How to Start a Manufacturing Business: Plan, Ideas and Opportunities

Question: I am Christopher from New York. I have 3 years of work experience in the field of manufacturing. I need some information regarding to set up any small scale industry without leaving my job. My budget is 10,000 USD and I am expecting returns of more than 500 USD per month.

Please guide me, what should I do?

Answer: If you have some experience in the manufacturing field, you can have a good opportunity to start your own venture. Your experience helps you a lot. Especially  if you step in to the same field of your experience, you can do it in a better way than the others.

So I would advise you to start the same business with which you have experience on a small scale. You will not have to run around to find the suppliers, transporter, processor etc. You can do it perfectly.

For those who have no experience, I would advise that they should have a feel of the market first.

They should have visits of manufacturing units, markets etc. That will help you to gain some experience about the field and you can move on with your plan.

Never start a business without having any experience and just by getting inspired by others’ talks.

There are so many options which can be started with a small investment. So the belief of not having capacity of a small investor to start a manufacturing unit should be demolished.

If you have any questions, you can ask your questions here.

11 thoughts on “How to Start a Manufacturing Business: Plan, Ideas and Opportunities

  1. Ms. lews Reply

    Wanted to start a small scale industry, I need some ideas were I can think of investing my hardly earned money and expect some good returns.

    I am also thinking of taking some loan but need details on that, can you Please provide me with details for getting loans for small scale industry.
    Also I saw a suggestion of yours on making Paper bags, I would like
    To know more on that and you can also suggest few new ideas. Is there any machinery which could help me to get those paper bags output with investing extra money by employing few people?

  2. Mc.Calivn Reply

    My name is Mc.Calvin. I am an mechanical engineer and also holding a degree in fashion technology. I am presently working in an MNC company . I want to start an automotive spare parts manufacturing company or an garment industry at a capital of 30 to 35 thousands in Atlanta. can u suggest which is most suitable for me ,or is it possible to start this firms with this capital ,and i also want to know what are further requirements to start this kind of firm .I expect u will guide me

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Calvin,
      The capital you are having is enough for the business which you want to start.
      There are two ways of doing it. Either manufacture or trade. You can start with garments then ready made garments and then on designer dresses. These steps will actually help you.
      If you have any thing else to ask, you can ask your question here.
      Thank you.

    • A D Reply

      My name is Aden from TX. I am working as Business analyst from last 3 years. I would like to switch from my current field to Mechanical field as a businessman.
      If you can contact me we will discuss in detail…
      Waiting for your response.

  3. Rohan Reply

    I want to start an CLF bulb small scale industry at a capital of 30 thousand,is it possible to start industry with this capital,& i also want to know what are the further requirements to start this industry.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Rohan,
      It is tough to start manufacturing in 30 thousand. You can start with trading. You can start as the first step of trading and later you can start manufacturing. During that time you can collect enough money and experience as well.
      Thank you.

  4. vishal Reply

    Sir I am an Indian citizen, I want to setup “office furniture manufacturing” unit in New York.
    I would like to know what are the steps and procedures to start a business in USA for an Indian

    Can any person from India start a business in USA with Bank account in USA?

  5. K N Reply

    I want to start my chemical manufacturing business (Specifically organic/inorganic chemicals useful in drugs/drug materim preparation) in India, Gujarat with small investment. Please suggest me how i start to evaluate the areas related with this business and how I get more and more information of the other competitor and customers.

  6. R J Reply

    Hello, I am graduate and planning to start the dairy farm with 20 to 50 cows, and I have some capital and 4 acre own land and one more land 2 flat land with house. I am seriously thinking to start this projects. How should I go about? How to get loan from banks?
    I think you can help me to start my business.
    Thank you.

  7. MD Reply

    I am MD,automobile engineer interested in setting up a small scale manufacturing of auto spare parts. Which part would be suitable for good profit and in terms of demand? Kindly suggest me.
    Thanks in advance.

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