Atlanta Job Market 2011 And 2012: News On How Market Is Heading?

A job market consists of employees seeking jobs, and employers seeking people to hire to work for them. The job market varies from region to region throughout the United States. Some areas offer more jobs than others. The industries these jobs are offered in often vary as well. The job market fluctuates based on the economy, the quantity of jobs available, and the amount of people available for hire.

The higher the unemployment rate in an area is, the weaker their job market tends to be.

Atlanta GA Job Market in Year 2011 and 2012

The job market in Atlanta is currently struggling due to dependency on jobs in the banking and real estate sectors. Both of these industries have been hit hard in the recession. It is showing signs of improving though.  Here are some examples of the current situation in the job market in Atlanta.

  • Atlanta’s current unemployment rate is 10.1%. That is 1% higher than the national unemployment rate which is currently 9.1%. These figures are accurate figures as of September 2011.
  • Out of the top 100 major metro area job markets, Atlanta’s job market is ranked at number 46.
  • Atlanta has recently started a new campaign called the “Hire One Campaign” That encourages all businesses to hire at least one new person. They hope this will help improve the job market.
  • Jobs opportunities are decreasing in the financial sector. Over 3000 financial jobs have been cut.
  • Jobs are decreasing in the educational sector. There have been over 2,000 job cuts in educational services.
  • Jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector are on the rise with an increase of over 20,000 jobs. These include jobs in hotels, restaurants, and at tourist attractions.
  • There has been over 10,000 new jobs added to the market in the business services sector.
  • 6000 new jobs have been created in the Construction business in Atlanta this year.
  • Transportation, Manufacturing, health care and warehousing have also added thousands of new jobs to the market in Atlanta this year.
  • Other industries growing in Atlanta are Telecommunications, Technology, and Engineering.
  • Internet Technology (IT) in particular is a rapidly growing job market in Atlanta.
  • The top three employers in Atlanta are The Home Depot, UPS, and The Coca Cola Company.
  • Other large companies with bases in Atlanta include Delta Airlines, Genuine Parts, Turner Communications, and AGCO.
  • The industries of utilities, trade, and transportation employee the largest number of workers in Atlanta.
  • The Atlanta government employs over 250,000 people alone.
  • In the last 40 years the job market in Atlanta has grown almost four times larger.

No matter what your career, you can likely find a good job in Atlanta. The job market there is on the rise, and expected to continue to grow rapidly as the recession comes to an end. If you have skills, and a willingness to work, Atlanta can be a great place to find work.

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