Latest 8 Google Apps for Business Use: What’s the Cost and Pricing?

Google is one of the biggest companies in the empire of the internet and it has currently the widest array of different applications. If you own a business, these applications can work more than useful for you and so, they prove that it is really worth looking around on the internet for getting them.

Here, we shall discuss the applications meant for PC or laptop.

Sometimes applications are also business dependent. Therefore, we will enlist and shortly describe a couple of Google applications, which can prove useful to you. Google has prepared a Business package especially for small, medium and grand sized businesses. One package has a one-month trial version and it contains the following programs:

Top 8 Google Apps for Business Users

  1. Chrome: Google’s browser is getting more and more popular and used, because it is quicker and much easier to run of JAVA and FLASH than the other browsers.
  2. Calendar: Calendar can be your online filofax, containing all details, for example, a date that you need to remember. The calendar can be integrated with your mails, shared for a project and can be used on your mobile device too.
  3. Google Docs: With the online Docs, Google tries to do the backup for the Office re-creating everything in HTML that you need to share online.
    The Docs is able to give back the qualities of Word and Excel. The documents created in Google Docs are overall compatible for all systems.
  4. Google Cloud Connect: It is like a big Team Viewer where you together can work on one document or presentation. It is a tricky idea and makes cooperation much easier.
  5. Google Sites: This is a very easy website maker, an application that helps you to start from zero, entering the world of website creators.
  6. Google Apps Marketplace: This is a place where you can get or simply download other ads for your business. Once you start browsing, you will have endless choices in this regards. However, try to act smartly as downloading too many applications at a time may harm your system. So do it with thinking and some of your choice of apps knowing that so many Google applications exists that can be extra useful depending on the exact nature of the business. There are some Google apps for business review too.
  7. Google Finance: If you get this program, you will not need to search of Google apps anymore for business pricing and cost. This clever application will be your help all the way through. Google Finance interprets the stock prices and business reviews from all industrial segments.
  8. Google Groups: It is a program for keeping only company or department members on it. It gives place for document and idea sharing, so that a whole group can discuss the work phases, let is be about any sort of work.

This is just the starting of Google apps for business. You can see the rest of the applications on Google’s website with a fair yet short description.

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