How To Start a Foster Care Agency: A Guide for you with Easy Steps

There are few things in life as rewarding as helping needy children.  One way to do this is to start a foster care agency.  While there are many state agencies that oversee foster care, this is also possible for the private sector as well. Pay heed the following tips if you are planning to start your own agency.

Ways to Get Funding For the Agency

Private sector businesses may be willing to sponsor the agency if you have a solid business plan and are serving the local community.  When looking for sponsors, be sure to choose those that are local businesses with the money for funding and use their name in the agency name.

  • Take a look at grants to get started.  There are both state as well as federal grants that can help you get started when it comes to developing a foster care agency.
  • Look at charity organizations, especially churches.  Many churches will be willing to sponsor an agency that is associated with their church.
  • Consider bank loans as they may be available for those who have a solid business plan.
  • Be sure to create your business as a non for profit in order to take advantage of bank loans, grants as well as private funding for this endeavor.

What are the Families?

  • Get the word out with a local press release that you are looking for foster families to help care for children.
  • Be sure to use screening tools to make sure that the foster families are acceptable for those who will be put in their care.
  • Offer incentives to foster families in exchange for them caring for children in the system.
  • Be sure to use churches as well as schools to find families that will be willing to foster children on a regular basis.
  • Develop a profile of the families that are willing to foster as well as the type of homes that they have so that you can match children with the right homes for them.

Help Children Who Are In Need Of Help 

  • Contact your local state agencies and tell them about your foster care agency to see if they can refer children to you for care.
  • Contact schools and shelters in the local area as well, making sure that they know that they can use your agency for the care of children.
  • Make use of churches as well as other charitable organizations to help when it comes to referring both children for care as well as families that will be willing to care for children.

Not all agencies are state run agencies and not all of the children who are admitted are put there against the will of their parents.  Many parents who may be in financial or personal difficulty will look for an agency that is private where they can leave their children in safe hands until such a time when they can take them back again.

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    • Lisa Frazier Reply

      My name is Lisa Frazier a foster mother of two girls ages 12yrs. and 13yrs. old. I have been fostering for two years now. I’m interested in starting my own Foster
      Care Agency. I would like to get more information about how to get started.

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