How To Set Up A Concierge Business: Things & Steps You Need to Know

What does concierge business mean?

Concierge and entrepreneur are the kind of words that make you wonder and get slightly confused on their meaning. You may ask that what are these people doing what I cannot handle. As for the concierge, what we are discussing today, although not entirely different from being an entrepreneur, you need to have all the great qualities of an assistant, preferably personal assistant.

You might have met these people during the reading of a story, the Italian “Consigliere” that was Tom Hagen in the movie, is closest as it can get to the exact meaning to the job. A good concierge knows everything and deals with everything what is coming up. This includes all the personal services that a rich man or a family would need. The concierge is not the person who cleans or does this or that, but he/she ensures to get the best staff and expect the best from others too. Of course, the perfect concierge is also personally able to do many things, even if he/she does not need to do, but in case of any upcoming emergency, he/she makes sure everything is dealt with, if needed, personally.

Therefore, what you need to be a concierge:

  • You need all the knowledge of an assistant
  • You need to be familiar with event organizing
  • Travel organizing skills are preferred too
  • You must have a fluid personality, self confidence and to be prepared for anything
  • You must bear stress and have quick problem solving skills
  • The good flavour and knowledge in food, dress codes, etiquette is a must
  • Flexibility
  • Discretion

Here are the steps for those who wish to think about how to start a personal concierge business:


  • You can be a short-term and a long-haul concierge as well. You need to sort out what you want and which type you would prefer. Short-term can also be a concierge service for tourists. That is why that there is a concierge service in most hotels, even though sometimes tourists have no ideas at all.
  • It is all the best if you have any experience and studies in the assistance field. It has key importance in the concierge business, that you know exactly what a personal assistant has to do, or should do.
  • There are concierge schools as well, with the applicable licence, but the licence can be applied for, without any special studies.
  • You will need your own website, a laptop and a cell phone. Overall, you will need a small, simple yet elegant office equipped with the must-haves: PC, printer, scanner, phone, fax, a table with 4 chairs and that is it briefly.
  • You will need to ask for information on how to get registration as an office. You can also combine your services with event planning, travel organizing and renting out assistants.
  • You will need to make a business plan and set up your pricelist for each or complex services.
  • In case you are dealing with multiple services, you will need to hire an assistant eventually, make a business plan and set up your goals.
  • You can start to build out your network of contact in the required fields.
  • You will need some marketing, quality business cards, company logo, papers and envelopes with your logo.
  • You will need to find yourself a good accountant and you must be prepared for making the basic administrative preparations and storage place for the invoices and additional paperwork to be collected chronologically.

These are the main things to do in order to set up a successful concierge business. Eventually, you will become known and successful, as this sort of service is still rare in good quality, so it is a great chance to bring out the best of you.

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