Be Self Employed

Be self employed is a concept which is quickly catching up with the young minds of the country. With a pool of talent available companies both in India and abroad look forward to have self employed professionals in their payrolls. As companies are concerned with quality work at less overhead expenses hiring self employed professionals help them gain both ways.

Self Employment in IT

With the advent of IT self employment has come to the fore. With opportunities available galore on the internet more and more skilled professionals prefer giving up their jobs for self employed work. There is constant increase in the flow of jobs from developed countries to third world countries like India. This has prompted people to take up jobs independently. Some IT based self employment jobs are data entry, medical transcription, content writing, technical writing, web designing, affiliate marketing, programming, legal transcription, online form filling and lots more.

With such enormous work pressure from overseas companies many firms and BPOs are looking out for freelancers to carry out their various assignments and meet the deadline.

The good quality of work, accomplished from home arrangements and the cost effective nature of such jobs have lead to generation of more jobs.

Self Employment in Small Business

You can be self employed with your own business set up. It can be anything from a small grocery shop to a small manufacturing unit. You can also put your skills to use to become self employed. If you are a good photographer, you can independently offer services to all events and occasions. Likewise if you are a good teacher you can set up your coaching centre and become self employed. The avenues of getting self employed in India are fantastic.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Self Employed?

The benefits of self employment are:

  • You get to work from the comforts of your home
  • You get to save a lot on taxes
  • No fixed work hours
  • You can schedule your own working hours

Things you need to Take Care if you want to be Self Employed

Here is a list of mistakes which you shouldn’t do if you plan to become self employed:

  • Do not sell to the wrong people. Be careful about your clients.
  • Do not spend too much in the beginning
  • Neither do spend too little
  • Avoid putting up a fake front
  • Always trust your intuition
  • Do not fail to create value

    Taking up lucrative self employed careers in India, are a fantastic alternative to earning money in quick, effortless and flexible way.