3D Modeling Jobs in Chicago, IL: Jobs for Freelance 3D Modelers

There is soaring craze for 3D modeling jobs among career-oriented people. Great business and marketing prospects have made 3D modeler jobs one of the most lucrative career options today. Young career aspirants are making a beeline for admission in institutions which teach this important multimedia discipline.

3D modeling has vast marketing prospects.

Potential markets that purchase 3D modeling discs include video game platforms and computer-enhanced graphics meant for design firms. 3D modelers who create 3D models are employed by companies ranging from video game designing firms to motor companies and real estate development firms. Prospects in 3D modeling are also very high.

3D Modeling Jobs in Chicago, IL

3D professionals play pivotal roles as part of graphic team. Their job responsibilities are varied. In any office facility, these professionals are supposed to work in close contact with game developers. Some of their key job responsibilities include:

  • Producing highly optimized and quality models based on concept art
  • Maintaining game style working under the Senior Modeler or the team leader of FunOrb Graphics
  • Performing additional graphic tasks depending on their individual ability

How to get 3D Modeler Jobs?

Before making an effort towards getting 3D modeler job, you must have clear idea about what educational specifications help one land in this job.

Well, you should ideally have a degree or diploma in fine arts or multimedia. Apart from possessing required qualification, you must be skilled in Autodesk Maya, Body Paint 3d and Deep Paint 3d. If you possess all these specifications, you can get along for job-hunting in the field of 3D modeling.

For getting all information related to freelance 3D modeler job in Chicago, you are required to take the help of local newspapers and popular job sites which bring out information about current openings. Newspaper ads require candidates to appear at walk-ins while job sites offer facilities of sending online applications. In either case, you would require to send your 3D resume along with cover letter. So, spare extra efforts in the preparation the both.

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