Review of Top 5 Antivirus Software for Business and in 2011 and 2012

5 Best Antivirus Software for Business Users

1. Antivirus Software for Business

  • Most of the worlds home and business computers run a version of the Windows operating system.
  • Unfortunately, for interoperability between different computers and file format compatibility, it is very necessary for business to business communication, not to mention Microsoft’s profits, this has encouraged the rise of programmers that write malicious code intended to damage, compromise, steal or corrupt data stored on computers running Windows.
  •  This has necessitated the development of programs meant to protect the operating system form these dangerous pieces of software called viruses. Protecting the computers used by a business is critical, as it may mean the difference between the businesses surviving of going under loss.
  • Viruses have been known to target and steal trade secrets stored on remote computers, to interrupt normal business operations, or physically damage critical hardware. Listed here are some of the anti-viruses a business should consider obtaining.

2. Kaspersky business space security

  • This has features like: on-access virus scanning, on demand scanning, automatic scheduled and manual updates and a secure quarantine container.
  • This antivirus also does real-time HTTP and email scanning, as well as option for system rollback in case of an unforeseeable contingency.
  • It offers protection form rootkits and keyloggers, a secure firewall, removable storage control, as well as support for different platforms including smartphones, workstations, fileservers, and clusters.


  • NOD32 is considered a reputable anti-virus. Some of the features that it has are, scanning SSL encrypted traffic channels like POP3s and HTTPS for threats.
  •  It can scan your email under clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft outlook, and Windows live mail to ensure the integrity of emails. Removable media can be scanned on access, or can be given full scans on request from users, and self running removable drives will have their Autorun.inf files checked before they are run.
  •  There is an option to create bootable rescue CD/DVDs or even USB media, ensuring quick recovery after unexpected system problems. Curiously the software can also prevent malicious programs from altering it or disabling it. It goes for about $430 in the market place.

4. VIPRE business premium

  • This comes with features such as on access scanning for removable media, an advanced firewall with process protection, code injection logging, boot time protection, and a Snort based intrusion detection system.
  • Web filtering is available and so is URL blacklisting and the option of blocking advertisements.
  • This software scale swell with system size and can handle thousands of clients, it is also easy to set up the suite on clients by creating .msi or .exe for push install on the command line or via group policy software installation.

5. Bitdefender antivirus pro

  • This antivirus come with standard on demand, on access, and scheduled scanning features.
  • It also features a proactive virus protection that checks for malware and new viruses.
  • The software also safeguards one’s privacy online, whether on social networking sites or in data transfers, from malicious loggers that attempt to track one’s activities online.
  • There is a safe search built in that will warn a user while online about malicious websites within search engine results.
  • There is also ingenious use of cloud computing technology to minimize the impact on one’s system while scanning for viruses.

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