Why Do Business People Use MS Excel? Reasons it Dominates Other Apps

Excel is an integral part of Microsoft office suite. Its powerful functions has become an integral part of every business operations. So much so it has also become an integral to ones way of life. .

Why is it that that people are heavily dependent on this application? What is it that makes it so indispensable?

The Answer is…

  • Excel comprises individual worksheets for creating lists and spreadsheets.
  • It comes with such varied functions that creating lists, maintaining data or records or even scheduling becomes extremely easy.
  • Imaging converting any data into a pie chart or a bar graph representation with just a click of the mouse.

To Give you an Example…

  • Let’s consider a weekly conference room resource schedule as an example. It is very easy and handy to create a resource schedules with Excel. You can color code it and set it up to update itself automatically with every change of schedules. You can have the headings of each column named by the day and the rows based on time span. The first column may have Monday as the column heading and time slot, say 10 am– 11am as the row name.
    Thus you allocate different timings for different departments and pass on the sheet to the respective department to ensure every department is aware of their respective schedules. Can there be a better way to avoid confusion?
  • Lets consider the use of excel sheet in basic account. There can’t be a better application for checkbook ledger. After entering debit and credit figures you easily convert the entries into a pie chart to get a complete overview of how it went for you in a particular week or month. If you want to compare the expenditure figures of a few months, convert it into a bar graph, with each bar representing each month. And all this can be instantaneous. Likewise you can track product changes with excel on a monthly or quarterly basis. With a correct idea of the upward and downward trends, you get to know in which direction your business is heading. A detailed chart can also help you see your return of investment whenever you want.

When it comes to list making nothing can beat excel sheet. This feature can be put to a variety of use. For instance, if you wish to create a database of your customers, excel sheet is your best bet. You can endlessly add names and other information. When it comes to finding someone out, you wouldn’t face the proverbial needle in a haystack situation. Do a Ctrl + F search and pull the name out in a flash. You can go on adding fields without affecting the layout in possible way.

Given the many ways in which it can be put to good use, its doubtful whether excel sheet will ever outlive its utility.

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