10 Must Read Books, If You are Planning to Start a Business

Reading books on how to start a business is one way to learn more about the subject matter.  It is not enough to just garner knowledge about the particular business that you are in.  It is equally important that you should read up on how to operate the business too. For this, you need to understand basic principles of business.

Start With Some Basic Business Books

  • Read books that discuss how to start any type of business to give you the fundamentals of how to run a business.
  • Learn how to manage the day to day running of any business and what needs to be done in order for the company to flourish and make a profit.
  • Understand the basics of hiring employees, including how employment laws apply to the type of business you intend to start.
  • Learn the difference between being a sole proprietor of a business as well as incorporation and even starting a limited liability company.

Read Books about Financing

  • Read books on how to get financing for any business including bank loans as well as private funding.
  • Find out which grants are available for those who are starting their own business – in some cases, both state as well as federal grants can be used to begin as well as continue to operate any business that serves a community or greater need.
  • Learn how to manage funds that are set aside for a business as personal money should not mingle with business funds.
  • Read about how to create a business plan that can be used for getting a loan as well as how to prepare financial statements that are also needed for loans.
  • Have an understanding of how much profit the business can generate as well as how much of your own money you will have to put forth in order to start a business.

Books on Networking

  • Learn how certain groups, some right within your own community, can help you meet the right people as well as network with other business leaders.
  • Get the concept of networking to find others who may be able to help you get started – many businesses begin as partnerships.  This can include silent partners who are willing to finance the business but not have to deal with the every day running of the company.
  • Understand how to network to continue to help the business grow, even after you have gotten off your feet with the company.  A stagnant business is doomed for failure, in order to continue to make money, any business has to continue to grow.

Books on Managing a Business

  • Look for tips on how to hire the right people for the job, including accountants and even attorneys who might be needed to help you run your business.
  • Get information on how to manage employees of any business as well as what to look for in an employee.
  • Be willing to learn how to delegate certain aspect of the business to employees whom you can trust.
  • Learn which jobs can be outsourced to private contractors and other businesses that can end up saving you money.

There are various books on business development as well as management that can help anyone who is starting business.  The reason that businesses fail is because people who start them have a lack of knowledge of what it takes both financially as well as personally, in how to get started, maintain and successfully make a business grow.

6 thoughts on “10 Must Read Books, If You are Planning to Start a Business

  1. syan Reply

    Dear sir, I am in Saudi Arabia and wish to open a travel agency. I have basic knowledge of internet & basic information about Amadeus sing in / sign out etc. but still I don’t know after open my agency how I can sell all airlines ticket. Do I have to deposit separately in all airlines or only one single bank account connect with local amadeus center. I would be very thankful to you if you give me full details…

  2. amol Reply

    I am a Project Manger in reputed telcom company. I want to start the business in garments. As one of my friend is doing this. As his target customer is big corporates & making the prodcut as per their requirement. I want to join with him. As we will be doing it online by launching the e-commerce web site. Also plan to enter in market with Brand name for T shirts & formal shirts initial. For this we need to make the bussines model & need details to start the business.
    Can you support in all respect E2E business model considering we are lay man in this field.
    Also provide your contact number so that we can discuss in details.

    Amol Nakhale


  3. G.Venki Reply

    Hello, I am planning to start business of a product like potato chips, can anyone suggest what are the requirements that I required to setup my business and How much does it costs?

  4. Arvind Reply


    I would like to know the required documents and licence to start a BPO training institutue with a capacity of 10 to 15 people in one batch, also i would like to know the approximate estimate of cost for the licence and other legal fees if any.

    Kindly guide me at the earliest, your assistance in this matter would be highly appreciated.


  5. rohit Reply


    Myself Rohit from Ludhiana. I have just started home tutorial service but I am confused regarding marketing of my service. Please help me for marketing. Reply as soon as possible.


  6. Abdul Reply

    I am based out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am planning to setup a Kids retail store, which includes Garments, toys & accessories etc., Garments being the primary part of it. I have passion to set up the store with innovative ideas, however, no knowledge about the business.

    Below is the information I am looking at:

    1. Is there any course which educates me about the retail/garment business in Hyderabad?
    2. What is the investment I should be looking at, to start the store?
    3. How do I procure goods and dispose unsold ones?
    4. How do I manage the infrastructure (personnel, IT, Transport, Advertisment etc.,)
    5. What are precautions I should take, to make it a success?
    6. What is the registration process and other things whichi I need to complete before starting the business

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