jobs
  • Part Time Retailing Jobs
  • Part Time Sales Jobs
  • Part Time Coding Jobs
  • Part Time Data Entry Jobs
  • Outsourcing Jobs
  • Customer Care Part Time Jobs
  • Content Writing Jobs
  • SEO  Jobs
  • Promotional Jobs

How to Get Part Time Jobs in India?

In order to get part time jobs you need to visit various freelance job websites. Part time companies advertise their requirements. You can get in touch directly. For long term gains it is good if you create a profile in the sites.

What salary you will get in Part Time Jobs?

Part time employment in India is good, particularly if your work involves exceptional talent. The payment is sent through PayPal account or by internet banking. Chances of duping have been reduced by the internet account system. You can withdraw funds from the internet account to your personal saving account, anytime.

Part time jobs in India have given every Indian with an opportunity to work from home.

Microsoft Technology Jobs

In the highly competitive world of jobs you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the individuals applying for jobs.  If you are on the look out to bag Microsoft jobs information technology it is very important to obtain Microsoft Office Certification.

The certification can not only help you be a cut above others but also help you get more interviews, make you efficient at work and provide you with the advantage to seek higher salaries. MS technology careers offer excellent prospects to professionals the world over. Technical graduates can avail great opportunities in MS technology in all major IT cities.

How to obtain a Microsoft technology degree?

  • Choose your field of certification. You can sit for 11 exams for certification. They range from MCSA, Security on Microsoft Windows 2000 to MCSD on Microsoft.net.
  • Get your self trained working in the IT field or from formal training classes. Microsoft offers e-learning. Many IT schools offer formal classroom settings. Choose whichever is convenient.
  • Review guide for the certification exams, available on the Microsoft website can be of great use. They also offer practice tests for you to take. Practice sufficiently.
  • Register to take the exam. You can register online or at a testing center.
  • Keep your certification current. Keep pace with the latest innovations Microsoft offers. Once you fall behind you get outdated.

Scope of MS Technology Jobs in India
Microsoft Technology jobs in India offer openings to a number of positions, The positions available for Microsoft jobs in India are Windows trainee .Net developers, software programmers, software development fresher, software testing jobs, Consultants, Application Programming in MS technologies, Internet solution developer jobs and Internet application jobs.

There are plenty of .NET developer’s jobs in India, career for Microsoft Consultants, Windows application vacancies in India, Support Engineer Exchange Server, Microsoft Project Support Professional, Microsoft Developer Support Jobs, Project leaders, Functional and technical application analyst’s positions, and managers in all major IT cities of India.

Salary for Microsoft Certified
MS technology jobs in India have an attractive pay package. A senior software programmer can take home a salary of anything between Rs 3, 00, 000 to Rs 5, 00, 000. This comes along many other additional perks.

Companies Using Microsoft Products and Technology in India
These includes cities like  Delhi, Hyderabad Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Leading job providers of MS technology jobs in Bangalore are Microsoft India, Wipro Technologies, ComCreation Technologies Private Limited etc. Major companies in Hydreabad which offers excellent work environment and growth prospects are eSoft Consulting Ltd, Euclid Solutions Pvt. Ltd, IIC Technologies Pvt Ltd, Avighna IT Solutions etc.

Some important companies in Delhi and Mumbai, which can match the standards of major companies in Bangalore and Hyderabad are Mascomptel(I) Pvt. Ltd, Telserra Global Inc, Renaissance Solutions Godrej Infotech Ltd, Comprompt Solutions, Acer Software Solutions.

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Benchmark Softec Limited, Botree Software International Career, Broadgate Technical Services India Pvt. Ltd etc are some major companies in Chennai.

Companies like E-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Elitecore Technologies Ltd and Growth Compusoft Exports Ltd are some famous recruiters of java professionals in Ahmedabad.

SAP and ABAP Jobs

SAP is a product of global software company which is originally from Germany.

SAP full form (Abbreviation) is a “Datenverarbeitung Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte für Unternehmen” (this is German Word), and the meaning of it “Dataprocessing Systems, Applications and Products for Businesses”.

SAP and ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) Jobs in India is based on high level programming language. Its one of the most ultra modern disciplines in the India’s IT sector jobs. This article tells you about the job description, scope of the job, and salary structure offered.

It is arguably the best programming language for big business applications. So the language is high in demand in the IT industry. Today the language is used by programmers and coders all around the world. A rough estimate tells that SAP and ABAP is used by over 12 million people in more than 120 countries.

