How to Start a Dog Grooming Business: Plan, Tips and Ideas for Pet Grooming

The demand for pet dogs is ever increasing so is the number of pet groomers. Over the years, there has been sharp increase in the demand of dog grooming services. Now, more and more people want to get their dirty and draggled dogs to be cleaned, cultured and cute. According to an independent estimate, every US dog grooming service tends around 4000 dogs and cats.

The demand is still increasing.

In order to be a professional dog grooming service provider, you should have something more in you than a developed sense of love for the creatures. You should be prepared to work hard and study hard. In case you decide to run a business of your own, you should remember that the work responsibility gets multiplied. Here, you would get a few important dog grooming business ideas that would help you set up your own dog grooming services.

Steps to Start Dog Grooming Business

  • Get professionally trained in the art and science of dog grooming. You would find a lot of accredited and licensed dog grooming schools that offer perfectly designed dog grooming programs.
    You can pick up a local trade school or a community college. A standard pet grooming program takes around 300 hours of classroom study.
  • Follow a dog grooming business plan. This idea can increase the feasibility of your business. It should ideally be done before you get admission in a pet grooming program. The dog grooming business plan would settle various factors related to your business such as the location for work, fund resourcing, business aims, marketing and advertising strategies. You can take the help of Small Business Administration (SBA) in the preparation of the business plan.
  • Apply for a business loan. It should be done after proper research. While applying for a business loan, choose a financial organization that charges less interest amount. It would save your business from financial burden.
  • Determine a location that is best suited for your dog grooming business. You have various options in your hand. You can start the business from home if you have enough space, rent a shop on lease or get a small booth at any grooming salon. It is always recommended that you should get off small. Initially, you may be required to offer your services traveling from door to door.
  • Invest in good quality of pet grooming equipments and supplies. It would help you improve your services. Make sure that the environment that you would provide to the dogs is comfortable and clean with good lighting arrangements.

Dog Grooming Business Growth Prospect

Dog grooming business income mainly depends on the magnitude of services you offer. A small scale dog grooming service generally charges lesser than the services provided by a pet grooming salon. The grooming service charges that you would get at a dog spa can be higher than what you would get at a grooming salon. These factors and classifications determine dog grooming business income.

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