Panera Bread Franchise Opening Guide: Cost and Fees to Get Franchise

Panera is a known baker of good quality, fresh-from-the-oven breads and gourmet goods. This is a business that has developed over the years and is now open to franchising. Individuals or parties who are interested in a Panera bread franchise must be qualified and are expected to deliver good results to continue the wonderful reputation of the brand.

Panera has detailed franchise information that must be complied by interested individuals or parties. This ensures that the brand is passed on from one good hand to another.

Guide to Owning and Opening a Panera Bread Franchise

  • Panera Bread does not sell single-unit franchises, which means interested individuals or parties cannot open just one bakery-café.
  • Panera Bread has chosen to sell market areas. This requires the franchise developer to open a number of units in a period of 6 years. The expected number of units is 15 bakery-cafes within that given period.
  • Panera Bread is open for franchise development at these markets: San Francisco, California; Sonoma/Marin, California; Santa Cruz/Monterey, California; Toronto, Canada; and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Take note that the franchise development of Panera Bread is only applicable to prospective franchisees in the United States.
  • Interested franchise developers who meet the criteria set by Panera Bread must fill out completely the Franchise Information Request Form and then wait for the company’s contact.

Cost and Fees to Get Franchise

  • This type of franchise development is quite aggressive and requires the franchise developer to be well-capitalized in order to subsidize the needed cost and fees for a Panera Bread franchise.
  • In order to be qualified for a franchise, the franchise developer must not only be well-capitalized, but must also be an experienced multi-restaurant operator,  hold a good reputation, has available infrastructure and resources to meet the company’s development schedule, possess real estate experience, has total commitment to the development of the brand, and lastly, has a passion for fresh bread.

Panera Bread is a renowned brand and is known for its continuous provision of freshly baked products and friendly customer-service. In order to retain this reputation, Panera Bread has formulated a strict franchise development plan that needs to be executed properly, hence the strict selection of franchise developers.

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