Setting up A Business on Facebook: How to Create & Setup Business Page

Setting up a business page on Facebook is a great idea many businesses and shops have already realized. In addition, that is a great idea indeed. Nowadays, there is simply no bigger community in the whole world than the Facebook community is. If you know and use Facebook already, you know what we mean.

Many of those, you have created their own website in “Causes” or made a “Community”, have already collected hundreds of thousands of Facebook users to join them. There are the same statistics for games for example. In addition, games communities are good, as they know each other. If you become a good friend for many in any of the Facebook games for example and many people know you, you can as well come up with some business pages offering them to your friends. This way you will be much more likely to accept your invitations or sharing of ads than if you would only come to attack them with ads or such. Online marketing on Facebook has never been more successful than in these years. That is why; slowly you will even find your small grocery shop on the corner having its own website and community on Facebook.

So, now let us help you a little bit with the setting up a business on Facebook and to see how it will give your business an extra pushing for your business through Facebook, let more and more people know about you:

What you need for making your business visible on Facebook

  • A Facebook account, possibly not new, you can use it far more well if you have many people know you.
  • You will need a name of your business if you did not have it before.
  • You will a couple of attractive photographs.
  • You will also need some business or E-marketing ability, with the ability to write some attractive slogans and positive things about your business. You will need the skill to come up with some discounts in the good time.

How to make a business account on Facebook

  • After you go to the Facebook, you need to click on “Advertising” at the bottom of the page among the text links.
  • Then click on “Pages” which you will see on the top of the advertising page.
  • Go and find the option:”creating a page”.
  • Then go to the “Type of business” look for and then click on “Local”.
  • Type in the name of your business in the “Name of Page” section.
  • Do not forget to check the mark on “Do not make my page visible at this time” as your page is still in the process of creating.
  • Make the Security check as is usual nowadays at every sites.
  • Click on “Create Page”.
  • Click on “I already have a Facebook account” if you do so, if you do not you will need to create one.
  • Then you will need to give your username and password of your personal Facebook account and login.
  • Now, you can add photos, write freely about your business, and come up with fresh marketing ideas.
  • If you feel you are ready, do not forget to click on “Share” afterwards, to make your site visible for everyone.

It might feel complicated but in real, it is not. Go and give a try with creating your business on Facebook whatever it is. You do not need to own your shop or any business in order to create your business page. Might be, that Facebook will be your ultimate push in realizing something you have only dreamed of before.

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