Mobile Car Wash Business, How to Start and How to Run, Equipment Needed

Not many people often have the time to drive around town to look for a car wash place. The perfect solution to this problem is to start a mobile car wash business.

A mobile car wash is defined as a unit that offers car washing services from a mobile unit. The mobile unit comes equipped with water tank, generator, pressure washer, hose, and other equipments needed to wash and clean a car.

How to Start a Mobile Car Wash Business

  • A good business thrives from proper planning. When thinking of starting a mobile car wash, start by making a comprehensive business plan.
  • The plan should include pertinent details or information such as the company overview, strategy, marketing and competition, promotions, and financial concerns.
  • It is then recommended to contact the city and state government to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. It is best to be aware of any regulations that apply to the specific type of service as car washing.
  • Avail of special insurance if necessary. This will help protect not only the business, but also the staff and the equipment especially while traveling on the road.
  • Draft a plan or route that will help cluster contacts in a way that will facilitate more time washing and less time driving.
  • Secure financial assistance if needed from grants, loans, and capital investments.
  • Purchase or secure the needed mobile car wash equipment. The type of equipment a mobile car wash unit would need depends on the budget. There are mobile units with less technical equipments that are able to deliver the same results as mobile units with complete technical equipments. These equipments include a pressure washer, generator, or even a trailer. Some mobile units come small but are equipped with the necessary equipments only. Securing this type of unit helps the owner save more from expenses.
  • Mobile car wash equipments can be purchased from specialty stores or purchased online. Make sure to get the best deals that offer product services and customer assistance.

How to Run a Mobile Car Wash Business Effectively

  • Running an effective mobile car wash means making a profit from it. This means that the cost for supplies, transportation, and maintenance of the mobile unit must be estimated and approximate well.
  • Decide the dates, times, and neighborhoods the business will cater.
  • Arrange to have business calls taken while washing cars.
  • Formulate an effective advertising strategy which ranges from flyers, business cards, direct mails, or word of mouth.
  • Establish a base of repeat customers and offer discounts and other promotional ideas that will strengthen loyalty to the business.

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