4 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies and Tactics in 2011 – 2012

The volume of business to business communications and sales still outweighs the volume of business to consumer communication or sales volume. Business to business sales includes trade in raw materials, technology, infrastructure and other critical services needed to keep businesses running and profitable.

  • The opportunity to engage other business contacts with marketing information and sales opportunities is precious and needs to be approached with diligence and tact, to ensure that the opportunity is well taken advantage of, and becomes an asset to the company or enterprise.
  • Some of these strategies include face to face meetings, webinars, and email-based communication approaches.

4 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

Web meetings

  • Web meetings can be used to communicate specific information about products on a need to basis.
  • The web meetings can consist of an audio call and presentation slides for simplicity and effectiveness but can be scaled up to video calls if the need arises, creating a high degree of flexibility.
  • With plane tickets being expensive this is an ideal solution for geographically separated audiences, since it makes for attractive economics.
  • For busy individuals who are usually interrupted, a training series can be made which are accessible at any time, not necessarily scheduled.

Tailor made solutions

  • One size fits all in business to business dealings will not work effectively.
  • Every decision maker is faced with unique circumstances, and the product or service that is on offer must make sense for the particular situation that is facing them.
  • Decision makers in fast growing companies may be concerned about how well the product will be supported in future as well as its evolution in time, so it’s important to not just stress the factor of low pricing when contacting such kind of decision makers when soliciting for new clients.
  • For tailor made solution to be possible every client’s circumstances should be well known and understood.

Technical information

  • If there are technical experts available for a company’s product, they should be involved is some form of product discussion list that is sent to prospects.
  • In these discussion lists, prospects and customers can ask question about the product and have them answered by informed, sharp individuals that are knowledgeable about the product.
  • This will create may opportunities to market the product and engage an audience and keep them informed about the product and its capabilities and also it’s importance to the prospect.
  • Well informed individuals have been found to be more willing to purchase a company’s product, since purchases are considered rational independent decisions, not decisions taken from them by over eager salesmen.


  • Many potential clients that hold key decision making positions are hard to reach and to get to them one has to pass through red tape.
  • Many of the red tape enforcers may not see the value of one’s information or product and will deliver the same to the target individual. This can be turned into an opportunity by educating the gatekeeper.
  • An example is the administrative assistant; the assistant can be informed on how the items and services on offer a can help them do their jobs better.
  • Reaching out to busy administrative assistants can be done through sequenced communication rather than scheduled encounters to ensure that one does not get in their way. This can effectively turn a prospect to an informed paying client

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