SAP ABAP Job Description
The job encompasses the following

  • Enable customers interact with the same corporate database for any application.
  • Manage production operations and financial and cost accounting
  • To write the correct code for program applications
  • To provide customers with the right kind of solutions for a particular programming module
  • Enable customers advanced software tools and proven methodologies

Scope of SAP and ABAP Jobs
SAP ABAP jobs in India are one of the most ultra modern disciplines in the India’s IT sector jobs. Professionals in India come with rich experience from various industries like HR, audit, finance, production and materials management and so SAP ABAP careers offer plenty to look forward to. SAP ABAP jobs in Hyderabad are available in plenty.

Education Requirements for SAP ABAP Jobs
To get a certificate in SAP ABAP one needs to have any one of the following qualifications:

  • B.Tech /B.Com/B.E/: This is the most basic requirements of a firm hiring candidates for SAP job.
  • M.Sc/MA/M.Com/ MBA/PGDM: A post graduate or a master’s degree is also preferred.
  • IT engineering degree or computer engineering or diploma or a B.Sc IT degree from any recognized university.

Training and Certification
A large number of institutes throughout the length and breath of the country provide training as well as certification courses for SAP ABAP. This includes theoretical and practical training on various topics of the field.

Skills needed for getting an SAP ABAP job
A SAP / ABAP job seeker must possess the following set of skills:

  • Technical skills: This is a technical domain. So, one must have comprehensive understanding of concepts for a SAP ABAP job.
  • Confidence and persistence
  • Patience and Motivation
  • Flexible approach: The sector witnesses constant change. So, one must be able to adapt easily to the changing nature of this job.
  • Programming skills: Must have the ability to write efficient, compact and complete program for the client.

SAP ABAP Job salary
The salary received by a SAP ABAP programmer varies from one organization to another. The salary offered is very good. With experience your salary is expected to rise.

Signal Processing Jobs

The interpretation, analysis and manipulation of signals are called signal processing. Interpreted signals usually include biological signals like ECG, radar signals, images sound signals and various other types of signals.

Signal processing jobs in India is primarily available in research centers and military establishments. Signal processing jobs in India are in high demand. Openings in this field are available military establishments, coast guard requirements and also in research programs relating to medicine and scientific fields.

Signal processing jobs in India primarily involves filtering, reconstruction, storage, compression like image compression, separation of noise and information from noise like the identification of an aircraft by radar and even speech-to-text conversion.

Signal processing jobs in India are in high demand. The professionals are highly sought after in government organizations. This primarily includes the military establishments, coast guard requirements and also in research programs relating to medicine and scientific fields.

Where to Study

Signal processing is taught in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Various types of  Signal Processing Jobs in India

  • Digital signal processing Jobs – these are digitized signals. Processing of these signals is done by digital circuits or computers or specialized digital signal processors.
  • Statistical signal processing Jobs – this involves studying statistical properties of signal.
  • Audio signal processing Jobs – is used for electrical signals representing music or speech.
  • Analog signal processing Jobs – this kind of interpretation is for telephone, radar, classical radio, television systems and all those systems which have not been digitized.
  • Discrete-time signal processing Jobs – is used for signals that can be interpreted only at discrete points in time. They can’t be quantized in magnitude.
  • Video processing Jobs – interpreting these signals gives more information of moving pictures
  • Speech signal processing Jobs – this kind of processing is used for interpreting spoken words
  • Image processing Jobs – such processing are used in computers, digital cameras, and many imaging systems like MRI and scan.
  • Array processing Jobs – is the kind of signal processing which interprets arrays from sensors
  • Biomedical Signal Processing Jobs – the aim of this science is to get more in-depth and significant information by processing physiologic signals.

Signal Processing jobs in India are available in companies like

  • Signion Systems
  • Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • AllGo Embedded
  • Encore Software
  • Adamya Computing Technologies
  • Cranes Software International Ltd
  • Agere Systems India
  • Analog Devices
  • Texas Instruments
  • Freescale Semiconductor India
  • HelloSoft

Nowadays digital signal processing jobs in India are in high demand. This is the technique used to analyze various digital signals and obtain information form the same. It finds its application in various areas ranging from broadcasting to medicine.

Robotic Jobs

Robotics is an engineering field that deals with designing, structuring, building and application of robots and the use of computer for their processing and manipulation. Robots play an important in Industries. They speed up the manufacturing process and hence help increase the output.

Robots also find their application in the field of sea exploration, nuclear science, servicing of transmission electric signals, designing of bio-medical equipments etc. Skills like computer integrated manufacturing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and biological mechanics are needed to work in the field of robotics.

