Nokia Marketing Strategies 2011 – 2012: How Nokia Has Conquered Market

Cellular market is a big market internationally. There are many players playing on a huge level of competition. They indulge huge money in to innovation and new phones. Gadgets are something which you can not stay static with. People spend in gadgets blindly. And to grab this huge market, cellular handset makers have to undertake marketing activity on big scale.

Nokia is one of the most famous names in cellular makers. Nokia is also known for its marketing style. Connecting people a perfect tag line suiting to the kind of products they make.

Nokia Marketing Strategies 2011 – 2012

Let’s see, how Nokia does it? Nokia always concentrates on the target, market. Every handset has different market. Nokia categorize the market according to demographics, psychographics, income and many other factors. They decide a target segment for every handset and design the marketing strategy for it.

Nokia majorly indulge in television advertisement. Sophisticated and message conveying advertisings are the tools for Nokia advertisements. Every handset and every series they launch, they have a different marketing strategy with different advertisements.

Nokia mostly places its advertisements on the shows and channels which are most watched by the viewers. Nokia also telecast its advertisements during big sports events like FIFA world cup, ICC world cup etc. To get the maximum eyeballs for all the advertisements, they make sure that the ad-films are interesting and sophisticated.

Nokia also does on-line marketing a lot. You can see Nokia pop-ups or as-boxed on various websites whenever they launch a new product. They also have tie-ups with many online retailing websites. These websites market and sell Nokia products as a part of the deal. Recently launched x2 was heavily advertised online on various websites. Nokia have tie-up with Google and other advertising agencies. These agencies place Nokia’s advertisements on other websites.

Nokia also spend a great amount of money on hoardings. Nokia places its hoardings in metro cities where the visibility is not a problem. Nokia places these hoardings on very busy routes and malls. For brand activation and new product launch, this particular way of advertising is used.

Nokia spends on print advertises also. You can see many magazines containing advertisements of Nokia. Especially Nokia smart phones are advertised by the way of magazine advertisements. Nokia also publishes its advertisements on news papers. When E7 was launched, Nokia used to give advertisement on the first page of TOI and many other news papers.

Last but not the least, Nokia does marketing through brand visibility at the Nokia outlets also. They place big banners and posters on coming up handsets or recently launched handsets. These small things make a huge difference on the buying decision of the customers. It helps even to get more walk-ins. This is how Nokia does marketing.

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