How To Find A Company’s Address From a Phone Number? 3 Easy Ways

You don’t have the company’s address but only the phone number? Are keen to find their address without ringing them up?

Don’t worry, it’s possible. In today’s world of internet communications, it takes nothing to find more about something or someone. A phone number is enough to track down a company and learn a lot more about it.

What Other Info Do you Get with Just Phone Number?

  • You can learn about the company’s history
  • Its past and present CEO
  • Areas in which it specializes, related questions and even white paper and case studies on the company’s field of activity.
  • Other peripheral information which you can ferret out from the net includes directions to the place, means that can take you there, nearest landmark, nearby stores as well as its competitors.

3 Ways To Find Address of a Company With Phone Number

  1. Start your Google search with This site is designed to provide you the required information. Once you land in the home page of this site, select the “Reverse Lookup” tab. Type in the company’s phone number into the blank field of the Reverse Lookup textbox.
    Click the “Find” button and the search results for the particular company will flash before your eyes. One good thing about this search is that it doesn’t depend on the phone number format.
  2. The yellow pages is another good site to carry out your search in. Visit In the navigation you will find the tab “Find a Business”. Select it and then click on the “Phone Number” link. Type the phone number of the company you are looking for and click on “Find’. The name and address of the company will be displayed. Make sure you type the area code of the place. If not, it may fail to locate the company. This site also provides you with the option to click to find a direction map to the company.
  3. Another good place to look for the company address is in Better Business Bureau’s website. A good company will have its name enlisted with the bureau. Go to Click on the tab named “Check out a Business or Charity” button. Next select the “Phone, URL, Email” tab and type the organizations phone number in the field box. Click on the “Search” button to initiate the search. The address will be displayed if it’s in the database. If not, it will throw up the info “No results found”.

Finding out addresses with phone number has never been as easy as it is now. Only that, you have to have the number correct.

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    I want to start a new business of shirts manufacturing, but I am confused how to start and where to get ideas to start this business. Presently I am in Lucknow and I want to start this business in lucknow only. Initially I want to invest approx 5 lakhs, Can you advice me the future of this business /and what are the problems that could come in this business.

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