Export Import Jobs

The market for export and import has witnessed a huge growth in India. With easy access to free market and influence of globalization, the industry is expected to scale greater heights. Large revenues as well as human resources are slowly being pumped into this field. So huge is the demand that fresh candidates qualified for handling import and export jobs are being recruited in large numbers.

If you wish to join this expanding field you need to learn about the various openings as well as the eligibility for getting into the field.

Import-Export Jobs and Career/International Trade Jobs
If you have a degree in merchandising or skills in other related areas of Import-Export industry, you can choose from many opening in these fields.
If you have the skills and experience you can soon become an export manager. You need to deal with clients and company deals with dependable customers—legitimate companies from countries that have stable governments and sound economies. Export managers are assisted in this work by foreign representatives who live and work abroad, sometimes traveling from country to country to find new customers and maintain contact with established ones.

Foreign representatives are also responsible for monitoring the economic and political situation in their territory. Orders from foreign customers are processed by export sales managers, who draw up contracts and arrange for shipments. Export credit managers review the economic situation of customers needing credit and arrange credit terms. The import divisions of companies employ support managers to supervise the purchase of goods abroad. The selection of foreign merchandise is often in the hands of buyers who live abroad.

Types of Jobs in Export and Import
Roles featured by Export-Import Jobs for Fresher include

  • Export Import Logistics Jobs: Candidates absorbed in this profile can handle the logistics of daily Import and export.
  • Export Import Manager Jobs: As export managers you are solely responsible for increasing the volume and efficiency of foreign trade.
  • Export Import documentation Jobs: If you are employed in this profile, you will be required to prepare Pre-Post Shipment Documentation and other allied activities.
  • Assistant Merchandisers, Garment Export House- Candidates with a diploma in Merchandising and knowledge of Computers can apply for this post. Good Communication skills will be preferred of candidatesOther roles featured by Export-Import Jobs  include
  • Import/Export Compliance Assistant
  • Import / Export Coordinator
  • Import/Export Compliance Analyst
  • Import Data Entry Clerk
  • Sales Air Import/Export Agent

Salary of Fresher in Export-Import jobs
Export-Import Jobs for Freshers are quite lucrative in terms of financial and professional growth. Though you may start you career as a fresher in this field with a salary of Rs 1 lac per annum, the salary may be as high as Rs 2.5 lac per annum. It should also be noted that the salary may differ on the basis of the job profile and the location of work.

Import Export Companies
Some important companies are

  • 4P Corporation Chennai India
  • A K International
  • A.V. Enterprises
  • Advance Syntex
  • Akriti Exports Imports
  • Amar Group
  • Bhabha Exports
  • Bharadwaj Group
  • Dharani Export – Import Services
  • Dilip Manufacturers
  • Dinesh Enterprises