Green Marketing Ideas: What Is It and How Its Useful to Businesses

Today, there is stiff competition in every field. If you are there to sell something, you are a part of that competition. Companies are spending billions to survive in to competition. New concepts for marketing are coming out.

Companies are using different marketing strategies to gain more market share. There is a very famous concept of Green Marketing. This is used widely by many companies to gain consumer trust and gain social prestige.

What is green marketing? Green marketing is a process of selling products and services based on their environmental benefits. These products may be environmentally beneficial or non polluting towards the nature. Such products and services are called eco-friendly products and services. The best way to market these merchandise and services is the green Marketing.

Green Marketing is basically making the customer think that these products are harm less to the nature and environment.

Making a clear image of our products in the minds of consumers and positioning of our products as environmentally friendly products is the min motive of green marketing. Green marketing is used brand activation and also for promotion of particular products. The environmentally friendly image makes a big difference in the decision making process of the consumers.

Many educated and conscious people will prefer Green product or service rather than others. This is entirely psychological marketing attempt to target a specific cluster of customers. An assumption that this product will not harm us and environment, increases chances of getting purchased of that product or service. But this marketing strategy can not be used for any random products. You have to have honesty in this matter. If you are marketing any product or service as green product, that product has to be eco-friendly in some or the other way.

One thing that has to be considered is that “Do not ever degrade other products while marketing yours as green.” Many marketers make advertisements in such a way that can be deceived. Do not make an attempt to prove any other product inferior. Let the consumer make that decision.

This marketing is mostly used in B2B sectors and industrial products. Companies can prepare advertisements displaying celebrity recommending the product because of the greenness that the product have. If possible, you can briefly make them understand the greenness of the product scientifically. Though this is not possible in every product, in industries it can be used.

So this is what green marketing is and how it works. If you have any questions regarding the dame, please ask here.

2 thoughts on “Green Marketing Ideas: What Is It and How Its Useful to Businesses

  1. James Reply

    Dear sir,
    I am running a corn factory in California. I used to produce corn and sell them to the wholesalers. Now I want to start retail chain as well, and I want to start it with a bang. What green marketing ideas can we use for that?
    Thank you.

  2. JT Reply

    Hello there,
    We are a chemical firm from US. Actually as a part of corporate social responsibility, we have arranged for a garden. We also use recycled chemicals. Now we want to enter in to the csmetics markets. We are going to produce cosmetics withless than 5 persent chemicals. So please suggest me some idea how I can this product line with green marketing.
    Thank you.

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