How To Start A Plumbing Business When You Don’t Have Much Money

Plumbing is a very good business. Both offices and houses are in need of plumbers from time to time. As it is not an easy job and needs a lot of expertise and licences, to be a plumber is a payable job. If you have some type of experience or feel that you would like to setup and run your own plumbing business, then you might start with the necessary steps.

It is also important to know how big you would like to become in the end, or whether you want an independent business or you want to be a member of some franchising business. You can easily start from home, as plumbing business really does not need an office or so. Most plumbers get by very well with a cell phone and a van on their own with some storage place where you can store everything you need. Plumbing needs a few equipments, which you can also partly store in your van, but only when you can store your van at a secure place.

Follow the following points in order to ensure you do not forget anything about the must-dos of the business.

Instructions To Start Plumbing Business With Tight Budget

  • You must research all legal requirements on how to establish your business first.
    In most countries, different laws apply for independent businesspersons, who usually work alone or in pairs and different laws apply for the companies, depending on size and profile.
  • First, you need a plumber’s licence. You can obtain this after finishing the school, training or any of such that enables you to be a plumber. If you want to make a company without own expertise but renting plumbers as employees, then different rules apply. However, after getting the knowledge, you must become legal and open. Go to your county office in order to sign all official forms and applications for a licence. In most countries, there is a Small Business Administration office or something similar running on a similar name helping small business to run and they will advise you with the legal forms and ways and registering procedure. Look for an SBA or an office with the similar meaning near you.
  • If you have all the legal procedures ready and you have your licence at hand, you will need a van with a logo, phone number and address of your new company. As said before, your company address can be your home as well. For this type of business, no office is necessary. You only need to get a good accountant who will take care of the monetary matters and tax paying of your company.
  • The business you are to do is a very competitive business, such as carpenters and painters. Therefore, the hardest will be to find new clients. If you work well and act professional, then the word of mouth will be for your help and you will see that more and more jobs will come in your way. You must clearly establish your prices though, be flexible but know your limits and rates. Giving people different rates would eventually lead for troubles. As said before, if you see, the plumbing business is especially strong in your area and you are not getting space being anonym, then you can consider the franchising of a well-known brand name.
  • Joining a plumbing association is good because you can get advice from other people as well as plumbers. You can get closer to advertising and assistance. You can even get discounts on equipment and tools or even on vans. Look up such organizations from the yellow pages or from Google.
  • If you grow big enough, you can go on hiring quality work force. Ask for references. If you are not there at a place your workers had been to, you must call the client and ask on the quality of their service.

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