Some Good Accounting Software for Business Use I Recommend

For a business, to know how profitable it is, the balance sheet must be created and the state of the business put down on paper. This can be an unwieldy experience especially for new business owners with no experience in book-keeping and management. The most obvious alternative for most businesses is to hire an accountant.

This option is only practical for businesses with a large margin, but unthinkable for small business owners. The other alternative is to get accounting software and learn how to use it. These tools will save a lot of man hours and most importantly, the business money, as time is indeed money, not to mention there savings arising form not hiring a professional accountant.

Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting

  • The features provided include audit trail accounting and email invoicing. It has a user friendly and intuitive inventory control.
  • It can keep track of the vendor quantities, size the inventory etc. The initial setup is quite confusing and needs a knowledgeable individual to assist

QuickBooks Pro

  • This is an affordable piece of software, ideal for small businesses.
  • The premium features include: supplies management, point of sales, and credit card processing.
  • There are other features like creating and managing invoices, automatic billing, creating tax forms (like 1099), tracking inventory, tracking payments as well as sales expenses and creating checks.
  • This service is completely web based currently, and it supports most of the web browsers on multiple operating systems.

AccountEdge for windows

  • This accounting software handles regular and recurring journal entries and budgets can be created covering up to two years.
  • There is a sales module in which features such as quotes, invoices and work orders can be found. A purchases module keeps track of purchases as well as returns.
  • There is a contacts’ module that can track customers, and create personalized letters. There is also a feature to create tax codes for clients as well as multiple tax codes for the same.

Simply accounting pro

  • Simply Accounting Pro comes from the same software accounting as Sage Peachtree.
  • Some of the features that it has are payroll, job costing, inventory, banking and time billing. The software has an extensive help section and is intuitively designed to make it easy to use.
  • It has an accounts receivable section that can perform functions like building general quotes, creating receipts and sales orders. But this section unfortunately can not estimate shipping costs, something that the competing products can do.
  • The payroll section can allow the addition, removal and modification of an employee’s record as well as setting different pay periods that can be 26 or 52 per year in number.

Rainmaker platinum

  • This is accounting software mainly targeted at attorneys.
  • It is designed to ease the process of creating complex bills and increasing the efficiency and handling of client payments and the accounts receivable.
  • It is a response to the need for secure and innovative accounting software solutions for law firms.

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