Top 4 Smartphone for Business Professionals 2011 with Email Support

The features and applications found in phones are constantly improving. This has led to smartphones finding application even in the most unexpected of places. One can keep in touch on the go using email, video calls are also slowly being introduced in smartphones and most of all, using the Internet on the smartphone is to get information is almost like doing the same on a desktop computer.

Best Smart Phones for Business Use in 2011

Apple iPhone 4

  • Comes with a 3.5 inch touchscreen, packs a 1 GHz processor, storage provided by 16BG or 32GB flash drive.
  • Comes with a 5-MP camera, HD recording, and a front facing camera for facetime calls.
  • The iOS 4 mobile oprtating system supports standardized servers for facillitating features such as push email, contacts and calendar.
  • Data protection is thorough, with information encrypted when en-route during transmission, in the filesystem on the device and even when backed up on iTunes.
  • The price is $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for 32GB.

HTC Thunderbolt

  • This phone comes with a 4.3 inch screen, the android operating system, and 8 MP camera, 4G enabled and a 720p HD camera.
  • Has DLNA which will beam photos, music and movies to your TV wirelessly. The processor is clocked at about 1GHz, and the phone has about 32 GB of pre-installed storage space.
  • It also come with DIAL MICS that can do noise cancellation, an accelerometer, a compass and proximity sensor. The android app store is ever widening, and more developers are developing for android devices.
  • This capable phone will be able to handle most business oriented apps and promises to be a very versatile tool.

Blackberry bold 9930

  • This comes with a 2.8” capacitive touch screen, and a full QWERTY display, a combination that is rarely seen in smart phones.
  • It sports a 1.2 GHz processor plus 768 MB of RAM. Internally it houses 8 GB of space with a slot for cards holding up to 32 GB.
  • Inside there is an accelerometer as well as a digital compass, a proximity sensor as well built in GPS and aGPS. There is also dual band WiFi and Bluetooth support.
  • The Blackberry world is well serviced by an appstore featuring all the necessary function enhancements from apps that are needed.

Motorola droid 3

  • This solid phone from Motorola features an impressive five row QWERTY keyboard, a dual core processor, and an 8 MP camera.
  • The screen is 4-inches wide and the resolution is 960×450, and present is a HDMI port as well as a micro-USB port.
  • It runs the Gingerbread android operating system and can handle different types of networks like WCDMA, CDMA, GSM, HSDPA, EDGE and others. Unfortunately it does not have 4G so the competition may have an edge on it.
  • The phone also supports corporate sync email, Gmail, POP3/IMAP embedded, push and Yahoo mail, an important consideration for business.
  • One more important consideration is the access to the android app market, which is well established, and expanding. All this goes for about $199 in stores.

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