What All You Need To Open And Setup Your Bicycle Repair Business?

Bicycles are making a huge comeback. In countries like Norway, it has once again become the main means of transport. Given the rising costs of gas and impending scarcity, most countries have realized that falling back on this mode of transport can be hugely beneficial both to the economy and the environment.

With bicycle all set to take over from other means of transport it is time you contemplate starting a bicycle repair business of your own.

Like the simplicity of a bicycle, a bicycle repair shop requires simple tools and a small working space. Investing in all of these would cost you almost nothing. Learning how to repair a cycle is no rocket science. All that it requires is a passion for biking and keen interest in watching and learning.

But, How to get in To This Business?

  • However, to get started, it is advisable to gather some good knowledge about the subject.
  • Joining a tech training school can be very helpful.
    If there isn’t such school nearby, you can always get to teach yourself. A technical manual can be your best teacher. It serves as a quick reference – something on which you can fall back upon every now and then.
  • Reading about bike repair in the web can also be very helpful. After picking up the basics, you can get down to the technical aspect. This can give you some hands on experience in bike training.
  • Start with your own bike. Dismember it to the bearings. Then put it back together. Once done, take a ride to see if it’s okay. If it is, you have cleared out the first round. It is only after many such rounds of rejoining, that you can master the concept behind a bicycle.

What all You need?

  • Before you get down to this, keeping some basic tools ready can prove handy.
  • Some of the tools include…
    • Good tire pump
    • Tire spoons
    • Wrenches
    • Pressure gauge
    • Chain breaker tool
    • Spoke wrench
    • Screw drivers
    • Allen keys
    • Wire cutters
    • Adjustable pliers, etc.

But remember, as you get on to the job you would need a lot more.

Now, How to Attract Customers?

  • Once you learn the trick, its good if you repair a few cycles for no cost or may be at a far lesser cost. This can benefit you in two ways. Firstly, it provides you with the chance to hone your skills with less accountability.
  • Secondly, there can’t be a better way to market your new business. Once you become more proficient, and win the trust of your customers it’s your call all the way.

As far as finance is required, I think this business does not require hefty investment, you can do savings from your job for about 10-12 months and start this business.

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