Architecture Jobs and Careers in Delhi (NCR) for Architects, Designers

India is witnessing a construction boom. High rises and apartments are coming up faster than a jungle fire throughout the length and breadth of the country. Added to this is the stupendous growth in infrastructure in the country. Every city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. is witnessing the construction of roads, flyovers, townships, mega malls, airports and ports.

With construction taking place at such a frenetic pace, architecture jobs offer excellent job or career prospects.

Architectural Jobs and Career in Delhi (NCR)
Construction firms have come up in large numbers in Delhi (NCR). Budding architects can get into these firms and harness their skills. These firms have huge openings for architectural graduates, both degree and diploma holders. As these firms are involved in wide range of projects fresh pass outs can gather a lot of valuable experience.

  • Building Designer: Architects can get jobs as building designer. Their job is to layout an artistic rendering of a plan. Most architect jobs are design projects.
  • Project Manager: Architects can also get jobs as project manager on construction projects.
    Only those who have sufficient experience with both construction and architect design are given this responsibility. It is an important post and requires you to take several important decisions at crucial stages.
  • Consultants: Architects also have the option to become professional consultants. They get highly paid jobs in consulting firm and specialize in specific projects, like public works or building restorations. After sufficient exposure to the construction world you can start your own consulting firms. This helps them earn money at their leisure hours. As private consultants they mainly help to draw plans and layouts for the construction of buildings.
  • Government Architects: Architects get government jobs in public works department and even municipalities and corporations. Their job is to investigate whether construction of buildings comply with rules. They even draw plans. Government architects even have to oversee important government projects like road construction, dam and bridge construction etc.
  • Instructors: Architects can also take up the job of instructors. They can find good openings in colleges teaching architecture design concepts to architecture technician or drawing students. After good experience they can take up jobs as professors or lecturers at the university level. Many architects are even commissioned to write books on the subject.