Printing Technology Jobs in India

Printing technology in India has wide usage in different occupational fields in India. With the introduction of computers, lasers and microprocessors it has evolved to become a hi-tech process. Printing jobs in India is growing in leaps and bounds

Career Opportunities in Printing technology jobs

There is a huge opening for qualified printing professionals in India.

Jobs for printing technologist are available in advertising agencies, newspapers/magazines, government presses, machine manufacturers, packaging industries, book printers and even in private commercial press as technology consultant.

Other jobs  openings in print technology  are:

  • Printing Sales Jobs
  • Bindery Jobs
  • Publishing Jobs
  • Offset Printing Jobs
  • Flexo Printing Jobs
  • Print Finishing Jobs
  • Print Packaging Jobs
  • Screen Printing Jobs
  • Commercial Printing Jobs

Required Educational Qualifications for printing technology in India

There are several colleges, and private institutes which offer degree and diploma programs in printing technology. All these degree courses are of three years duration. For a regular diploma course one just needs to have a matriculation certificate. For the two-year diploma course, one should have a science background at the 10th standard.

Apart from these courses one can also do short-term certificate courses on the subject.

The courses offer a comprehensive study of all aspects of printing. The courses are tailored to enable students gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Short term courses  available for printing technology jobs are:

  • Plate Making
  • Flaxo Printing
  • Offset Machine
  • Printing Press
  • Mini Offset Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Camera Operation
  • Desk Top Publishing
  • Commercial Printing Courses are various short courses from which you can easily enter printing sector in india


To become a good print technologist you need to be familiar with pre-press techniques, like preparation of image carrier, letter press, gravure, flexography, lithography, screen or laser and inkjet. Other required skills expected from candidates are post press techniques or finishing operations like cutting, binding, folding, laminating, packaging technology and embossing.