Electronics Business Plan, Ideas And Opportunities: How To Start Guide

Question: I am looking to start an Electronics Business in United States, I am more looking to start consumer electronics and cell phone business, I have experice of selling online on eBay, but now I want to set up a store. Can you give me some ideas and possibly plan to start an electronic business?


Ideas and Plan to Start an Electronic Business

  • Current market for the retailing electronic equipment  is showing very good opportunities.
    You can see around you and your locality where so many showrooms and individual shops are doing very well business of electronic items retailing. As you said you have capacity of 40,000 USD to invest in this kind of business. I would suggest you some options.
  • If you want to start with brand name with improved goodwill, I would like to suggest you should go for Franchise. So many companies are offering franchise to allow you to start with his Company name. Fixed amount you will have to bare to obtain such franchise. It would cost you according to the type and size of business you want to start with.
  • With in capital available with you, it would be impossible to purchase your own shop and start it.
    So obtain shop on rent affordable to you. Consult distributors who can provide you the type of electronic equipment you want to deal in. It is necessary to be in contact with different distributors and manufacturers, if you want to deal in all kind of electronic equipments.
  • The location always matters in this kind of business. Because the people who used to purchase electronic equipments used to visit malls and supermalls rather than street shop. So if possible try to start your business at such type of location where your can assure your self that customer will visit your shop. Once your shop comes to notice of customer, they will come again and bring others also. That is why it is necessary to select crowded locality or malls and supermalls.
  • So far as money is concerned you have sufficient amount to do the business. You can increase your capacity by taking loan or over draft, now days these facilities are available in all the banks. You can call the bank ask for this kind of services and its cost. The more variety of products you will deal, more and more customers will visit and prefer you in market.
  • If you have any questions, you can ask the questions here.

4 thoughts on “Electronics Business Plan, Ideas And Opportunities: How To Start Guide

  1. O N Reply

    I am really interested to start an electronics business in my beloved country USA. I live in a small tow where technology is growing day by day because the people are really interested in modern technology. So I want the plans and opportunities that to start a new business of importing IT (Information Technology) equipment in order to have good profitable business.

    Thank you.

  2. J T Reply

    Hello, I want to start an electronic business. I am looking for some good information on internet which helps me get information on different electronic gadgets. Especially I am planning to open a mobile store. Please inform me, if there are any good websites. Thank you.

  3. KST Reply

    Hello sir,
    I need your help to start my own company of semiconductors. I am an engineer student and currently in the final year.
    I want to know the procedure and the necessities to start a company. Please provide me all the details about the same.
    Thank you.

  4. VK Reply

    I am ITI and HARDWARE NETWORKING student I am interested in starting consumer electrical or electronics business, can you send me detailed plan of this business, I need to know what is the scope of this business in my area?
    Thank you.

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