Role and Benefits of Social Media In Growing Your Small Business

If your business isn’t on social media, then you are well behind in the race. As the saying goes, it’s never late to make a beginning it’s time you get along with the trend lest you are find it impossible to catch up. Let’s consider a few facts to drive home the point.

A new survey on the popularity of social media has come out with some startling facts. I would rather call it some tell tale or enlightening facts. Nearly 65% of adults in the US are addicted to social media. About 80% of them solicit views on social media platforms on what to buy. Almost half of them are favorably disposed towards companies which are active on social media. Given these facts, do you think it is possible to get a firm foothold in today’s competitive market, without getting your business onto social media?

All said and done, being on social media platforms like Facebook, Myspace, You Tube and Twitter helps to improve the way consumers view your company.

You can reach out to huge number of people at the same time at any hour of the day. Wouldn’t that be beneficial to your business? And to cap it all, this comes at no cost at all.

With a social media presence, your business gets a voice to communicate with consumers. With proper marketing methods you can spread your message far and wide and make your presence felt. Social media provides your business the opportunity to personalizes itself, and be in touch with all those who matter in an interactive and relaxed way. While on the one hand you can inform instantly, on the other hand you get a chance to address grievances immediately. What a distressed consumer looks forward to is an earnest and quick reassurance. The sooner it comes, the better. With social media you can address complaints and remove misgivings in a jiffy.

What consumers are looking for is a company with an identity. Social media can lend you the much needed “real” appearance which can distinguish you from the rest. You can transform your business identity into a personality and speak to them in their language. To sum it up, social media helps you build relationship with people. Once a relationship is built you get a perfect chance to build a rapport and win people’s trust. With trust on your side, half the battle is won.

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