Digital Microprocessor Jobs

Computer technology is driven by hardware. A digital microprocessor is one of the most important components of hardware services. Knowledge of this field can provide you with great career opportunities in India

Digital microprocessor is built up on a particular chip and works on a total computation procedure.

Intricate services performed by this chip include sending and receiving data and controlling the functions of various computer operations.

Types of Digital Microprocessor Jobs in India:

Digital Microprocessor jobs in India are available for various positions. These include project leader, digital microprocessor circuit designer, design engineer, and embedded systems development associate.

Other related jobs to the field in India are microprocessor functional verification engineer, microprocessor tester, and microprocessor designer.

The function of a digital microprocessor circuit designer is to use varied technologies to improve upon digital systems and subsystems so that they become highly efficient.

Qualifications Required

To get into digital microprocessor jobs in India you preferably must have a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

You also need to have a through idea of programming languages. These include C, C++, Java, etc. Knowledge of operating systems like MS-DOS, Windows (98/2000/XP), LINUX, are also important. You are expected to have knowledge of tools like DSP using MATLAB, Orcad etc.

If you are a graduate and have knowledge of programming languages, you need to start with testing of computer related systems, system architecture and design of systems related to the computer.

Scope of Digital Microprocessor Jobs in India:

Apart from information technology digital micro processing has its applications in military electronics, automation systems, consumer products, computer systems, communications and instrumentation. So, digital micro processor jobs in India are opening plenty of avenues.

How to find Jobs Microprocessor Jobs

Companies that offer digital microprocessor jobs in India are IBM, Intel, IBM, Lenovo, Wipro, and Compaq, Sun Micro-Systems (now Oracle). You can find jobs in the designations mentioned above. These companies come out with their requirements very often.

These well known companies publish huge ads in famous local newspapers. It is usually published in the career section or supplementary of newspapers. Job portals in the country also carry their requirements. You can register with the job portals to get these jobs.