Starting a Pizza Business: Plan, Tips, Cost to Open a Pizza Restaurant

There is an immense growth of pizza industry in the country. This industry is just booming day by day and future of this business is also very bright. To have an idea about this industry, have a look of these facts.

  • Total American population eats 100 acres of pizza every day.
    Every second, there are 250 slices of pizza eaten in America. These numbers are not small.
  • The size of pizza business industry is more than $32 billion a year.
  • Pizza restaurant growth continues to outpace overall restaurant growth.
  • Pizza is one of the most ordered food items in entire America.
  • Pizza industry has seen only growth in past and expected to continue in future as well.

It is a fact that every food business fails in initial stage and that is the reason stopping many aspirants to enter in this business.

You can overcome that problem by mapping your business plan. You have to create a business plan before starting this business.

Pizza Business Plan and Tips

  • First of all you need to select the place. Selection of a place is very critical job. You have to select such a place that you come in to horizons of eyes of a mass public. The place can be a mall, busy street, normal market, fun world, theatres etc.
  • You have to get the food business permission from the respective authority. You have to register your place and business with the government. You can be a part of some associations of your industry.
  • Then you should make a mission statement. The mission statement should be very clear. It should be related to your business. It should show the purpose for which you are in the market. It should be easy to remember. It should not be ambiguous. It should be motivating. It should be a creative statement.
  • Then you need to write your business plan of next five or three years. You need to include various functions of organization. You have to explain that how you are going to carryout your business for the described period of time.
  • You have to assume the future sales and regarding to that, you have to calculate the estimated profit for future. You should prepare the estimated statement for various assumptions of sales. You have to estimate the finance needed for future plans etc.
  • You have to recruit your staff then. Your employees should be well selected. They should be very loyal and efficient as well. Motivation to your employees is your responsibility. You have to motivate your employees regularly.
  • Then the question of marketing comes in to the picture. Marketing is the most important part of a business which is directly related to final consumer. You need to prepare a strong marketing strategy. You need to prepare a promotion plan through which you can reach to your public. You have to offer some schemes since the competition is very tough in this industry. Heavy promotion, done with proper analysis can lead you to success.

Cost of Starting and Running a Pizza Restaurant

You need around $25,000 to start your business operations. If you want your own place, you need more money to purchase a place. You need $10,000 for your marketing expenses. Then you run your business and required expenses of raw materials, employees’ payments etc have to be bared. These numbers are not the thumb rule numbers. The investment changes from place to place, market to market and the quality of your product and services.