McDonald’s Marketing Strategies: How McDonald’s Do Marketing

Marketing Strategies for McDonald’s

Food industry is too huge to enter for any food producer or retailer. One of the most famous names that come to our tongue when we think of food industry is McDonald’s. This name has been the market leader in food retailing industry for decades.

McDonald’s is an internationally running chain of restaurants. Started from a small individual firm, Mc Donald’s is now a corporate giant in food industry. The incredible journey of success of Mc Donald’s is worth knowing. Marketing efforts of McDonald’s are also one of the strongest factors for such a great success.

How McDonald’s Markets Its Brand?

McDonald’s often comes with innovative television advertisements that make us laugh and convey the message they want to provide. They really make meaningful advertisement that are eye catching and thought provoking. They have a mascot displayed with every advertisement and print media they provide. This mascot is also famous world wide.

Mc Donald’s’s slogan “Im LovinIt” is one of the most famous tag lines in ad-world. In spite of being a disaster in grammar, this tagline had gained popularity amazingly. That’s what creativity is. Mc Donald’s makes every marketing campaign innovative and strong enough to create a buzz in the market.

Other than television advertisements, Mc Donald’s uses hoardings to promote its brands and products. Huge, attractive and youth centric hoardings are the keys for Mc Donald’s to attract more eye balls. Mc Donald’s uses different color, different image, different style and different way in different countries. Mc Donald’s advertises according to the culture and locality of the country to gain more response. We can often see huge hoardings around the Mc Donald’s outlet and within a few meters of distance around it.

Mc Donald’s does mall tie-ups to place their outlet at different malls. Mc Donald’s mostly chooses places where the foot fall is more and more public can visit the outlet. Print media is also used for marketing. Mc Donald’s is also famous for movie tie-ups. Mc Donald’s have tie-ups with many animation movies. Small toys and gifts are distributed in Mc Donald’s outlet to promote the movies and Mc Donald’s gets advertisement is movies.

Mc Donald’s also participate is events. They participate as official event partners or food partners to promote products. Mc Donald’s mostly participates is college festivals to attract youth. Many of the college festivals are sponsored by Mc Donald’s every year.

Mc Donald’s offers special schemes during festival seasons. They have festival discounts and many attractive offers to attract crowd to their outlets. Thus, through television, hoardings, print media, mall tie-ups, festival and event sponsorships etc. Mc Donald’s markets its brands and products.

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