4 Easy Summer Business Ideas for College Students & Teenagers

The summer time usually has a lot of individuals on vacation and ready to spend. It is an ideal time to launch a business whether as a young student or a mature individual looking for a long term opportunity.

Top Summer Business Ideas

Event planning

  • An event planner usually arranges and brings together all the requirements that go into making specific gathering successful.
    Some of these events include weddings, trade shows, conventions, parties, exhibitions and even meetings.
  • The planners have to be adept at both formal and informal types of events to be able to enjoy a wide client base. Generally event planners need some form of qualification that can be from a university or college, in the form of a course on event management and public relations or an equivalent.
  • There are trade associations that can offer some form of certification after one gains some experience, this will go along way in attracting the attention of high profile clients. Such organizations go by names that sound like “Special Events’ Society”, but this may vary from place to place.

Summer camp

  • Summer camps are a staple for young people and they will find a camp to attend no matter the cost and effort.
  • The types of camps out there are academic, adventure camps, art camps, religious camps, sports camps and technology camps. One can start a camp for kids during the summer, and depending on ones qualifications, interests or abilities choose one of the categories of camps.
  • The typical camp charges about $500 a week, quite a tidy sum, but some small camps only charge $200 a week while some high end camps charge u to $500 a week.
  • The types of c amps can be classified on the basis of whether they are day camps or overnight camp.

Pickup service for trash

  • The winter months caused a lot of trash and dirt to accumulate in the house, and not all people are fond of cleaning up immediately the snow starts melting.
  • The late cleaners are numerous and they have a lot of trash to get rid of. This can be turned into an opportunity to exploit as a business. One needs a truck for the job as a minimum and a simple advertisement campaign to reach out potential clients.
  • A phone, an address and a permit from the local business office and health authorities will also be needed before the business can begin.

 House exterior cleaning

  • Windows, exterior walls and other hard to reach exterior surfaces can be cleaned for a small fee.
  • The number of homes needing an exterior touch up is not decreasing, and the ever increasing workload of many families makes it hard for them to do it by themselves.
  • This business requires no special qualifications, and registrations may not be necessary. The investment required would be minimal and may include detergents, paint brushes, window cleaning equipment and the like. The business is unique since it has great potential to create repeat business every year, if one does a high quality job.