Babysitting Jobs for Teens

There is huge demand for babysitters in the market. This is because in the past decade or so there has been a huge improvement in life style requirements and routine office jobs. This has led to a considerable rise in day care centers which do the job of babysitting for working mothers.

However, nowadays these jobs are being delegated to teenagers. This is because employing a teenager for the job is not like going to a business house like day centers. More and more people prefer teenagers for a number of reasons.

Why Teenagers and College Students Love to do Babysitting Jobs?
Teenagers are matured and understand the need of earning a livelihood. As they badly need to do some work to meet their expenses, they look for easy jobs. Baby sitting is an easy job for them. There cannot be a better job for those who have loads of patience and love being with kids. You work while you have fun. Charges are hourly basis and so one can get decent amount every day.

This is a good way of doing studies as well as working during vacations. When to study, you must be wondering? You can study when the baby falls asleep.

Things You Need to Take Care before you Commit yourself to Daycare Jobs
Before you commit yourself to babysitting jobs, you need to know what the job is all about.

  • Learn how to feed babies, change clothing and nappies.
  • Try to know more about the kid’s temperaments, food habits, allergies, etc.
  • Be thoroughly prepared to entertain kids no sooner than they want. This is very important because children get bored easily and seek your attention every now and then. The best way to win them over is by thinking about constant innovation.
  • Do not fall asleep if the child is asleep. Follow instructions given by their parents/ward strictly. It is very important to have eye contact and touch.
  • Never scold or threaten the child. Your duty is to emotionally fill the absence of their parents. And while you baby sit it is good if you teach them something like good habits or hygiene and independence.
  • Don’t be put off by those who throw tantrums every now and then. They are just attention seekers. However don’t give up soon as they will use it as a ploy too often. Make sure they are eager to listen to you.

Baby sitting jobs are just about clever handling of situations and off course patience. Those teenagers who have both of these qualities can go for babysitting jobs.

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  1. ST Reply

    I bit confused with the following situation, I initially wanted to start a Baby creche / Play school for kids aged from 1 to 5. And didn’t know the procedure how to implement it. I am having a thought to invest 10 to 20K in this.

    Also my friend gave another idea about starting a catering business, where we would supply food for some IT Vendors, and various other house delivery also could be made. I am now not sure if I could trust the caterer I am thinking to hire, if he drops off suddenly and I do not have a back up to handle the situation, where as creche I am not sure about the legal threats I may undergo. So please advise me on this.

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