With the advancement of computer science and related research technologies, robotics jobs in India are gaining more popularity. Computer intelligence forms the basis of Robotics. These robots carry out jobs that are considered dangerous and sometimes impossible for a human being. Because of its unmatched efficiency and with no chance of lapse in concentration the uses of robots have become essential and irreplaceable.

Qualifications required for learning Robotics

Robotics is an inter-disciplinary course in India. Students who have graduated in electrical engineering, computer engineering instrumentation engineering, or mechanical engineering, with an interest in robotics and artificial intelligence can take this up as a subject. For jobs in robotics the above mentioned qualification is a prerequisite.

Institutes in India offering courses in Robotics

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  2. National Institute of Technology, M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  3. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
  4. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  5. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthinilayam, Tamil Nadu- M.Tech
  6. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Mechanical (Robotics as an elective subject)

Scope of Robotic Jobs

  • Space Research- Organizations like ISRO and NASA are making innovative uses of artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Entertainment – Today’s gaming industry is possibly providing the most enjoyable variation of the kind of intelligence provided by robotics. Games like X- Box, PCs, and PlayStation etc. are putting this extensively to use.
  • Investigation – Intelligence agencies and police departments throughout India are highly dependent on artificial intelligence. Robots are particularly used to detect bombs and explosive and even defuse them.
  • Banking – Artificial Intelligence is heavily used organizing operations and managing properties and in investing in stocks.
  • Medicine-With the help of robots neural networks modeled to mimic the human brain are being made. The research work is opening plenty of job opportunities.
  • High-precision robotic jobs such as welding and riveting also require the use of robots. They are also put to use in special situations that would be dangerous for humans like cleaning toxic wastes or exploring dreadful places like under water exploration.

Robotic Engineering and Programming Jobs Opportunities in India

A professional with a M.E. degree in Robotics can also get jobs in microchips manufacturing. Companies like Intel recruit robotics and artificial intelligence specialists for microchip manufacturing.

Job opportunities are even available in Indian Institute of Technology for doing extensive research work in artificial intelligence. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology offers openings research fellowships in robotics and artificial intelligence. Employment opportunities to program, troubleshoot and maintain robots in some companies are also opening.

It helps a candidate do research in technological fields, and it promote usage of technology in the country.

Robotic Jobs Salary in India

Robotic jobs in India offer top salaries to its professionals, as the candidates availability in this field is anytime lesser than other jobs, so basically there is high demand of candidate and less supply, so definitely people in this field will enjoy good salary.

Information Security Jobs

Information security is a job which involves safeguarding information of companies. The job primarily includes preventing unauthorized disclosure of information in any possible manner. With major companies having their very own formula and approach of processing a job Information security has become an indispensable requirement of the following.

Scope of the Job:
Previously the scope of the job included protecting computers in a system from being hacked or from being attacked by virus. Ever since internet came into being it has provided a pathway for computers to become soft targets for virus attack. The damaging potential of a virus on systems is feared all over the world.

Today the scope has moved from antivirus and spy ware to much more serious issues like data protection. Data protection whether inside or outside an enterprise must be protected from being lost or stolen. So information security jobs are of paramount importance.

Formal qualifications are very important for professionals who wish to become information security specialists and even for entry level information security jobs. The most widely recognized are qualifications from ISACA or the Information Systems Audit and Controls Association, IISSCC or the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, and ISEB which stand for Information Systems Examinations Board. Examinations are held online in many languages and at many centers around the world.

Information Security Salary (Salary in Information Security Jobs):
The Indian corporate sector has time and again been afflicted with both virus and non-virus security breaches. Matters have reached such an alarming proportion that the urgent need to protect information from any such threat is of undue importance to companies of all sectors. In view of this threat information security jobs in India are high in demand in the country. With the rapid growth of the economy more and more companies are coming up because of which there is an urgent requirement of information security professionals.

Today jobs for information security have become an important aspect of

  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Computer and Network

So acute is the demand in India that there always is a glaring disparity in the demand and supply of qualified professionals. After pass out, professionals can expect jobs like Security architect, Security analyst, Information security manager, Security engineer and chief security officer. With experience one can rise up the ladder in a very short span.

As information technology has spread from every major metropolitan city to even second rung cities in the country the demand for information security jobs in India is growing by leaps and bounds. There are plenty of openings in every city of the country. However the most number of openings in information security jobs in India can be found in hi tech cyber cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and NCR.