How to Start a Manufacturing Business: Plan, Ideas and Opportunities

Question: I am Christopher from New York. I have 3 years of work experience in the field of manufacturing. I need some information regarding to set up any small scale industry without leaving my job. My budget is 10,000 USD and I am expecting returns of more than 500 USD per month.

Please guide me, what should I do?

Answer: If you have some experience in the manufacturing field, you can have a good opportunity to start your own venture. Your experience helps you a lot. Especially  if you step in to the same field of your experience, you can do it in a better way than the others.

So I would advise you to start the same business with which you have experience on a small scale. You will not have to run around to find the suppliers, transporter, processor etc. You can do it perfectly.

For those who have no experience, I would advise that they should have a feel of the market first.

They should have visits of manufacturing units, markets etc. That will help you to gain some experience about the field and you can move on with your plan.

Never start a business without having any experience and just by getting inspired by others’ talks.

There are so many options which can be started with a small investment. So the belief of not having capacity of a small investor to start a manufacturing unit should be demolished.

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