Start a Pet Sitting Business: Plan and Name Your Pet Sitting Business

The popularity of pet sitting business is on the surge in urban areas. This business is generally opted by people who have developed passion and admiration for animals. Pet sitting business offers them the opportunity to sustain and grow their love for the animal kingdom. At the same time, they also achieve entrepreneurial milestone through this venture.

High business prospects associated with pet sitting business have evolved it into a full time career option for many.

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business?

  • Determine location for your business. If you want to initiate your pet sitting business from home, you can save much of the expenses that are generally required to invest in the hiring or leasing of location.
  • Develop a cutting edge business plan. It should include details about the charges of the basic infrastructure to be developed and marketing as well as advertising campaigns.
  • Know about legal requirements to be fulfilled. Starting a pet sitting business requires license and registration obtained from competent government authority. All the states in the US do not have same licensing rules to be followed.
    Therefore, you need to check the requirements of your state.
  • Next, you should determine what services you are going to offer. Generally, pet-sitting business involves services related to dogs and cats. However, you have to make it clear in advance what breeds of dogs your pet sitting service would include. Your service can go beyond just dogs and cats and it can also include birds, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals.
  • Other important requirements of your business are bond and insurance. Get your business insured and bonded. Bond would offer you safeguard from theft in case you recruit employees to support your work. The insurance of your business would cover your property and clients’ pets. For bond and insurance of your business, you can approach pet-sitting organizations like National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.

Business Plan

Pet sitting business plan that you are thinking to have developed should address both outside objective and inside purpose. The outside objective of your pet sitting business is obtaining finance. The business plan should include all the options that you can use to borrow finance from an investor or a lender. The inside purpose included in your business plan should serve as your guideline.

Pet Sitting Business Name Ideas

When it comes to name your pet business, you have wide range of choices. However, keep it in your mind that you should give a catchy name to your business. It is sometimes stressful to find a name for pet sitting business. There are several tips that you can follow while naming your pet sitting business. But make sure to choose a name that can easily be retained by people in their memory.