Digital Microprocessor Jobs

Computer technology is driven by hardware. A digital microprocessor is one of the most important components of hardware services. Knowledge of this field can provide you with great career opportunities in India

Digital microprocessor is built up on a particular chip and works on a total computation procedure.

Intricate services performed by this chip include sending and receiving data and controlling the functions of various computer operations.

Types of Digital Microprocessor Jobs in India:

Digital Microprocessor jobs in India are available for various positions. These include project leader, digital microprocessor circuit designer, design engineer, and embedded systems development associate.

Other related jobs to the field in India are microprocessor functional verification engineer, microprocessor tester, and microprocessor designer.

The function of a digital microprocessor circuit designer is to use varied technologies to improve upon digital systems and subsystems so that they become highly efficient.

Qualifications Required

To get into digital microprocessor jobs in India you preferably must have a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

You also need to have a through idea of programming languages. These include C, C++, Java, etc. Knowledge of operating systems like MS-DOS, Windows (98/2000/XP), LINUX, are also important. You are expected to have knowledge of tools like DSP using MATLAB, Orcad etc.

If you are a graduate and have knowledge of programming languages, you need to start with testing of computer related systems, system architecture and design of systems related to the computer.

Scope of Digital Microprocessor Jobs in India:

Apart from information technology digital micro processing has its applications in military electronics, automation systems, consumer products, computer systems, communications and instrumentation. So, digital micro processor jobs in India are opening plenty of avenues.

How to find Jobs Microprocessor Jobs

Companies that offer digital microprocessor jobs in India are IBM, Intel, IBM, Lenovo, Wipro, and Compaq, Sun Micro-Systems (now Oracle). You can find jobs in the designations mentioned above. These companies come out with their requirements very often.

These well known companies publish huge ads in famous local newspapers. It is usually published in the career section or supplementary of newspapers. Job portals in the country also carry their requirements. You can register with the job portals to get these jobs.

Online Business

Internet has brought the entire world to our door steps. Online internet business prospects have increased with the popularity of the internet. You can easily choose from many business opportunities that the internet offers and become a successful businessman in no time.

Internet has enabled to start and run many online internet businesses successfully. With the advent of internet many kind of job opportunities have opened up.

You can get in touch with your clients sitting at home, procure work sitting at home and get the work done and submitted sitting at home. And after a few successful projects, you can undertake work in bulk and get them done by employing a few more computers and able workers at home. Slowly you can even dream of setting up your own company.

The scope of online internet business is immense. All you need to have is good English written or communication skills along with knowledge of the computers. Once you are familiar with the way the internet functions, you can choose from the multitude of internet business which has flooded the market today.

If you are an expert Search Engine Optimizer you can venture into this field easily. In fact this aspect of internet technology is very rewarding as well as bright and promising. With a few dedicated link builders you can build links and help sites gain rank. Once they top the rankings their business sales multiply manifold. As all companies vie for the top slot your company, if successful, will have no dearth of clients.

If you are good web designer you can send sample of your work and bag a few projects. Once you have a few projects in hand you need to put in a lot of hard work and build a reputation for yourself. Having done this, you can expect a huge inflow of work. This also stands true for jobs like content writing, proof reading, copy editing, telemarketing, online teaching, story writing, accounting, counseling etc.

The opportunities are endless. In fact online internet business is throwing up new and diverse jobs every day. So you can always look forward to make the most of the springing opportunities.

Small Business

To promote Small Businesses in India, the government has come up with a wide variety of schemes and incentives. Youths can now look forward to make the most of these initiatives and become self employed.

Small Businesses in India aim to make youths self employed. Small businesses in India have contributed a lot to the growth of India. It has helped bring about the transition from agriculture based occupation to industrialization.

Because of its self employing and self supporting ability small business in India is becoming popular among rural, semi rural masses and with unemployed urban youths. More and more youths are choosing to venture into small business.

The government of India has taken many a steps to help people start small businesses. Some such steps taken are:

  • Industrial extension services
  • Providing credit facilities
  • Promoting sites for construction of sheds
  • Providing extensive training facilities
  • Supply of machinery on hire-purchase terms
  • Adequate help for domestic marketing as well as exports
  • Special incentives for setting up enterprises in backward areas
  • Technical consultancy
  • Financial assistance for up-gradation

Small businesses in rural sectors also aim at making woman self sustaining. With the help of government loans woman can start businesses of their liking. Some important businesses which one can start in the rural market is grocery shops, chemists store, food outlet, textile shops, fodder shops, cycle repairing shops and lots more.

Small businesses in India can help youth dream big. With little efforts they can turn their dreams into reality.

If you have any queries, questions and doubts in regards to how to start a small business in India, or which small business to start in India, please ask us.

Film Industry Jobs

Film industry is a big industry in the country. What makes the size larger is the multi language and cultured strata of India society. Each language has its own audience and so movies are exclusively made for the target audience. The masses have an enormous appetite for movies. So, all movies are received with enthusiasm.

Regional languages apart India has Hindi as its national language. Most of the technologically advanced movies are made in this language. Unlike the limitation of regional cinema, these movies are lapped up by the entire nation.

All this explain why India produces the most number of movies every year. So the scope for film industry jobs in India is simply enormous.

In India the film industry can be divided into five sectors:

  • Development – This includes writing, packaging and financing of film ideas and scripts.
  • Production – This is the entire process of setting up and shooting every scene in a film.
  • Post Production – This involves assembling the shots, treating and mixing them into a finished product.
  • Distribution – This is the process of selling the finished product to audiences. It is done through retailers, rental firms and cinemas.
  • Exhibition – This final process involves screening the film for general public.

All these different stages have created hundreds of different jobs in the Indian film industry. Most of these jobs demand a unique combination of extraordinary skills. The production crews in the entire industry are divided into standard departmental hierarchies. Each department has a specific task and well defined objectives at particular stages of production. All these departments have openings. Your choice of the department depends essentially on your skills.

No matter what job you specialize in, you always have great scope to climb up the ladder in the Indian film industry.