Start Hot Dog Cart Business | Info on Profit Margins and Getting License

If you have always wanted a low stress, high income venture, this is it. Hot dog cart vending can earn you a lot of cash while working for shorter periods than most folk. Here is what you need to know and do to get into the business.

Steps to Start Hot Dog Cart Business

Your people skills

  • The hot dog cart is not like an average drive through, you get an opportunity to engage your customer in some small talk before you serve, and this can be enough to leave an impression, so whenever they want a hot dog, you are the first vendor in their mind.
  • Be polite and courteous, even when you’re feeling under the weather, and do not forget to complement a regular customer. Go out of your way to make the customer feel appreciated, and not just for the cash you are about to earn, but make it genuine enough to be real and believable.
  • Be punctual and reliable, if you say you will be open at a certain time, make sure you will be there, the last thing you need is disappointed customers, if they can not count on you to be available, they will carry packed lunch, so be mindful.

The location you choose

  • Like the real estate business, location is a make or break issue, the bigger the number of people that are available the better the chances of making good sales.
  • You need to be where the customers are just before meal times, or where they intend to go when they are hungry.
  • You can target places near their places of work, or a meeting place where meal time hours are spent, and evaluate the potential that both have.
  • You can do your homework to identify the best locations by making a mental note on the potential location as you commute to your job, and at each place, find out the number of people around at meal time and the ownership of that property, whether it’s publicly accessible, or it’s a private area.

Obtain licenses for Hot Dog Cart Business

  • Your local city council or state health office will require you to obtain a permit to operate.
  • This will usually be done by visiting the offices of the health authorities and the relevant business registration office in you city. This is necessary as you will need both a health inspection certificate and a business permit.
  • It is also important to find out the bylaws governing the movement of carts, as there are cities that strictly regulate where you can park the cart and where you can not.

Tools needed for your job

  • The hot dog cart business is built around the iconic cart, which comes in many shapes and colors, and feel free to indulge you fancy on this one.
  • Choose a shape and color that will capture you imagination and attract the customer’s attention. The cost of a vendors cart is about $900 a cheap price considering the capital required in other businesses.

The average costs and expenses are listed below:

Hot Dog Cart $900.00
Soda (per liter) $0.35
Dogs $0.30
Chips $0.30
  • The average hot dog meal goes for $3.75, so if you sell about 100 meals a day, and work for 365 days less three months for winter (275 days total), you will get about $77,000 after deducting the costs of the meals. If that is not an easy living I do not know what is.

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